Eve Jobs Deletes Instagram After Selena Gomez Dating Drew Taggart


Eve Jobs Deletes Instagram After Selena Gomez Dating Drew Taggart Because everyone believed Drew was dating Steve Jobs’ daughter Eve Jobs until very recently, the internet is reading all kinds of into the news that Selena Gomez is supposedly dating Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers. This revelation has caused the internet to read all types of reports.

Us Weekly, the publication that first reported the relationship between Selena and Drew, also said that Eve and Drew had broken up and that the split was “completely amicable.” An insider, who referred to their relationship as a “casual summer fling,” stated that the two of them continue to be “friends” and that they are “extremely mature and cool about going [their] different ways.”

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On the other hand, Twitter investigators have discovered that Eve and Drew were sharing pictures of themselves on vacation with each other as recently as December 31, 2022:

Even while Drew has continued to post photographs of Eve on his Instagram account (at least as of the time this story was written), fans have noted that Eve appears to have wholly erased her account. This comes after Us Weekly broke the news that Drew is dating Selena:

It might not even signify anything! It might have some significance! In any case, a source for Us Weekly claims that Selena and Drew “aren’t attempting to disguise their romance by sneaking around at members exclusive clubs,” that they have been going on dates to bowling alleys and movie theatres, and that they are “having a lot of fun together.” A source close to the situation reveals that Selena is “extremely affectionate” with Drew and that she “can hardly keep her hands off of him.”