Do These Things First after Buying iPhone 13 Pro


The iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the market. Even the biggest Tech YouTubers admit that the iPhone 13 Pro is currently the best smartphone in the market. After buying smartphones like the iPhone, we often buy personalized iPhone 13 Pro cases to provide protection. Besides that, no one does anything else that might improve their smartphone usage experience. With the essential things to configure right after buying iPhone 13 Pro or any other device, you might have an excellent experience.

Well, it’s highly essential to understand these few things or the initial steps as we prefer to say. If you configure your iPhone 13 Pro the right way, you will enjoy the iOS ecosystem more efficiently. If you’ve bought an iPhone 13 Pro and want to know how to perform the initial configuration, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will share detailed information on the initial setup and the things to do after buying an iPhone device.

Must-do Things After Buying iPhone 13 Pro

#1 – Setup Apple Account

For everyone’s iPhone, you need to create an Apple Account. The same account is your gateway to the Apple Ecosystem and the features associated with the same. With the Apple Account, you can enable iTunes, iCloud, and many other things, which are essential for an iPhone device. Fortunately, creating an Apple Account is not rocket science, and it won’t take you more than a few minutes at first. If you already have an Apple Account, you have to log in using the credentials, and you are ready to roll.

#2 – Import Data From Other Device

If you have been an iOS user for a long time, Apple offers effortless data migration from old phones to new ones. Well, the feature is available for Android users also, and it’s pretty amazing. If you have had an iPhone, connecting your Apple Account will help you import all the data through wireless method or even later through iCloud storage. Be it the apps, pictures, contacts, or any other things; everything will be imported automatically. If you prefer some third-party options, there are some amazing third-party software that will aid you in effortless data transfer without relying on iCloud.

#3 – Setup Homescreen and Lockscreen

Privacy and customization are the two things that Apple offers without any hassle. The Privacy measures are taken to another level by Apple on iPhone 13 Pro. Now, the users can set up the home screen and lock screen notifications and wallpapers as per their needs. It’s essential to configure the homepage and lock screen at first. You can visit the settings and configure the Homescreen and Lockscreen settings, like the Wallpapers, Ringtones, Notifications privacy, and many other things.

#4 – Apply Screen Protection

Well, the Apple fanboys often ignore this part as it might hamper the feel of the device. Well, that’s wrong, and one should always apply the screen cover protection to the device. Apple care does cover everything under their Care plan, but taking care of the smartphone by yourself is highly essential. You don’t want your display to get scratches or damage while carelessly using it. So, you must get good quality screen protection and apply it to your device. If you are a clumsy user, make sure to use the Back cover also for additional protection.

#5 – Setup Emergency Contacts

Apple’s amazing security features allow users to stay safe in emergency situations. The feature to set up Emergency Contacts and the Medical ID had helped thousands of users when they were in emergency situations. So, it’s highly imperative to set up emergency contacts and Medical ID. With the Medical ID, the medical staff can take care of you when you are not in a good health condition. Also, you or other people can call the emergency contacts about your situation. It’s an essential step that you should not ignore.

Final Words

Apple ecosystem is pretty strong and comes with a lot of customized features. Well, it enhances the user experience, and that’s why the majority of the users stick with the same. In this post, we tried our best to share detailed information on the things you should do after buying the latest iPhone 13 Pro.