Anita Fabiola the fashion icon


Anita Kyarimpa, better pertained to as Anita Fabiola, is an actress, tourism minister, occasion host, businesswoman, and former splendor queen.

She’s also recognized for hosting several of Africa’s biggest pink carpet events. These encompass Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in Nigeria (2016), Namibia Annual song Awards (2016 and 2017), Ghana movie Awards 2017, Ghana song Awards 2016, Gaudiness Awards Ghana 2017, Abryanz fashion, and style Awards 2016 among others.

These hosting gigs have helped her thread together an emotional run of favor, as she breathes in poise and exhales beauty.

In recent times, her other exploits are much lower refocused out, she’s still and doggedly turning herself right into a fashion icon. Her fashion eye is sharp, seeing what works and what does no longer as she shows a natural faculty for searching for elegant and complicated.

Whether she’s wearing knee-inordinate thrills or Chanel sun tones, she has rooted herself amongst the swish nobility.

As a fabulously endowed style icon, her experience of fashion has the implicit to produce an artistic discussion roughly the significance of the operation of style as anon-public protestation.

Her clothes and ordinary appearance have a fashion-good magnet, she loves to get dressed up with sanguine carpet-equipped apparel that makes her appear like she’s on her way to some event or stepping out for a one-of-a-kind regale.

Fabiola is apprehensive that her true style experience can also in the unborn influence our style choices, so she can pay interest to the ultramodern- day- day aesthetics of her hallmark.

At the beginning of her profession, when she was the primary runner-up in the overall leave-out Uganda beauty competition in 2013, her style garments launched her present-day enchantment.

She appears to use style no longer only as an extension of her character, still also as a description of where she desires to pass as she cements her name as a style icon.