Ayra Starr Don Jazzy reveals why he used Portable and not Buju as a case study to train Rema.


Ayra Starr Don Jazzy reveals why he used Portable and not Buju as a case study to train Rema. Don Jazzy, a music executive, has announced that he teaches his performers instead of Buju using the controversial singer Portable.

The Mavins founder noted in an interview with Joey Akan that Portable, despite his talent, doesn’t receive the same publicity as Portable due to his controversial lifestyle.

He cited that Buju still has trouble gaining followers while Portable, who has been in the spotlight for a year, already has a million Instagram followers.

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Going digital, he added that Portable would continue to be preferred by algorithms over Buju because of how entertaining he is to many.

The well-known music executive claimed that he is still drilling Portable’s strategy into the minds of his artists, including Rema and Ayra Starr.

How Don Jazzy uses portable equipment to train his signees

Essentially, he instructs his signees to always garner attention rather than pursue status.

The future? This may be why Ayra Starr enjoys garnering attention for her skimpy attire.

It makes sense why the adage “no publicity, whether positive or negative, is useless” exists.

“When someone like Zazuu came out, I was checking out some celebrities on social media.

Buju is a fantastic musician, but when Zazuu released his music, he gained 1 million more followers than Buju, who had seven number-one singles the year before. But I’m not saying that Instagram followers are essential.

Even though Zazuu is entertaining, God favors him, and with the assistance of famous people, he can shine despite Buju’s talent. I am not going anywhere, he declared.

I use him as an illustration for my artists, telling them that if they sit down and start forming algorithms, they will leave them and go where the blood is pumping. The algorithm follows the attention.

We hope that Portable and Buju won’t take offense to Don Jazzy’s comparison.

Portable shades Buju

Remember how Portable had criticized Smooth Productions, the company in charge of the renowned Nigerian music awards show called The Headies?

Earlier, Portable was one of the contenders for the Best Street-Hop Song award at the 15th Headies Awards, which were successfully held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Nektunez and Goya Menor won that award, and Portable was one of the nominees.

The artist addressed his conflict with the Headies organizers during a live Instagram chat with his followers.

Portable admitted that he is only human and, therefore, fallible. He continued by saying that he had experienced a great deal of hurt throughout his life. He also criticized the Next Rated Award, the category winner.

“I Love It When Life Is Hard It Means Something Better Is Coming Nothing Pass GOD,” wrote Portable. I am larger than Headies’ owner and all of the organizers combined. I will always be more well-liked than they are.

Portable argued that his songs are more well-known than Buju BNXN’s and that he should not have won the next-rated award. He insisted that he was the most famous artist in the trenches and also the highest paid. In the trenches, he continued, he makes more than N4 million per show.