Christina Whittaker: What happened to her?


On the internet, many different things are gaining widespread attention. Since Christina Whittaker vanished without a trace more than ten years ago, the government has been at a loss to explain what happened.

“Relentless” is an original and groundbreaking real-crime series that airs on Discovery and follows documentary filmmaker Christina Whittaker Fontana in her pursuit of the truth about what happened to Christina Whittaker, a young mother who went missing from the town of Hannibal in the state of Missouri.

This unsolved mystery has stumped law enforcement for almost a decade now, primarily due to the fact that whenever anyone makes an effort to investigate it, they only uncover possible explanations revolving around treachery, suicide, and murder.

Christina Whittaker Disappearance Case Progress

As a result, this show consists of six different components that delve deeply into the intricate search for a missing character.

Who is Christina Whittaker?

Christina Whittaker, then 21 years old, was living in the Oakwood neighborhood of Hannibal, Missouri, with her daughter Alexandria, who was six months old at the time. In her state of mental illness, which includes fibromyalgia, bipolar disorder, sadness, and anxiety, she should behave very much like a little child, according to her mother. She also suffers from depression.

On the other hand, Christina Whittaker cherished her own family, and so, no one, not even her daughter, imagined that she would ever leave any member of her family behind. Due to the fact that her psychiatric treatment rendered her extremely susceptible to manipulation, it is also possible that someone corrupted the young woman’s mind for their own nefarious gain.

What occurred to Christina Whittaker?

There is still a great deal of mystery surrounding what took place to her on November thirteen, 2009. On November 13, 2009, she joined a group of her close friends at Rookie’s Sports Bar, which is located at 600 Broadway.

After some time had passed, they moved closer to Sportsman at 611, which is where she drank a lot of alcohol. In the end, she was asked to leave since the other patrons’ reactions to her behavior during the course of her intoxication were so upsetting.

As a direct consequence of this, she departed fifteen minutes before midnight. She had asked a number of people for a ride home, but she was turned down by all of them. Because of this, she retreated, appearing upset about what had happened. Since that time, neither she nor anybody else has been seen or heard from.

Her smartphone was the most compelling piece of evidence that was found by the government after she was reported missing. The phone was discovered by the investigators close to the 200 block of seventh road, which is only a few blocks away from the location when she changed into remaining spotted alive.

On November 13, 2009, there is still a lot of mystery about what happened to her. On November 13, 2009, she joined a group of her close friends at Rookie’s Sports Bar, which is located at 600 Broadway.

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After some time had passed, they went to the Sportsman at 611, where she consumed a lot of alcohol. In the end, she was asked to leave because the other patrons were upset by the manner in which she behaved when she was under the influence of alcohol.

As a direct consequence of this, she departed fifteen minutes before midnight. She had asked a number of individuals if they might give her a ride home, but she was turned down by everyone. As a result, she retreated, appearing upset about the situation. Since that time, neither she nor anybody else has been seen or heard from.

The only piece of evidence that the authorities found when they were notified that she was missing was her smartphone. The phone was located in the vicinity of the 200 block of Seventh Street by the investigators. This location is only a few blocks away from the location where she was last seen alive.

Because he was the one who had made the most recent touch with her, her boyfriend was first considered a person of interest in the investigation. On the other hand, Cindy, Christina Whittaker’s sister, asserted that he was with her family and helping to take care of her newborn child at their house that night.

Progress of Christina Whittaker Disappearance Case

The only piece of credible evidence that the police were able to recover after Christina Whittaker’s disappearance was reported was her cell phone. The inquiry into her disappearance was initiated after she was reported missing.

It had been left laying on the ground on the 200 block of Seventh Street, which is only a few blocks away from the location where she had been seen alive most recently.

However, according to the sources, she intended to be back at her house by midnight after making a detour at a local restaurant to grab her boyfriend, Travis Blackwell, something to eat. But regrettably, other than that, there has never been any other definite evidence of her ever being found.

However, Tavis Blackwell appears to be an extremely important figure in this affair. When he appeared on “The Steve Wilkos Show” at the beginning of 2010, Travis not only failed one but two separate polygraph examinations, despite the fact that he was one of the last individuals Christina Whittakercalled at approximately 10:30 p.m.

He had gone on the air to discuss the shocking disappearance of his girlfriend Christina Whittakertogether with Christina Whittaker’s mother, Cindy Young, and other members of her extended family. But when the show’s polygraph expert questioned him about whether or not he had anything to do with the case, and he responded that he didn’t, they mentioned that he sounded anxious.

Cindy came out in favor of Travis shortly after the show aired and revealed that Travis had spent the entire night of November 13 at their house watching Christina Whittaker’s daughter while they were away. She did this since he was taking care of their daughter.

Cindy was the one who waited until the next day, the 15th, to submit a report after being informed by him that the young mother never returned home. He was the one who made the announcement to Cindy.

Christina Whittaker Disappearance Case Progress

In addition, Cindy shared the information that Christina Whittaker’s ex-boyfriend successfully passed a polygraph examination that was conducted at the Hannibal Police Department following the event. She has the same opinion as the rest of their family, which is that he is innocent of the charges.

In spite of the fact that she has been taking them since she was 18 years old, Christina Whittaker’s habits and inclination to take her prescription drugs inconsistently are another major cause for concern.

It is also common knowledge that combining the use of antidepressant medication with alcohol consumption raises a person’s risk of suicide and injury while also making them more impulsive and less intelligent.

In addition, Cindy herself has revealed that Christina Whittaker has, in the past, expressed an interest in ending her life by taking her own life. Despite this, there have been purported sightings of Christina Whittaker in the state of Illinois, but law enforcement officials have not been able to positively identify or capture her.

Shortly before Christina Whittaker went missing, she was arrested for driving with a suspended license, and since she did not appear in court for the charge in December, a warrant has been issued for her arrest on the grounds that she skipped the hearing. Regardless of all of that, though, there has not been the slightest trace of her in over a decade.

Because there is a lack of evidence, she is considered to be in danger; therefore, the authorities have little choice but to investigate even the smallest leads and tips that come their way. They have not yet brought an end to Christina Whittaker’s case, and it appears that they have no intention of doing so until it is completely and without reasonable doubt settled.

Over two hundred individuals have been questioned by the Hannibal Police Department, which has also collaborated with approximately 45 other agencies, including the FBI, and followed up on leads from coast to coast.

Since Christina Whittaker or her remains have never been recovered, this case file is unique within the Houston Police Department. This is especially true given that the HPD is still accepting tips via the internet or by calling (573)-221-0987.

According to the Facebook page titled “Help Find Christina Whittaker,” there is a prize of $10,000 for information that may lead to the case being solved. It is not quite clear what happened; was it a murder, a suicide, or a disappearance?


Was Missouri’s Christina from Hannibal ever located?

She wasn’t free at the moment. Everyone in the tiny town of Hannibal has a different opinion about what happened to Christina Whittaker, but the police haven’t made any progress in finding her since the night she went more than 15 years ago.

What happened to relentless?

Glen Ledbetter no longer owns the subject property, according to a statement from the Relentless producers at the end of the documentary.

How is Christina Fontana faring at the moment?

Relentless (2021), The Amazing Race (2001), and Making the Cut are among Christina Fontana’s best-known works (2020).