FIFA confirmed the final decision regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal


After Adidas intervened, FIFA confirmed the final decision regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal, Technology has demonstrated that Cristiano Ronaldo did not score against Uruguay on Monday, according to FIFA.

Despite the fact that, after 54 minutes, Portugal allegedly provided proof that he had the last touch on Bruno Fernandes’ ball into the box. To start the scoring, Fernandes’ cross got past Sergio Rochet and the Uruguayan defense.

Ronaldo leaped up and appeared to try to head the ball in for his second goal of the tournament as it was passing through, though. Despite Ronaldo’s enthusiastic celebration, Fernandes was named the scorer by the stadium announcer at the Lusail Iconic Stadium.

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Despite the fact that Ronaldo seemed to be claiming to have touched the ball, Fernandes acknowledged he was unsure. He insisted that it didn’t matter who received the final scoring credit.

“I rejoiced over [the goal] as if Cristiano had scored it. I got the impression that he had contact with the ball. To cross the ball for him was my goal “said he.

“Regardless of who scored, we are pleased with the victory. The fact that we achieved our goal of moving on to the next round is what matters most.”

However, Fernandes may be happy right now because FIFA, using technology from Adidas ball manufacturers, has confirmed their final decision. Given that technology demonstrated that Ronaldo did not touch the ball, Fernandes is now given credit for the goal.

“We are able to conclusively show no contact on the ball from Cristiano Ronaldo for the opening goal in the game using the Connected Ball Technology housed in Adidas Al Rihla Official Match Ball in the match between Portugal and Uruguay,” a FIFA statement read.

“The absence of a “heartbeat” in our measurements indicates that no external force on the ball could be measured. We can perform our analysis with high accuracy thanks to the 500Hz IMU sensor inside the ball.”

The Adidas match ball has technology that can give match officials real-time data. Additionally, it can record every touch the players make thanks to sensors that were added to help with offsides determination.

Despite El Chiringuito TV’s claim that the Portuguese FA would provide proof that Ronaldo had scored, that confirmation has now been made. It wasn’t clear what kind of proof that would be, though it now seems unnecessary.

With their victory over Uruguay, Portugal assured their place in the World Cup’s knockout rounds. Fernandes added a second goal in stoppage time. If Fernando Santos does not rest Ronaldo, he will now have to wait until the final group game against South Korea to score his second of the competition.

His next opportunity to score will come during the knockout rounds if he is rested. Brazil, Switzerland, Cameroon, and Serbia are still in the running to advance from Group G, so Portugal has yet to learn who their opponents will be.