During the holiday season Pepsi wants you to consume soda mixed with milk.


During the holiday season Pepsi wants you to consume soda mixed with milk. This is the time of year to add milk to your soda. at least, so says Pepsi. Pepsi launched a campaign on Thursday encouraging consumers to try the pairing and share their Santa-friendly concoctions using the hashtag #PilkandCookies (as in Pepsi plus milk). Participants in the online competition, which runs through Christmas Day, will have the opportunity to win money.

In a statement about the campaign, Todd Kaplan, chief marketing officer of Pepsi, noted that mixing Pepsi and milk has long been a well-kept secret among fans of the soda.

As a new twist on the popular TikTok trend of “dirty soda,” which combines soda with syrup and cream, Pepsi is now promoting the mix. Companies like PepsiCo (PEP) monitor what goes on with TikTok.

We thought Pilk and Cookies would be a great way to unapologetically celebrate the holidays because of the rise of the “dirty soda” trend on TikTok and across the nation, according to Kaplan.

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To those who want to experiment with flavors other than Pepsi and milk, Pepsi is recommending a variety of recipes, perhaps in an effort to create its own popular concoction.

The Cherry on Top combines Pepsi Wild Cherry with half a cup of 2% milk, two tablespoons of heavy cream, and two tablespoons of caramel creamer; the Naughty & Ice combines Pepsi with one cup of whole milk, one tablespoon of heavy cream, and one tablespoon of vanilla cream, plus Pepsi; and the Snow Fl(oat) is Pepsi Zero Sugar.

TikTok trends

The soda cocktails are relatively new to TikTok, but they have long been a favorite among the state’s large Mormon population, some of whom refrain from drinking alcohol and hot beverages.

After Gen-Z pop star Olivia Rodrigo posted a picture of herself holding a Swig cup in December of last year, prompting fans to inquire about the Utah-based chain, TikTok learned about the beverage. Since 2010, Swig has offered a variety of carbonated mash-ups and bills itself as the “home of the original dirty soda.”

Eater noted in April that “TikTok is now replete with more than 700,000 mentions of the #dirtysoda hashtag, the majority of which accompany videos of creators teaching viewers how to make their own dirty sodas at home.” The trend quickly gained popularity.

Companies have been motivated to capitalize on the trends by creating new products in response to viral food sensations.

This year, Dip & Crunch, a burger dipping sauce packaged with “salty potato crunchers,” was introduced by Kraft Heinz (KHC). People are supposed to dip burgers or sandwiches into the sauce, then into the crunchers, before biting into them. This practice appeared to be trending on TikTok, with some users praising it and others questioning it.

According to Sanjiv Gajiwala, who was then the chief growth officer for Kraft Heinz North America, “for us to hear that debate online, then bring it to life, is an example of how we’re listening,” he told Fast Company in April. You can now find videos of TikTok influencers using the product in advertisements and giving their followers a review.