Gamescom Opening Night Live Reveals DualSense Edge Controller


Gamescom Opening Night Live Reveals DualSense Edge Controller, A new wireless controller of superior quality, known as the DualSense Edge, has been introduced by Sony.

The DualSense Edge is a high-end controller that was shown out for the first time during Opening Night Live. It seems to be Sony’s response to Xbox’s Elite controller series, which was announced earlier this year.

A recent post on the PlayStation Blog provides further information about the highly customizable controller, which enables users to define their own control mappings and even disable certain buttons if they so choose.

Visually, the controller is very much aligned with the basic DualSense; however, it does include a few more components that bring it up to the premium standard. You might expect interchangeable thumb stick caps and configurable dead zones, similar to what is found on the Xbox controller.

DualSense Edge – Gamescom 2022

Although the controller was seen in the trailer in the dark, we are able to make out paddle switches or back buttons on the back (which may be configured in a dome or level-style), as well as some kind of new surface beneath the analog sticks.

There is a new feature for the controller that consists of a switch on the back shoulder that has three different settings. These settings most likely change the travel distance of the triggers.

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