Franklin police have detained Timothy Olson and are investigating his death.


Franklin police have detained Timothy Olson and are investigating his death. Franklin police have detained Timothy Olson, a person of interest in a death investigation in South Milwaukee. Around 10:15 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 29, Olson was taken into custody after being seen hours earlier at a store on S. 27th Street in Franklin.

At 3 p.m., Franklin police intend to address the media regarding this case. That event will be streamed by FOX6 News.

Early in November, Racine police issued their first public alert regarding Timothy Olson. According to investigators, he meets up with women he has connections with on dating apps, drugs them, and then steals money from them.

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Olson has been connected to a bar patron who passed out while in his presence. She was taken to the hospital urgently, where she passed away. This incident happened on November 17th, a Thursday.

According to officials, this is the third woman from a different jurisdiction who has fallen asleep while in Olson’s presence.

Olson is currently wanted by the Mount Pleasant Police Department on five counts of felony personal ID theft with financial gain.

The Racine Police Department Investigations Unit wants to speak with you if you have experienced this kind of victimization or if you have any additional details about this incident. Residents with information are urged to contact the investigations unit of the Racine Police Department at (262) 635-7756. Call 262- 636-9330 or use the Crime Stoppers app by using the p3 app to get in touch with the organization if you want to remain anonymous.