Who is Chalonda Jenkins and Ex-Wife of Nikko Jenkins? What did she do?


Chalonda Jenkins is a convicted felon from the United States of America. She is most well-known for her affiliation with Nikko Jenkins, an American serial killer.

She has had numerous connections to the criminal activities of her ex-husband.

In 2013, her ex-husband was involved in a spree killing rampage; despite the fact that she was a suspect in several of her ex-murders, husband’s she was never locked up for any of them. As she has served time in various jail facilities since a younger age, it is not unknown that she has been personally involved in criminal activity.

Having married into a gang of felons, Chalonda Jenkins has a shady past of her own.

It is well known that the Jenkins family has a long history of involvement in illegal activity. Over thirty of their relatives and extended family members are currently serving prison time for a variety of offenses.

Chalonda Jenkins: Convicted Criminal & Ex-Wife of Nikko

The immediate Jenkins family has been affected by this tragedy. David Magee, the family patriarch, passed away some years ago after being accused of murdering someone. Lori Jenkins was complicit in her son’s murdering spree; her daughters, Erica and Melonie Jenkins were both found guilty and are currently doing time for their crimes.

Chalonda Jenkins Married to Nikko Jenkins In Prison

While both were serving time at Tecumseh State Prison in February 2010, Chalonda Jenkins and Nikko Jenkins tied the knot and became husband and wife.

When you consider their shared criminal past, it’s clear that marriage was doomed from the start. The couple had never spent more than four weeks together outside of jail, and the wedding in 2017 resulted in a divorce for the couple.

Though she was married to Nikko Jenkins, Chalonda Jenkins had a child with another man.

A man who will remain nameless submitted a report requesting that child support payments be made. They had a child with Chalonda while she was still married to Nikko Jenkins, and they lived together throughout that time.

Since Chalonda has not been involved in the child’s life, the dad has sole custody of the child in question.

Chalonda Jenkins Has Been To Jail 3 Times 

It is possible that a woman who has served multiple sentences for a variety of offenses is accustomed to living in jail, as she has been there so many times.

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Involvement in a criminal organization such as the Jenkins brings further drama to an already difficult life. She received a sentence of one year in jail in 2013 for her role as an accomplice in the shooting of many individuals by Nikko Jenkins, which did not result in any fatalities.

Many similarities exist between Nikko and Chalonda Jenkins.

When it comes to facial writings and drawings, it is impossible to look at their photographs and not notice the striking similarities they share with Nikko Jenkins.

In addition to the other things they have in common, the most evident of which is a crime, it appears that they are fans of facial drawings.

The ex-husband of Chalonda Jenkins, who has a history of self-mutilation,

Former spouse Nikko Jenkins is suspected of carrying out a ritualistic murder-suicide in which he offered the lives of four individuals as a sacrifice to the Egyptian god Apophis. He has disfigured various portions of his body, including his pecker, his tongue, and his forehead, while he has been incarcerated.

He attempted to create the appearance of a serpent by slicing his genitalia and mouth, but he made a horrible job of it and needed numerous stitches as a result.

Case of the Brass Knuckles: Chalonda Jenkins

A distress call was placed to the authorities by a woman who had previously dated her baby daddy. She requested that a protection order be issued against an intruder who had attempted to bridge her flat. When the woman made the emergency call, the details she provided matched those of Chalonda Jenkins.

She was subsequently found hiding in a vehicle parked nearby; however, when questioned about her identity, she provided false information. At the crime scene, investigators discovered that her married name was listed on the registration form for the vehicle, as well as a cup containing a bottle of tequila and brass knuckles hidden in her pockets.

Because of her recent run-ins with the law and her long history of criminal activity, the judge decided that it was inappropriate for her to have brass knuckles and sentenced her to prison as a result.

According to Chalonda Jenkins, the system is to blame for four unsolved murders in cold blood.

In 2013, the convicted felon gave an interview to an anchor in which she discussed her former spouse, Nikko Jenkins. The conversation took place. She said that her former lover had told her that the Egyptian god Apophis possessed him and controlled his actions.

Because he was not prepared to reintegrate into society, she pleaded with the judge not to release him, but he did not pay attention to her request.

She claimed that her frequent requests for Nikko to seek professional mental health care were repeatedly disregarded. It was in part because of the system that he was able to get away with committing four cold murders in August of 2013.

Everything that occurred could have been avoided if Nikko had remained incarcerated and received the necessary mental health care while he was there.

In an attempt to intimidate Chalonda Jenkins, Nikko Jenkins

Chalonda Jenkins filed a police report after receiving death threats from Nikko, which led to the latter’s arrest. Nikko had threatened to kill Jenkins.

Chalonda Jenkins: Convicted Criminal & Ex-Wife of Nikko

During the course of an interrogation, Nikko confessed to having committed the four killings that were unconnected to the threat against Chalonda.

At the time of Nikko’s 2013 killing spree, Chalonda Jenkins was thought to have accompanied him.

She was questioned about whether or not she was with Nikko throughout his killing spree in 2013, which lasted for the only four weeks that they were together outside the confines of the prison.

After serving time for crimes he committed while he was a youngster, he was released from jail on August 11, 2013, and between that date and August 21, 2013, he murdered Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz, Juan Uribe-Pena, Curtis Bradford, and Andrea Kruger. In the commission of the crimes, he received assistance from his sisters, his mother Lori, his uncle, and his cousin Christine Bordeaux.

Chalonda Jenkins now

At the Nebraska Women’s Correctional Facility in York, the inmate successfully served out her term of one year and was released.

As of the year 2022, she is a free citizen of Omaha. Since her release, it is unknown what she has been doing, and she has not been reported in the media for breaching the law during this time. Chalonda Jenkins, who is originally from Omaha, has had a difficult adult life.

Since she became involved with the notorious Jenkins family, she has had several run-ins with the law and has found herself on the wrong side of the law on multiple occasions. In addition to this, she is not the finest mother to her lone child, a son. It is to be hoped that the time she spent behind bars has helped her become a more responsible and mature person.