8 scoops of pre-workout TikTok


8 scoops of pre-workout TikTok: An individual who uses TikTok has been taken to the hospital after eating eight scoops of dry pre-workout powder, as stated by a YouTuber and physician named Bernard Hsu.

More and more individuals are turning to dietary supplements in an effort to improve their athletic performance as the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle continues to rise in modern society.

8 scoops of pre-workout TikTok

One of the most common dietary supplements is called pre-workout, and it refers to a variety of powders that are meant to be blended with water and consumed just before exercise in order to increase one’s levels of energy, power, and stamina.

8 scoops of pre-workout TikTok

One user of TikTok discovered the hard way that these supplements can pose a significant health risk if they are not taken in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

A fitness TikToker named JA recently came to the realization that he received a great deal of attention after releasing a video of himself dry scooping before a workout to his TikTok account.

In the first video he uploaded, he can be seen drinking two scoops of pre-workout powder at once, which is the maximum recommended dosage for the vast majority of pre-workouts.

However, JA didn’t think it was enough, so in order to get even more attention, he decided to move it up a notch and took eight scoops of pre-workout in his next video. This helped him achieve his goal of gaining even more popularity.

The majority of pre-workout supplements contain a significant amount of caffeine, which, in high enough doses, poses serious health risks.

After JA went to the gym and didn’t feel well, his mom found him lifeless at their house and brought him to the emergency department. JA was there for a while.

What Happened To JA after overdosing on pre-workout?

When JA went to the gym, he noticed that he was sweating, that he felt nervous, that his heart was racing very quickly, and that he also developed a severe headache as a result of his workout.

After he returned home, his mother saw that he was unresponsive and immediately called for medical assistance.

After conducting an assessment on him at the hospital, they found that his blood pressure was significantly elevated.

In addition, the medical professionals found that the patient’s brain was bleeding, which meant that he required surgery to correct the issue.

The medical staff quickly realized that he had consumed the equivalent of seventeen cups of coffee’s worth of caffeine, which is approximately 1600 milligrams.

Caffeine alone was not what caused the problem; rather, it was the combination of caffeine and beta phenylethylamine in extremely high dosages that led to bleeding in his brain.

Watch the video that has been provided below, and you will be able to watch all that took place with JA.


According to Bernard Hsu, also known as ChubbyEmu on YouTube, a fitness TikToker was sent to the hospital after consuming eight scoops of dry pre-workout powder. This caused him to become unresponsive.

On his YouTube channel, which has 2 million subscribers, Bernard, a physician based in Philadelphia, United States, discusses real-life scenarios involving medical care.

In the video that he uploaded on April 27th, he stated that a TikTok user by the name of “JA,” who was 25 years old, was taken to the hospital after his mother saw him lying on the floor unconscious.

He had given the popular new fad known as “dry scooping” a go. Dry scooping refers to the practice of eating pre-workout powder without first combining it with water in an effort to speed up the rate at which the body digests the powder.

Bernard asserts that JA was “dry scooping” eight scoops in an effort to achieve his goal of gaining 100,000 followers.

According to Bernard, after that, he went to the gym, where he started feeling really ill and eventually left. After that, he went back to his house, passed out, and was subsequently transported to the hospital, where he remained unconscious during his stay.


Bernard went on to describe that when medical professionals examined him, they discovered that he had abnormally high blood pressure, that his heart was pounding erratically, and that one of his pupils was significantly larger than the other.

After that, scans revealed that certain regions of his brain had sustained hemorrhage, and because his brain was expanding within his skull, he had surgery to have portions of his skull removed in order to relieve the pressure.

Thankfully, his condition began to improve, and after undergoing rehabilitation for a period of several months, he was able to make a full recovery.


Although we do not know who the TikToker from Bernard’s story actually is, the message that can be gleaned from his video is extremely straightforward.

It is of the utmost importance to keep in mind the hazards involved with taking fitness supplements since these supplements can pose a significant risk if they are not utilized in the appropriate manner.

Caffeine, a central nervous system stimulant that quickens the rate at which the heart beats and raises blood pressure, is frequently included as one of the principal constituents in supplement powders. Caffeine can have a variety of unfavorable impacts if an excessive amount is consumed by a person.

There are also a great many other components found in dietary supplements for physical fitness that, if ingested in excessive amounts, can be harmful.

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