Child dies hours after leaving Queensland hospital


A young family from Queensland is looking for answers after their kid, who was six years old, passed away just a few hours after being discharged from a hospital in the south of Brisbane.

Before being rushed to an emergency room in Logan, which is located south of Brisbane, Hiyaan Kapil had been feeling ill and suffering from stomach aches for several days prior to being transported there last night.

According to the boy’s family in Child dies hours after leaving Queensland hospital, Hiyaan was discharged from the hospital at ten o’clock at night after spending four hours there throwing up.

Just two hours later, when he passed out on the floor of their house, his family believes he was still in pain.

The young boy’s father took Hiyaan to the emergency room as quickly as he could, but it was already too late to save the boy’s life.


According to a friend of the family named Rajbir Gill, Hiyaan was an energetic little child who had never had any health problems before.

Gill stated that “he was really content in his childhood.”

“Always cheerful, despite their misdeeds.”

“I just got a call in the morning, 2 o’clock… he’s not with us,” the person on the other end of the line said.


Friends and family of Hiyaan are demanding answers regarding what transpired and why their son was allowed to leave the hospital at this time.

Gill stated that the only question they have is, “We want to know what occurred,” and that is the only question they have.

“We don’t need it since we can’t get him back,” they said. “We don’t want to blame anyone, and we don’t want to claim anything.”

The only thing of significance that we misplaced. He is not present with us.

The request for a statement made by 9News to Queensland Health has not been responded to at the time of publication.

The neighbors have expressed their disbelief at the news that the young kid has been taken away, and they are also lamenting the death of the Bethania Lutheran college student.

A neighbor remarked that the deceased child had been a wonderful child who would be sorely missed.