Bayern Munich delegation fly to England looking to complete Sadio Mane transfer


Bayern Munich has dispatched a group of representatives to England in order to negotiate a transfer for Sadio Mane.
Bayern Munich delegation fly to England looking to complete Sadio Mane transfer: Because of this, the Senegalese superstar will be able to fulfill a long-held ambition of his and eventually leave Liverpool to join the German powerhouses.
According to what we have been told, Hasan Salihamidi, Bayern’s Sporting Director, is at the helm of the team that arrived in the northwest this morning. He will reportedly enter into discussions with Julian Ward, his counterpart at Anfield.
Mane made it obvious after the Champions League final that he wanted to leave the Reds, as negotiations over a new deal went down due to the club’s insistence that they would not change their wage structure. Mane’s desire to leave the Reds came after discussions over a new contract broke down.
Bayern chased the player toward the conclusion of the season and made two formal proposals for Mane, who has a year left on his contract with Liverpool. Both bids were immediately turned down by Liverpool. Mane has a year left on his deal.
Liverpool even went so far as to ridicule the second offer, which, as they revealed, included stipulations that were basically impossible to achieve. These clauses included payments made if the player achieved a hat trick of Ballon d’Or, something Liverpool believed was highly unlikely.
This offer amounted to approximately $25 million, and the board of directors of Anfield made it abundantly plain that they would not get into negotiations with Bayern until they were serious about matching their valuation of approximately $42.5 million.
Now, it is generally accepted that the German club is prepared to get into discussions at that level; however, there has not been a formal third offer presented as of yet.
Today, Salihamidi will meet with Liverpool’s sports director Ward with the aim of finding a method to structure a contract that will suit both clubs. Salihamidi will be meeting with Ward.
This will undoubtedly include bonuses based on attainable aims, as opposed to the ridiculous ones Liverpool criticized, in order to move much closer to the valuation of the English club.
It has been widely reported in the German media that Salihamidi has already attended discussions with Mane’s agent Bjorn Bezemer and that the two have agreed in principle to a three-year contract with an annual salary of somewhere around £360,000.
When that number was brought up earlier in the season by Liverpool, during the preliminary stages of contract negotiations, the club had objected to it on the grounds that it would not only break but also completely destroy their salary structure.
It is believed that Virgil van Dijk is paid somewhere in the neighborhood of £220,000 per week, making him the highest-paid player at the club. Alisson is also believed to be making a comparable amount.
Since Mane has already reached his 30th birthday, the club has determined that he is not a good long-term investment. As a result, they have decided to let him go now in order to recoup some of their financial commitment before his current deal expires.
In point of fact, if Bayern cave in and give Liverpool what they want, it will actually constitute a profit for Liverpool on the thirty million pounds that they spent on Southampton for his services back in the year 2016.
Liverpool already had a replacement for Mane on the left side of a front three from the previous season in the form of the exciting Luis Diaz, who has gotten off to a strong start in his career with the Reds. Although losing Mane will be a significant blow, Liverpool already had a replacement for him.