Bert Girigorie – Exciting New Revelations & His Relationship With Wendy Williams


Why wasn’t Bert Girigorie in Wendy Williams’ eagerly anticipated biopic for Lifetime, which was titled “Wendy Williams: The Movie”? Let’s get to the bottom of what’s really going on with his disappearance, shall we?

Wendy Williams was previously married to Kevin Hunter, but the couple divorced last year after 11 years of marriage. Before she married Kevin, she was married to Bert Girigorie; however, their marriage did not last long and they divorced after just one year of marriage.

Bert Girigorie: What Do We Know About Him?

The date March 13, 1964, marks the birth of Bert Girigorie, formerly known as Wendy Williams’ ex-husband. He spent his childhood in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is located in the United States of America. He reached the age of 57 in the year 2021.

Bert Girigorie – Exciting New Revelations & His Relationship With Wendy Williams

It is said on Bert Girigorie’s Twitter bio that he is an expert in sales and marketing and that he is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. When he was working at Kiss FM as an account executive during the period that Williams was an on-air host, he had the opportunity to meet Williams.

Since 2010, he has reportedly been serving as the president of G2 Marketing, as stated on LinkedIn. “digital marketing business” best describes G2 Marketing, which works with “a portfolio of companies and a small set of customers” to provide marketing solutions.

According to his LinkedIn page, Bert Girigorie is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, and attended and graduated from the historically black college, Morehouse College. He also holds membership in the fraternity.

Bert Girigorie’s Relationship with Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams and Bert Girigorie were introduced to one another for the first time at a radio station in New York City called Kiss FM. He had a job there as a DJ in the past. Following a series of encounters with one another, Wendy Williams and Bert finally got to know one another.

Their informal get-togethers slowly became dates, and eventually, they started going out together as a pair. Soon after that, Bert and Wendy reached an agreement that they would wed each other. They had a small celebration in 1994 after they had been officially called husband and wife, during which they had exchanged vows.

Unfortunately, after only five months of being married, tension, misunderstandings, and disputes began to arise between the pair, and Bert and Wendy began to live apart. After barely one year of marriage, they decided to end their union in divorce in 1995. Their marriage did not endure very long.

What Caused Bert Girigorie and Wendy William’s Marriage to End?

Their marriage fell apart as a result of a confluence of several issues. Bert Girigorie and Wendy Williams did not even make an effort to tackle the issues that they were having in their marriage.

According to the 57-year-old, Wendy’s character in her cocaine-fueled state was constantly shown, whilst her character in her original state was rarely propagated, and this made a significant difference in their marriage. According to him, the majority of their marital problems can be traced back to Wendy Williams’s apparent addiction.

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Girigorie asserts that he was completely unaware of her possible drug use until after their split when he came to the conclusion that her erratic behavior could have been explained by her addiction to the substance.

According to Bert, strange occurrences started taking place very early on in the course of their marriage, which was a rare circumstance. He believes that Wendy merely transformed into another person. He stated that he was unsure of it and did not know what had taken place. Girigorie finds a lot of what she says and does to be puzzling.

Bert Gregorie was at a loss to understand why she was behaving in such a peculiar manner. They had a major argument, and as a result, their entire relationship became fraught with tension. It has been revealed by Girigorie.

Another Revelation 

According to Girigorie, the newlyweds had a heated argument during their honeymoon when they were on their romantic break in Rio because Williams intended to leave him and go out by herself.

He deemed her odd behavior to be childish and hypothesized that it might have something to do with the fact that she is accused of using drugs. Bert continued by saying that once the divorce was finalized, he overheard people discussing Wendy’s supposed transgressions with other guys even when they were together. This was something that Bert witnessed after the divorce was finalized.

Bert has emphatically rejected the allegations that the TV show celebrity made in her autobiography, “Wendy’s Got the Heat,” that Girigorie harmed her in any way.

Bert Girigorie claimed that she had cheated on him with another man. In recent statements, Girigorie has asserted that her spouse “was at a loss” as a result of the acid-tongued host’s increasingly outrageous actions.

Why Did Wendy Williams Leave Him Out Of The Biopic?

Wendy Williams has not yet provided an explanation as to why she did not take into account Bert Girigorie, the man who was her first love. How is it possible for someone to forget about their former spouse while they are narrating stories about their own struggles and ordeals? They were together for a period of at least a year in their relationship.

The screening of the film, in which Williams completely ignores Bert Girigorie, was followed by a lot of people laughing about how they also ignore their first marriages, and internet users took it upon themselves to make fun of Williams’ behavior on the internet.

Wendy Williams’ Life is Full of Ups and Downs

It was alleged that the 54-year-old man lives in a halfway home in Long Island City, which is located in the borough of Queens. On the other hand, she relapsed back to her old ways and started drinking after discovering that her husband Kevin Hunter had a child with Sharina Hudson.

Bert Girigorie – Exciting New Revelations & His Relationship With Wendy Williams

Kevin Hunter Jr., who was born in the year 2000, was the couple’s child from a previous relationship. Kevin Hunter Jr. During the time that Williams was carrying their child, he had his first affair with another woman.

It is stated in the same article that details Kevin’s extramarital activities that he cheated on her while she was sick and bedridden with their child. Kevin’s extramarital activities are revealed in the article. The problem has been resolved thanks to Wendy’s efforts. She had some kind of comprehension of him, but she also harbored a desire to kill him.

During the course of their 25-year marriage, Wendy was driven to distraction by Kevin’s frequent extramarital affairs. As a result, she decided to retain the services of a private investigator to look into his actions. In January of 2020, Wendy, who was 56 at the time, officially divorced Kevin.

Wendy Williams Now

Wendy Williams, a well-known television personality who is known for her witty questions with celebrities, has been off the air for the entirety of the 13th season of The Wendy Williams Show due to health difficulties; however, she stated in an Instagram post on Monday that she is “making progress” in her recovery from her illness.

The tests for COVID-19 came back positive for Wendy Williams. It was originally planned for her to make her return to her program on October 4, but it was postponed, and she has been replaced by guest hosts in the meantime.

The host of the television program, Wendy Williams, recovered from COVID in September; nonetheless, she continued to have post-COVID symptoms in addition to other health difficulties; as a result, the program was postponed till October 18th.

After Williams’ unexpected diagnosis of a chronic illness, the program would be taken over by other hosts from then on. According to a recent update, Graves’ sickness is an autoimmune disorder that involves an overactive thyroid gland, which according to the update can lead to “severe problems.”

Williams had previously stated that due to her illness, she will be taking a leave of absence from her program beginning in May 2020. In a recent post on Instagram, Williams thanked not only those guest hosts but also her crew, the company that syndicates her show, and the stations that air it.