Justin Jones diligently monitors global news highlights for Weirdnewsera, covering multiple countries with great dedication. Her efforts have led to the establishment of 20 teams across 10 different nations, ensuring effective coverage of top news stories from countries such as the U.S., India, China, Africa, Australia, and many others.


Mggie Moon lies in the entertainment category, and she eagerly updates the latest Hollywood news, celebrity gossip, and TV news on a daily basis. With four years of experience working for, she is a skilled and dedicated member of the weirdnewsera media team.


Monica Paul brings a strong background in economics and a goal to cover every niche of U.S. news. We are fortunate to have her expertise, as she provides the latest updates on Sports news, Entertainment and health news, and other topics that are publicly available for reading and use. We benefit 100% from her knowledge and have hired her to ensure our coverage remains up-to-date and informative.