Can a banned Facebook user leave a review?


Can a banned Facebook user leave a review? In a strict sense, the answer is yes; there are a few things you can do to get rid of the review. You have the option of completely removing reviews from your page. You have the option of excluding the user from your page.

You also have the option of reporting them to Facebook if you found the crude language to be objectionable. On the other hand, you shouldn’t get rid of a negative review simply because it’s negative.

Can a banned Facebook user leave a review?

You’ve done a fantastic job building up your company. You take immense satisfaction in delivering an unforgettable journey to each one of your clients. Your employees have received training on the proper method to interact with consumers and find solutions to any problems that may arise.

Can a banned Facebook user leave a review?

Unfortuitously, we live in a society where people take pleasure in venting their frustrations, even if your group goes out of its way to assist them. The worst part is that these irate trolls will go out of their way to tell the world how awful your company is, how terrible your service is, how you don’t care about people, how unresponsive you are, and how you aren’t even nice to your own children. They will say all of these things. You are aware that they type!

The first instinct of the vast majority of individuals is to take the offensive. After all, it is inconceivable that someone would make false accusations against their employer and their coworkers, isn’t it? You could even want to tackle the problem head-on and explain to this individual why they are being unjust, untruthful, and dishonest. However, engaging in attack mode in such a manner would just make you appear to be petty.

What should you do with a bad Facebook review?

In the interest of protecting your honor, you shouldn’t launch an immediate assault on the other individual. Don’t remove it or hide it. Instead, take action in a way that is both proactive and useful.

Step 1: Address complaints directly on Facebook, then look to move the conversation offline:

Here’s an example:

[That would be you]: Hello, [Name of the Customer], I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, but I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t have a positive experience. We take great pride in doing everything in our power to live up to the high expectations of our patrons.

When we hear that someone did not have an extraordinary experience, one of our top priorities is to learn as much as possible about the situation so that we can improve it. If you could phone our offices at XXX-XXX-XXX, a member of our management team would be pleased to chat with you and assist you in any way that we can. Our number is XXX-XXX-XXX. Once more, I want to thank you for providing your input, and please know that we are looking forward to making things better for you.

Even if the person’s complaint was completely without merit, the fact that you responded demonstrates to everyone else that you actually care about what they have to say and that you are constantly seeking ways to improve. By approaching it in this manner, you may demonstrate to potential customers that you are trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile to assist them. The negative becomes a positive as a result of it.

Step 2: Don’t engage in a he-said, she-said argument online–you won’t win.

Don’t bother going back and forth with the individual who posted the negative review if they become argumentative and refuse to listen to reason; it won’t change their mind. Because these individuals are so upset (or unreasonable), nothing you say or do will be able to calm them down.

If you continue to argue with them, it will just become more trivial, and you will come out on the losing end. Just like Elsa in Frozen, you need to “Let it go!” If you notice that the person continues to bother you and write harsh remarks on your page, you may want to think about removing them from your page altogether. Here are the instructions provided by Facebook on how to remove someone from your page.

Step 3: Put a proactive plan in place to build more positive reviews.

Regardless of how wonderful your customer service is, at some point or another, you are going to have to deal with a negative review. The most effective strategy for dealing with negative feedback is to inundate customers with positive comments. Consider your own perspective when reading reviews.

If you were shopping for a hotel and there were 203 reviews giving the hotel four or five stars and just two reviews giving the hotel one star or less, you probably wouldn’t give the two negative reviews any consideration. On the other hand, your opinion would be very different if those two negative ratings were presented alongside merely a few nice evaluations.

Therefore, rather than concentrating on the negative, try to overpower it with the positive. Create a strategy to encourage your satisfied customers and clients to share their positive experiences on review platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and any other platforms that you use. It is to your advantage to receive as many reviews with four and five stars as possible.

Can a banned Facebook user leave a review?

Recently, we worked with a client in the Kansas City area who had a rating of only 1.5 stars on Yelp as well as a few negative comments posted by their own trolls. Within just three days, we were able to boost their average review to 3.5 stars by employing a proactive method to produce positive reviews (as well as an extremely cost-effective reputation management solution that enabled us to build even more favorable reviews).

In only a span of three weeks, we were able to collect a total of 36 positive applicant testimonials. One year later, they have 426 testimonies with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5, so things are looking up!

If you take the initiative to build up positive evaluations, your most satisfied customers will spread the word about what a wonderful service you provide, which will drown out the trolls who are only there to complain.


If you do nothing to correct it, a single unfavorable review on Facebook can have a significant and long-lasting impact on your company as well as your reputation in the digital world, regardless of whether the review was written in bad faith, was malicious, or was deceptive. However, attempting to remove that review on your own can be an exercise fraught with frustration and time consumption.

I really hope that reading this blog will help you find a solution to your difficulty of whether or not a banned Facebook user can still submit a review.


To what end haven’t I received any reviews on my Facebook page from customers?

To begin, go to your Facebook Business page and sign in using your Facebook account. Step 2: Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Navigate to the “Templates and Tabs” section of the app. The final step is to enable reviews by swiping to the right.

How long is a Facebook account banned?

Repeat offenders face longer bans of up to 30 days. For other people, Facebook is the only way to keep in touch with distant relatives in the post-email era. A 30-day embargo on all communication with them could be excruciating for some.

Is it possible to pay for positive Facebook comments?

No, it’s not legal to pay for Facebook likes. Posting a false review of a product or service is against the law, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Whether you’re paid to write reviews or just want to get your name out there, this applies to you. There are serious consequences for anyone who is caught doing this.

Are Facebook reviews fictitious?

It could also involve false information that results in real customer dissatisfaction. In spite of the fact that you may have a higher number of Facebook reviews, this is a negative business move in the long term. Fake Facebook reviews may usually be easily identified.

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