Alisson, Jones, Konate, Tsimikas, and more news from Klopp


Alisson, Jones, Konate, Tsimikas, and more news from Klopp, Following an injury that forced him to miss the FA Community Shield triumph over Manchester City the previous weekend, the goalkeeper returned to full training this week.

At Craven Cottage, the Reds will be missing Curtis Jones, Kostas Tsimikas, Ibrahima Konate, and Naby Keita will be evaluated following a bout with illness.

At the press conference before the game, Klopp stated that Ali is in good health. As is often the case with younger players, we can only hope that we were able to recognize Curtis’ potential at the appropriate time. Sometimes people experience some kind of stress reaction, and if they push through the discomfort since it is not a particularly severe ache, it could progress to something more catastrophic.

“We were able to catch it in its early stages, but we still need to be cautious. That settles the matter with him, thus he is not eligible anymore.

“Naby is sick, but I believe he will be back today, which is the opening day of the event. When I said that he will most certainly be alright, I was a little too optimistic about the situation. He checked in yesterday and continued to exhibit a few minor symptoms; there was no sign of COVID, but something was clearly wrong. It is likely that he will come back today.

Then Kostas had a stroke of bad luck during a training scenario. I just saw him today; he was out on the field; according to him, at least, he might be ready to train the following week, which is useful information. Ibou was involved in a collision during the game against Strasbourg. We do not yet know the severity of his injuries or how long he will be sidelined, but he will miss some time. Oxlade is obviously not going to play, as well.

As they continue their recovery from injuries acquired over the summer, Liverpool will be without Diogo Jota and Caoimhin Kelleher for their journey to London. Both players are now participating in rehabilitation programs for their respective injuries.

Reporters posed the question to Klopp, inquiring whether the present level of health among the Reds team could lead to the club making a move in the transfer market.

The manager retorted, “[Kelleher] is not going to be here for a few more weeks.”

“It is true that we have a significant number of injuries, but at that very moment, nothing changed. It pretty much started with Caoimhin, and then it pretty much started with Diogo. There were a lot of unlucky events. It was not entirely apparent whether both were hurt or whether one suffered a re-injury after the other.

“There is no criticism because you built a tale out of everything that I say. However, it is as follows: he is with the national team, and both of them were with their respective national teams. There is a diagnosis, we obtain the diagnosis, and we put our faith in the diagnosis; this is perfectly normal; however, you are not always in the middle of the full process. The national team will take over in a few moments, but we will endeavor to get involved as soon as we can.

“Diogo It was evident that it was somewhat too early, or the injury was something quite else, to begin with. They are quite healthy at this point, and we should expect to see them again in a few weeks.

Klopp continued by saying, “These kinds of things are not cool, but we cannot sort a problem we have for four weeks with a transfer for a full year, and that makes, in the moment at least, no sense for us.” However, the transfer window is still open, and we will have to wait and see what happens. However, the plans do not include that particular step.”