Facebook ads for construction companies


Facebook ads for construction companies: Obtaining new clients is one of the challenges that come with running any kind of business. It can be difficult for any type of company, including those in the construction industry, to build a clientele that is consistent and reliable.

Facebook ads for construction companies

Promoting your construction business is a challenging endeavor, but you have a lot of different options to pick from. Advertisements on Facebook are an excellent starting point for your construction company. You just need to set up a few ads on Facebook that do well, and then you can sit back and watch the consumers come in. This is a wonderful form of advertising because it can essentially be set and forgotten about.

The video that we have produced below is an in-depth lesson that will walk you through the process of setting up your first advertising campaign on Facebook. It walks you through all of the challenging and technical work that goes into creating a Facebook Ad and teaches you how to execute it.

Why use Facebook Ads?

There are a number of factors that contribute to the remarkable success of Facebook Ads in terms of generating new leads.

The first of these is the variety of targeting choices that are accessible through the Facebook Ads Manager. Within the Ads Manager, you will find the option to create unique audiences. This gives you the ability to specifically target individuals based on factors such as age, geography, gender, demographics, behaviors, and hobbies. This indicates that we have the ability to choose to show your advertisement to people who are most likely interested in the services that you offer.

For this particular illustration, we selected adults over the age of 30 of both sexes who resided in Adelaide and had an interest in Home Construction (we were setting up an Ad for a home construction business). After that, Facebook informed us that the possible size of our audience was 52,000 people, all of whom have the ability to view our advertisement.

The fact that you are able to design ads that are very customizable is the second reason why Facebook Ads are so effective. You have a number of options available to you on Facebook for changing the text as well as the imagery in order to create an advertisement that is captivating.

What makes a great Facebook Ad?

You may create any kind of advertisement you want on Facebook, from videos to plain photographs. This might present challenges at times since it gives consumers an excessive number of choices to consider.

In my opinion, to get the most out of the advertisement that you run on Facebook for your construction firm, you should…

Keep it simple.

Permit me to go into further detail about this.

3 tips for a great Facebook Ad.

Make sure your introductory sentence, identifies and qualifies your target audience. In this particular illustration, for a company that specializes in home construction. We could begin with the question, “Have you ever given any consideration to constructing your own house?”

Avoid including an excessive amount of information in your advertisement. People do not typically take in substantial amounts of information while using Facebook. You should direct visitors to your website so that you may provide them with more comprehensive information there.

Be sure that the image or video you pick is attention-grabbing without being too absurd to be taken seriously. If you use an uninteresting image to represent your advertisement, no one will look at it. However, if you pick a silly image, no one will take you seriously at all.

Lead Generation for Construction Companies

I will suggest four different techniques that are essential for any construction company to implement. These are the fundamentals of effective marketing, comparable to the sturdy walls that are required for the construction of a house.

I strongly suggest that you devote some of your time and resources to:

Facebook ads for construction companies

  • The Google My Business website.
  • Advertisements on Facebook and Instagram
  • That Website of Yours
  • Optimization for Search Engines (SEO) 

These are the fundamental pillars that will assist your company in being discovered and in generating leads. If you are interested in learning more about these subjects, check out the video that I filmed.


Facebook advertising could be the solution for you if you want to raise brand awareness, get in front of your target demographic, and enhance the number of qualified leads your company receives.

These are the kinds of things that are tough to put a price on for a small to a medium-sized firm like your construction company, but they are very necessary for its expansion. If you are thinking of advertising on Facebook, you need to make sure that you do it correctly and that every dollar of your advertising budget is put toward the goal of bringing in new clients for your company.


Do contractors find success with their advertising on Facebook?

It is true that advertising on Facebook is effective for independent contractors; but, there are various distinct kinds of Facebook ads, and not all of them are created equal when it comes to the clients that they attract.

When it comes to building, who exactly is the ideal customer?

General contractors who operate largely on non-single-family home construction (including new work expansions, changes, renovation, and maintenance). Hotels, motels, apartments, and multi-family residences are all included in this category.

Construction market segments are what?

Customers with comparable qualities or demands should be grouped together, as this helps companies better understand their clientele.

How do you know who your most important customers are?

When it comes to purchasing building supplies, clients want more than just a good deal. In today’s market, these are the three most sought-after features from manufacturers by the likes of contractors, architects, and distributors alike.

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