A woman approaches Health Sec in street over NHS queues


A woman approaches Health Sec in street over NHS queues, After being shown inside an operating theatre at Moorfields Eye Hospital on Old Street, which is located in the heart of London, the Cabinet minister was giving a press conference outside the hospital.

During the course of the conversation, however, a woman called his attention to the fact that “people had died” while they were waiting for the emergency services.

She proceeded to approach him and ask, “Are you going to do anything about the ambulances waiting, and the people dying out?”

However, the lady asked, “Don’t you believe that twelve years is long enough? ” to which Mr. Barclay said, “Of course we are.”

“Twelve years have passed, and you haven’t done squat about it.

“You’ve done nothing to save these people’s lives, and they’ve already passed on.”

After a report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) revealed that patients were experiencing “frequent and extended” waits for ambulances, the decision was made to take this action.

The investigation shed light on a number of incidents, including the case of an elderly patient who passed away while waiting for aid from South Central Ambulance Service for a period of fourteen hours.

After the heated exchange, Mr. Barclay stated that decreasing the amount of time that patients have to wait for an ambulance is an “absolute priority” for the government.

People who are ready to leave the hospital but are not doing so is, of course, all tied to the issue of delayed discharge, and this is about the integration of care between social care and hospitals.

“Therefore, there are a variety of challenges involved in how we provide ambulance services; yet, this matter is of the utmost importance to both the Government and NHS England.”

Mr. Barclay responded that Liz Truss was “the longest-serving Cabinet minister” when he was asked whether he was concerned about the viability of the National Health Service (NHS) under a projected tax-cutting economy run by Liz Truss. However, he did not comment on her tax policy.