Bing Webmaster Tools has introduced new IndexNow Insights and a top SEO insights report


Several new features have recently been added to Microsoft’s Bing Webmaster Tools to enhance site speed optimization and monitoring. The news was announced today at PubCon by Fabrice Canel, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft Bing, and it was also posted on the Bing blog.

The IndexNow information report, which offers webmasters practical information on URLs submitted through IndexNow to improve their visibility and ranks, is one of the major enhancements. This report provides both high-level data and in-depth analysis, including trends and details on URLs that were found by crawling or other methods instead of IndexNow.

The Top SEO Insights report, which offers a selected and prioritized list of the top SEO concerns detected for a website, is another noteworthy addition. Webmasters can use this report to determine which website optimization efforts will have the most impact and to concentrate on them. It addresses topics like backlinks, indexing coverage, structured data optimization, and content quality concerns.


The number of URLs submitted for the IndexNow Insights report has increased significantly from 1.2 billion to 2.5 billion in just six months. Furthermore, IndexNow is responsible for 17% of newly clicked URLs in web search results, underscoring its significance within the search ecosystem.

The recently released IndexNow report provides comprehensive information about submitted URLs, such as their index status, date of initial indexation, and late submission status. Additionally, it offers details on the methods used to submit URLs, including manual submission, WordPress, Cloudflare, and other methods. Additionally, a tab in the report lists significant URLs that were found but are not currently displayed in IndexNow.

Additionally, the Top SEO Insights report provides comprehensive insights on SEO-related topics, including the status of crawled and submitted URLs. Along with providing specific information on particular faults, such as content quality, robots prohibited, not crawled, indexed, and deadlinks, it also sheds light on the source of URL submissions.

Microsoft has streamlined the user experience by updating Bing Webmaster Tools’ navigation in addition to these reports. The main navigation now includes the SEO area, which makes it simpler for users to access pertinent tools and reports.

Webmasters who want to boost their website’s ranking in Bing and other search engines should take note of these adjustments. Webmasters can have a better understanding of and ability to address issues affecting their website’s visibility and ranks by utilising Bing Webmaster Tools and IndexNow.