AN 11-YEAR-OLD STUDENT COVERED HERSELF IN BLOOD: After witnessing the fatal shooting of a classmate by the gunman at Robb Elementary School in Texas, an 11-year-old student at the school went into what a relative described as “survival mode,” and she smeared the blood of the other girl all over her body to make it appear as though she, too, had been killed.

Miah Cerrillo is currently going through significant trauma as a result of the steps that were taken to preserve her life, which is a horrifying thought to even consider.

Blanca Rivera, her aunt, gave an interview to KPRC in which she discussed how her niece pretended to be dead.

According to Rivera, the fourth-grade student reached for the phone of her dead teacher, who was also shot and murdered and dialed 911. The instructor was also a victim of the shooting.

Rivera claims that her phone rang at midnight on the day of the shooting, and it was Miah’s mother informing her that her daughter was experiencing a panic attack.

When survivors learned that law police didn’t enter the building for more than an hour after the original attack, it made the slaughter an even more traumatic experience for them. Because there were officers present nearly immediately, yet they did not enter until reinforcements with body armor arrived, the authorities have not provided clear answers to explain the delay. This is due to the fact that there were officers present fairly immediately.

At one point, the shooter, who was 18 years old at the time, began shooting shots out of a window in the school; nevertheless, the police did not appear to return fire in an effort to bring the situation under control.