15 Things to Know About Living in Las Vegas


15 Things to Know About Living in Las Vegas

One of the finest major cities to live in the US is Las Vegas — the housing and living expenses are low, there is no state income tax, the climate is fantastic, and there are numerous entertainment possibilities. Sure, you still have to move there ‒ but with the help of professional movers it will be easier: https://paradisemove.com/services/las-vegas-nv/.

The best things you can experience after relocating to Las Vegas, NV

Now, let’s explore the best offerings that this city has for you.

Affordable big-city living

Despite being a huge city, Las Vegas has no state income tax. The reason? The endless income of tourists brings money to the state. Also, all other taxes are low compared to other states.

Retirees will find Vegas especially affordable to live in due to great social security programs and untaxed pensions.

A thriving job market for everyone

Still think Las Vegas is all about entertainment? The job market here is full of job offerings in many various industries, despite the stereotype:

  • health and medicine;
  • event planning;
  • engineering;
  • IT.

Also, this city has enough entry-level job offers with good wages to start your career anew.

Good education

Las Vegas offers a variety of good public and private schools and colleges with relatively low pricing.

Great public transportation system

Being a huge city, Las Vegas offers many opportunities for public transportation: subway and buses are the first coming to mind. The network is vast, so you can handle the transit across the city even without a car.

The weather

Nevada is hot ‒ fact. This is complemented by mild winters, warm springs, scorching heat during the summer (you will love the number of pools Vegas has at this point), and peaceful and colorful autumn. If you hate weather below 60F, Las Vegas is perfect for you.

Downtown fun

Las Vegas downtown is a stuff of the legends ‒ the number of shopping malls, cinemas, and entertainment opportunities is astonishing, not to mention a pool with real sharks (don’t worry, they’re behind the glass).

Las Vegas festivals

This city is known for its large-scale festivals ‒ music, cinema, and all other kinds of entertainment choose Las Vegas as their host city for huge events and award shows.

A good choice of museums

Selfie museum? Check. Huge natural history museum? Also, check. Whatever you can think of, Sin City probably already has a museum about it.

Activities for everyone

Who said Las Vegas can’t be family-friendly? Apart from the great scope of museums (both for fun and education), the city has waterparks, exhibitions, and many more opportunities to spend some quality time with family.

The Las Vegas strip

There is no Las Vegas without The Strip. Apart from neon-lighted streets and a huge choice of entertainment, you can also explore the best views of the city from the height of some buildings there.

Luxurious shopping

You won’t find shopping malls looking chicer than in Vegas. You can even say they’re literally on every corner.

The entertainment is endless

Endless shows, art exhibitions, and touring artists are the signature of Las Vegas. The wave of events never stops there ‒ we can only wonder why the nickname of the “city that never sleeps” is not owned by Vegas.

Sports life

Sport is life ‒ even if you prefer watching it on TV in the sports bar. And, by the way, Las Vegas has it all: stadiums for basketball, football, and even hockey games as well as countless sports bars.

Best restaurants

The dining culture is thriving in Vegas! You can easily find your favorite place on the first week of living there ‒ the city has a restaurant for every world’s cuisine and for every budget.

Party the Vegas way

Las Vegas knows how to party, that’s for sure. You can find your own perfect way to unwind and have fun without even trying ‒ adventure awaits almost on every street. If you feel like your weekend needs some spice, it won’t be a problem for you to find a place, company, and good fun.

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