9 tips to help you get the best car rental


Of course, there are many ways to get the most out of your vacation, but few compare to the freedom to explore places at your own pace. Being able to visit places of great natural beauty or places of great historical value that simply lead to each place, provides a unique sense of adventure. Fortunately, tourists have many options, as they can arrange car rentals online or simply do so when they arrive at their destination.

To help you get the best deal possible, here are 9 top tips

1 – Decide if you are going to rent a car when you arrive at your destination or if you want to do everything online before you leave. Do not accept the first company you are with, but select three or four that meet your needs. Obviously, consider the type of direction you hope to take and also the number of people you will have in your group. Whenever possible, you should do a little research on a company before renting it to establish its history.

2 – Given that many car rental companies offer special discounts for online reservations, the Internet can offer a fast and profitable rental opportunity. In addition, one can make use of the services provided by the related comparison sites. These sites, in turn, will provide a list of potential companies, as well as prices and details of special offers.

3 – When booking your vacation, you should ask your travel agent if you have any suitable packages for “Fly and drive”. Essentially, these offers make all the necessary arrangements so that your rental car is ready for you upon arrival. Obviously, all related costs are included in the package price.

4 – Although many people don’t realize it, there are phenomenal savings at many rental companies in exchange for a few airline miles. This is especially beneficial if your air miles are about to expire.

5 – In order to obtain the lowest possible rates and avoid possible problems, it is always necessary to determine all the facts, such as collection and delivery points, insurance, availability, etc.

6 – Finally, just for convenience, try to wait for the car at the airport on arrival. If, for some reason, this cannot be corrected, ask that you leave the car at your hotel.

7 – Remember, rental companies base their rates on several aspects, such as engine size, model, etc. Choose a car that meets your needs, which is appropriate for the number of people in your group and the driving conditions you anticipate. In order to get the lowest rates, it is advisable not to opt for anything higher than necessary.

8 – When making your reservation, ask if the price includes the reservation fee or not. While some companies include it in the general price, many do not.

9 – If you are going to pick up the car in person at the rental store, be sure to pick it up as early as possible in the morning. In this case, many cars have not yet been returned and if the company has a shortage of cars in the price range you have chosen, the most frequent thing is to upgrade without additional cost.

Undoubtedly, exploring a new destination by car is an excellent way to do so. However, always ask first about local driving requirements, such as the need for an international driver’s license.

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