Before Christmas Eve refugees were dropped off outside VP Harris house.


Before Christmas Eve refugees were dropped off outside VP Harris house. Many buses full of migrants have been unloaded in front of Vice President Kamala Harris’ home during the past few months.

And yet, why did this Christmas Eve feel so different?

The decline occurred as freezing weather hit parts of the United States.

It was one of the coldest Christmas Eves on record, and between 110 and 130 people were dropped off in front of Harris’ house on buses on Saturday. Many passengers were unprepared for the cold, wearing merely T-shirts instead of coats and sweaters.

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Officials near the United States’ southern border, thousands of miles distant, issued cold weather advisories.

Before the harsh weather hit, U.S. Customs and Border Protection warned migrants not to cross the border.

Do not put yourself and your family in danger by trying to cross the river or the desert, warned Hugo Carmona, acting associate chief of US Border Patrol Operations, in a video message. Assist in preventing needless suffering and death. Stay where you are, whether at home or at a shelter.

When did Texas begin transporting migrants via bus?

It was announced in the spring by Texas Governor Greg Abbott that he would deploy buses carrying migrants from the Texas side of the U.S.-Mexico border to major cities, including New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

Other Republican governors, including those of Florida and Arizona, also dispatched buses across the border and to their respective cities.

Initially, Abbott’s office stated that the state-funded charter bus initiative was intended to protest President Joe Biden’s border policies by transporting asylum-seekers to migrant-friendly “sanctuary cities” while also relieving pressure on Texas border cities that were already struggling to accommodate the influx of newcomers.

What’s the point of delivering to Harris’s house?

In September, Abbott began having asylum-seekers dropped off outside Harris’ home, the Naval Observatory.

After an interview with Harris, in which she claimed the border was safe then, Abbott claimed he began sending buses there. Republicans and some Democrats have criticized the border policies of the Biden administration.

Migrant buses will likely keep rolling.

Those seeking asylum should expect to witness buses unloading passengers in major cities like New York and Washington, DC.

An uptick in arrivals at the U.S. southern border has been noted only days before a policy in place since the pandemic was supposed to be relaxed. To stop the growth of COVID-19 in detention centers, the Biden administration tried to remove Title 42, which gives Customs and Border Protection the authority to deport migrants without the customary legal review to Mexico or their native countries.

Some cities in Texas have reached capacity due to the influx of migrants.

A humanitarian crisis involving migrants has led to many people sleeping on the streets of El Paso, which prompted the municipal council to decide two days ago to extend its emergency designation by at least 30 days.