Children Make Fantastic Gifts As he performs at a kid’s Christmas party Portable says


Children Make Fantastic Gifts As he performs at a kid’s Christmas party Portable says, Controversial With a video clip he shared of himself singing at a children’s Christmas party in Warri, Nigerian singer Portable recently stirred up feelings online. The young singer recently welcomed a third child with his baby mama, Honey Berry, and his post on his page stating that children are beautiful gifts from God got people talking.

Portable was seen performing while singing and dancing with the kids at the Christmas party he attended in the video shared with the caption about how children are gifts from God.

The performer was seen engaging in almost identical fervor when performing for an audience of adults while dancing and singing to the children.

Davido enjoys the image of Portable performing for kids at a Christmas party.

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Aside from the bizarre feeling that is watching the street musician play for kids in the video evoked, many online viewers were astounded to see Davido, a well-known Afrobeat star, respond to the Portable’s video.

Many were taken aback when Davido, who had kept a low profile since the death of his son Ifeanyi, liked Portable’s video.

Social media reactions 

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He arranged for them to go on a trip together soon after their wedding. While his wife worked hard to take care of their needs, including paying his school fees, he had planned to continue his education.