Trends for Beach House Coastal Kitchen Design


Beach House Coastal Kitchen Design: Even if you don’t live near the ocean, a beach-themed kitchen can help you feel like you’re at ease in the lap of luxury. Some owners of coastal houses want their kitchens to seem like they belong outside. You don’t have to live by the sea to enjoy the beach at home.

Incorporating airier tones and organic components is key to achieving that beachy look. The homeowner can use as many or as few aspects of coastal decor as they like.

What is a Beach House Coastal Kitchen Design?

A beach-style kitchen, also known as a coastal kitchen, is typically found in residences on the East Coast, in the Florida Keys, or along the California Coast that has access to the water. A coastal kitchen is not limited to homes on the coast; in fact, it can look just as at home in a home that is not near the ocean. A kitchen like this might be formal or informal, or something in between.

Beach House Coastal Kitchen Design

The inclusion of beachy or nautical themes and elements might help to establish the look. Driftwood, twine, rope, or linen could also be used, in addition to a finish that has been distressed or worn. Crisp, laid-back vibes can be achieved by layering whites and creams. Different tones of color might be used depending on whether a formal or informal atmosphere is desired.

Traditional: picture something like Cape Cod’s East Coast allure. It’s common to see stripes—often wide ones—in a traditional seaside kitchen, along with clean, crisp hues like blue and white. You can also make a traditional beach house kitchen with stormy greys and dark blue prints like chevron. There could also be maritime undertones.

Casual means unforced and unfussy, like the coast of California. In a beach house kitchen, you’ll find natural materials like wood, plants, and stone combined with more laid-back touches. The colors and materials used are browns, greens, knotted wood, and woven textiles.

Classic coastal style is “Rivera meets Hamptons,” according to Houzz’s Rebecca Heane. She describes the classic style as one that makes use of striking stripes and a limited color palette of black, white, grey, blue, and charcoal. The classic seaside look is clean and polished, and it makes use of lovely accessories.

More earthy tones are employed in a coastal kitchen to reflect its relaxed atmosphere. Core elements, according to Dream Décor author Will Taylor, include jute textures, earth tones, layered blues, sharp whites, stripes, and loose linen upholstery. True blues and crisp whites for a Med-like mood; warm whites and soft blue-green tones for a country coastal blend; brilliant coral mixed with sky blue for an exotic coastal style; are just a few examples of how the palette “may be altered according to preference.”


White or other light colors, like light grey, are typical for kitchen cabinets in a beach house. The uncluttered appearance of Shaker cabinets makes them a popular choice. The kitchen will feel more open and airy if the cabinets reach all the way to the ceiling. Some homeowners find that an all-white kitchen is too austere and prefer a two-tone design with white upper cabinets and a different color for the base and island cabinets. The cabinets must be light in color, as dark woods are rarely seen in modern kitchens.

Cabinets in a beach house kitchen are typically made of glass. Glass is an organic material that fits in perfectly in a kitchen by the sea. In a smaller kitchen, glass cabinet doors can provide the impression of more space.

Color Palette

The kitchen in a casual seaside home will be decorated in earth tones and other natural tones. A beach-themed kitchen’s color scheme is inspired by the scenery near the water.

  • White
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Soft Gray
  • Light Green

The space seems much bigger because of the use of lighter hues on the walls. Accents of coral or another bright color can be employed. One other option for beach-themed kitchens is to go with an all-white scheme. The end result is a breezy and light atmosphere.

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Or, you might go for a fully blue kitchen, with a lighter blue on the walls and a darker blue for the cabinets. Blue tones in wood flooring are possible as well. The spectrum of tones is reminiscent of marine life.

Just like we said up there, stripes play a significant role in the traditional beachy aesthetic. They provide furniture and accents with a clean look and feel and are widely used in the industry.


Quartz and granite are two common materials for countertops, and both are light in tone. Sky, beach pebbles, and sand can all be evoked with milky white quartz with swirls or veins. It is scratch- and stain-proof because of its nonporous surface. Glass countertops are made from recycled glass mixed with resins, just like quartz countertops are made.

No matter the material, the countertop color should be kept light to maximize the room’s natural lighting.


Iridescent tile, evocative of small shells sparkling in the light, is the quintessential beach accent. Tiled spaces, even little ones above the range, can make a big aesthetic impact. It is also possible to make a bold statement with blue-hued tiles, especially when juxtaposed with white cabinetry. If you’re looking for a more traditional look, white tile with navy blue accents is a great option.


Adding a tray ceiling to a kitchen in the beach style is one way to make the room feel more expansive. Color can be added by painting the drop ceiling in a bigger kitchen.

If you want to make a room feel light and airy, paint the ceiling white. The ceiling might be a white base with exposed wooden beams to complement the cabinetry and hardware.


The purpose of the illumination is, once again, to make the area more visible. The ceiling can lights and pendants over the island. Glass pendant lights are both timeless and versatile, able to complement both formal and casual decor. A simple glass chandelier is another choice; it brings in some nature and can really pop against an all-white room.

A beach house kitchen needs both artificial and natural light. Big windows let in lots of natural light, which is ideal for a kitchen remodel.


