Death was reported for Parasite actor Lee Sun-kyun.


Wednesday, police reported that the body of South Korean actor Lee Sun-kyun, best known for his role in the Oscar-winning film “Parasite,” had been discovered. At the time, he was 48. Death was reported for Parasite actor Lee Sun-kyun.

The actor was discovered inside a vehicle on the street in the Seongbuk district of mid-northern Seoul, according to a Seongbuk police station official who spoke to AFP.

“We believe his body has now been transferred to the Seoul National University Hospital,” according to him.

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Yonhap news agency in South Korea, citing police, reported that Lee had bequeathed a “note that resembles a will.”

Lee was the subject of a police investigation regarding his purported marijuana and substance use.

Local news outlets reported that the actor, previously lauded for his virtuous persona, was being dropped from television and commercial ventures after the scandal.

Lee, a 2001 graduate of the renowned Korean National University of Arts in South Korea, debuted as an actor in the sitcom “Lovers.”

Later, his performances in various roles, including those of a charismatic chef and an irrational neuroscientist, garnered him widespread acclaim.

Lee’s performance in the 2018 television drama series “My Mister” garnered critical acclaim. In the role of a conscientious architectural engineer who, notwithstanding personal difficulties, firmly maintained his professional and mature responsibilities, Lee commanded widespread acclaim.

He is best recognized internationally for his performance as the affluent and superficial patriarch in the 2019 Academy Award-winning film “Parasite,” directed by Bong Joon-ho.

In addition, his performances in romantic films such as the 2007 television drama “Coffee Prince” and the 2012 film “All About My Wife” earned him recognition.

His most recent feature-length film, “Sleep” (2019), a horror film in which he portrayed a spouse whose sleepwalking ultimately results in horrifying situations, was critically acclaimed and was selected for the Critics’ Week segment at the Cannes Film Festival.

One user expressed sorrow on social media: “I cried and laughed a lot while watching your acting on X. Devastated fans conveyed their grief. Much obliged.

In conveying his condolences, renowned Korean-American author Min Jin Lee joined the ranks of others.

She posted on Instagram, “Lee was praiseworthy in ‘Parasite’ and exceptional in ‘My Mister.'”

“May he be remembered for his excellent work and creative gifts.”

Lee’s reputation was severely damaged in October when South Korean authorities initiated an investigation into his purported drug usage, an event that left him with “great disappointment.”

There was suspicion that he had been utilizing illegal substances at the residence of a hostess employed at an upscale bar in the Gangnam district of Seoul.

As reported by Yonhap, the actor claimed that the hostess “tricked” him into ingesting the illicit substances while he was oblivious to their prohibited status.

Yonhap reported that he participated in his third police investigation session, which spanned 19 hours, from December 23 to December 24.

Late in October, he addressed reporters momentarily before proceeding to a police station in Incheon to meet with investigators.

“I sincerely apologize for causing great disappointment to many people by being involved in such an unpleasant incident,” he commented.

“I am saddened to think that my family is currently enduring such excruciating suffering.

“Once again, I sincerely apologize to everyone.”

Individuals from South Korea who lawfully possess illicit substances while traveling abroad, including marijuana, face the possibility of prosecution when they repatriate to their native land.

Lee is survived by two sons and his wife, the actress Jeon Hye-jin.