China Successfully Launches Satellite


According to CCTV, China successfully launched the satellite on January 9, 2024. At 3:03 pm Beijing time, Einstein captured the launch of the March 2C long-range rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan. The satellite’s entry into the predetermined orbit was an important step in China’s space exploration.

The Einstein detector is designed to observe rare events in the universe, such as rockets, and will conduct an in-depth study of both extreme events and me. – World information according to Xinhua news agency. The mission of this satellite is to reveal the secrets of the world and contribute to scientific understanding.

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Video released by CCTV shows the spectacular launch, in which a white rocket rises into the sky in a cloud of white smoke before entering orbit. Project scientist Yuan Weimin expressed admiration, calling the satellite “the most beautiful he has ever seen.”

China says successfully launches Einstein Probe satellite
Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, China announced its efforts to achieve its “dream goal”. China has invested heavily in its military program to close the gap with leaders such as the United States and Russia in space exploration.

China announced its commitment to space research by sending a new space explorer in October. The team’s arrival at Tiangong Station is the highlight of their work. The need for space also includes plans to place humans on the moon by 2030.

The report submitted by the US Department of Defense to Congress last year shows the progress made by China and states that 180 satellites and 60 satellites will be completed by 2022. in orbit – increased fivefold over five years ago. The report shows that China is the second country after the United States to operate satellites.