In a kitchen decorated in this fashion, the appliances are not the star of the show. When set against a backdrop of white hardwood walls and cabinets, stainless steel equipment blends in more subtly. Certain homeowners elect to go with an all-white appliance package so as not to compete with the wood of their cabinets.

A splash of color can also be added with the help of appliances. In a modern white kitchen, the vibrant colors of aqua and turquoise make a welcome contrast to the classic style of vintage appliances.

Slab materials like marble, veneer porcelain, and plaster are used to conceal the kitchen hoods so that they blend in with the rest of the room’s aesthetic.


In a kitchen with a coastal theme, the hardware is typically understated. Take the case of white drawers and cupboards with gold handles. Hardware is also brushed nickel to complement the stainless steel of the appliances.

It’s also possible to use enormous knobs for the drawers. They can stand vertically in deep drawers or horizontally in high cabinets.


Hardwood flooring or flooring made of a substance that appears like hardwood is typically used in beach kitchens. The flooring should be able to withstand both sand and water without becoming damaged. It is up to the discretion of the homeowner to choose the color of the flooring. Oak that is lighter in color will help the space feel more open, whilst cabinets made of a darker wood will give contrast with the lighter ones. A word of advice: putting tile on the floor in a kitchen at the seaside is not the best idea because it can become very slippery when it gets wet.


An undermount sink is a good choice for the kitchen that has a beach theme because it won’t detract from the overall aesthetic of the property. It is possible to make use of stainless steel or another material.

Wall Art

In contrast to several other kitchen styles, a seaside kitchen nearly always features some form of wall art. The theme is brought together through the use of wall art in this kind of kitchen. Photos of ships, boats, the water, or other nautical knickknacks might be displayed in black and white in a traditional coastal kitchen. It’s possible that the frames will be white and coordinated. Canvas pictures of the ocean, beach grass, or other natural motifs might be included in coastal kitchens that take a more modern approach to design. Unmatched or raw wood may be used for the frames.

Shiplap or tongue and groove paneling on the walls is another option for imparting texture into the room. This can be spread out in either a horizontal or vertical fashion and adds a touch of personality to the space. The room appears more airy and clean after being painted white throughout.


In a kitchen decorated in a beach design, you’ll frequently see the usage of accessories and decorations. If you have an all-white kitchen, you can create a vibrant atmosphere by using pieces that have strong color contrast. Or, alternatively, this design makes use of the juxtaposition of bright hues with organic patterns and textures. For instance, adding sufficient interest without going overboard can be accomplished with a light-up anchor.

Many different hues of blue are utilized for adornments and accessories. Some examples of appropriate accessories for a beachy day include a table runner with stripes, a woven basket, and a vase that incorporates tones of blue. When it comes to decorating their homes, some homeowners like to incorporate beachy elements whenever possible.


In a seaside kitchen, natural fibers and materials are frequently used in the preparation of food. Unstructured and casual should be the furniture style of choice in a coastal kitchen. The design of most furniture is uncomplicated and durable, and it is frequently crafted from conventional hardwood. Sometimes the wood is finished in its natural state, or it is left unfinished.

Woven bar stools are perfect for the island because they exude a beachy vibe. In a similar vein, having woven seats arranged around the kitchen table contributes to a laid-back atmosphere. The addition of a woven jute rug is another way to add texture to the space. Another material that is appropriate for use in a kitchen decorated in this style is linen.

A more traditional look can be achieved with bar stools by using color blocking, such as dark blue and white. Or, ones that come in a variety of blue tones might be used to inject some color into an otherwise neutral kitchen.

Trends for a Beach Style Kitchen 

A beach-themed kitchen can provide the illusion of more space in a kitchen of any size. One of the best improvements that can be made to update a kitchen is to swap out the standard brown wood cabinets for ones that are lighter in color. The year 2022 will see an increase in the number of coastal designs that include glass features. From aqua to navy, several shades of blue are being used in the design of the kitchen island.

Beach House Coastal Kitchen Design

Because people will continue to spend more time in their homes, another trend that will continue through 2021 is to bring more of the outdoors inside. This necessitates installing wider windows and either sliders or bifold doors in a coastal kitchen.

Windows that are practically flush with the countertop provide a view that is less blocked by the window itself. Kitchens designed in a beach style can be a very classy addition to any home. They can take on the look of the traditional architecture of the East Coast, the laid-back style of the California coast, or even something in between the two. When trying to design the ideal beach-style kitchen, homeowners will want to select cabinets that have a lengthy lifespan.


How should a coastal kitchen be decorated?

It’s a good idea to bear in mind beach-themed elements like open areas, tiled walls, and white or blue interiors. Imagine a kitchen interior with lots of light, white combined with light colors, and accents made of natural wood.

Which color palette is coastal?

Coastal design is often associated with hues of blue and green. According to Prado, soft blues are currently more in demand than blue greens in Santa Barbara. He cites Ocean Air 2123-50, one of the relaxed coastal palette colors, as the epitome of a beachy color.

What are two factors to take into account while designing a kitchen?

You want your kitchen to have a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly useful.