6 Great Places to Travel in December


The end of the year is a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate the holidays, but for many, it’s also the perfect time to travel. Many states and countries offer incredible events which make them great
places to travel in December.

Heading to Florida for the Winter

December is a great month to visit Florida since the mild weather offers more to do than staying home by the fire all day. Among the state’s many attractions are its sunny coastline beaches, crystal clear waters, and warm weather. 

Simply spending time on one of these beaches relaxing is a great way to unwind after a long year. However, there are those who may want to take part in water sports activities, for which there’s Cocoa Beach. 

Every year hundreds of surfers dressed as Santa Claus show up on the beach for a friendly Christmas surfing competition. The beach is located an hour away from Orlando, but well worth the fun. 

One activity stands apart from the rest, and that’s visiting the most magical place on Earth! Disney World sees fewer crowds during December since the high season is typical during the summer months. 

Additionally, the park is decorated with festive Christmas ornaments and lights that truly turn this already amazing park into a paradise. There’s even Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party which features performances and live characters, along with great food and music. 

If you’re looking for the perfect place to call home, come take a look at these new apartments for rent in Springfield. Notably, those who want a more active vacation can stay in Florida until January when the Walt Disney World Marathon starts. Participants can choose between 5K, 10K, half, and full marathon races. 

Florida is definitely not a place to miss. There were tourists carving pumpkins in the Ocean in October and there are always adventures to be found in America’s Sunshine State.

Traveling to Latin America for the Holidays

There is a world of culture and surprises waiting in Latin America that can be a great escape during December. There is truly something for everyone from cultural walks and museum visits to exploring ancient lakes to colorful festivals filled with music and food.

One option is to visit Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic which is the oldest settlement in America. Here visitors can experience pristine architecture and ambiance at the Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor, or the famous lighthouse Faro A Colon. 

Still, others might prefer a party, for which there is Colombia’s Feria de Cali from December 25 to the 30th. Each year thousands of people travel to Cali to dance salsa and experience the lights and sounds of the festival. 

Cali is considered the capital of salsa dance, and the festival features the famous “Salsodromo”, a parade with more than 1,200 dancers with colorful costumes. There are also other activities such as a vintage car show, an artisan expo, as well as bullfights and other activities.

For those who prefer a more urban escape, there are always the exciting streets of Mexico City. This metropolis has a diverse offering of restaurants from all around the world, as well as many spots to try the legendary ‘taco de pastor. There are also many hip nightclubs and bars with the newest and most experimental music. 

A more traditional activity in Mexico City would be to visit the lake of Xochimilco where colorful boats glide across the waters of this ancient agricultural area. Aztecs used to grow vegetables on floating plots of land, and today visitors can board the traditional ‘trajineras’, or boats, and tour the many canals of the lake. 

Whether traveling in the U.S. or in Latin America, any of these options are sure to make for a great end-of-the-year experience.