Before passing away Leslie Jordan gave his closest friends


Before passing away Leslie Jordan gave his closest friends a home renovation from HGTV. Leslie Jordan, a popular actor, gave his closest friends a completely renovated home before passing away last month.

Jordan surprises two pals who he credits with helping him break into Hollywood and get sober in one of his last TV appearances, which will air on HGTV. Jordan knocked on the door of Rosemary Alexander and Newell Alexander to inform them that their house would be receiving a significant upgrade with the help of renovators Drew and Jonathan Scott. The two had been friends for 40 years. 

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CNN got a sneak peek at the episode in which Jordan giggles while the Scotts put him to work smashing walls with a sledgehammer on demolition day. Being able to give his friends something they’ve always wanted causes him to become overcome with emotion.

The renovation will be featured in a future episode of “Celebrity IOU,” an HGTV program where celebrities choose special people in their lives to surprise with home improvements.

On Nov. 14, the episode makes its HGTV debut, and on the same day, Discovery+ begins streaming it. (WB Discovery includes both CNN and HGTV.)