Gary Owen Divorce: Why did He Separate From His Wife Kenya Duke?


What went wrong between Kenya Duke and Gary Owen Divorce? After her estranged husband Owen gave an interview to Wendy Williams, why did Kenya decide to announce their imminent divorce on Instagram?

Kenya Duke is a well-known African-American businesswoman and entrepreneur in the United States. She is also active in the entertainment industry as an actor and stand-up comedian. Her spouse is the well-known stand-up comedian Gary Owen, and she has been married to him for a long time.

After making an appearance on “The Gary Owen Show” with her family, she quickly climbed to notoriety.

Why Was Kenya Duke Not Pleased With Gary Owen Divorce and Wendy Williams’ Conversation On The Show?

Kenya Duke, the current Chief Executive Officer of Premier Sports & Corporate Travel Company, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States on July 26, 1974.

Her ancestry is that of African Americans, and her nationality is that of the United States. She is the owner and operator of a travel management company, and her business is currently regarded as one of the most successful travel management organizations in the United States.

Her organization offers a wide range of services, some of which include traveling events for independent film and television companies, music tours, as well as professional and college sports teams. In addition to being a businesswoman, she is well-known for hosting a wide variety of television programs, including the following:

  • DeRay Davis: Power Play (2010)
  • Look I’m Smiling (2011)
  • Gary Owen’s Show (2016)

Where Did Kenya Duke Meet Gary Owen?

When Gary Owen was working as a stand-up comic at the Chubby Shop, he eventually became acquainted with Kenya Duke there for the first time. After a short while, they both decided to strike up a discussion.

They were virtually in the same place when they met for the second time, yet they fell in love with one other nonetheless. In an interview with TheGrio that took place in 2016, Gary admitted that he had obtained her phone number and called her as soon as he was able to.

He described the conversation as follows: “I was like, ‘Look, I know I’m supposed to wait three days, but you’re going to meet a lot of boys in three days. I just wanted to let you know how intrigued I am by this.”

Gary is a well-known actor who has been in a variety of films, including Think Like a Man, Daddy Day Care, Little Man, Meet the Blacks and others. He is noted for his work in these and other films. His performances of stand-up comedy are just as well-known as others of his work.

The Gary Owen Show is a comedy series that follows Gary Owen, America’s most beloved and well-known stand-up comedian, and his mixed-race family. As a result of the show’s success, he has achieved notoriety and amassed a considerable fortune.

Before Gary Owen began his career in comedy, he spent six years in the United States Navy as a Master at Arms. During that time, he was also a member of the presidential honor guard.

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After dating for a total of four years, Gary Owen and Kenya finally tied the knot on July 19, 2003.

After they started going steady with one other, they increased the frequency of their meetings, and the depth of their connection continued to grow. Following that, on December 19th, 2006, Gary Owen and his wife participated in a wedding ceremony in which they exchanged their marriage vows.

Emilio is Kenya Duke’s son from a previous marriage, while Gary Owen is the father of her other two children, Kennedy and Austin. Kenya Duke has three children from her current marriage to Gary Owen.

Owen Talked About His Split on the Wendy Williams Show

Despite the fact that Gary Owen is in the middle of a lengthy divorce battle with his estranged wife Kenya Duke, the performer may have a thing for Wendy Williams, who is a popular host on The Wendy Williams Show.

Williams admitted that she found Owen attractive while he was working on her show, claiming that he “stuck out to” her during the filming of “Think like a Man,” in which they both performed roles.

Williams added that they were both married to their respective spouses at the time, adding a little bit of flirtation to the conversation by saying that they were both married.

After Owen made an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, the strange couple got back together, and on June 10th, they were seen eating dinner at Scotto’s in New York City. After hearing that they had been going out to dinner together, Kenya went on her social media account to confront Gary Owen about their relationship.

What Went Wrong Between The Two?

In March of this year, Gary’s wife, Kenya Duke, with whom he has been married for close to 18 years and has three children, submitted a petition for divorce. But what took place in particular?

The fans were quick to guess as to what led to the early demise of the marriage; however, it appears that it was only a matter of time before it was inevitable.

Following nearly 18 years of marriage, actress Kenya Duke and her comedian spouse Gary Owen have decided to divorce each other. Things were not particularly noteworthy at the time, but Kenya completely lost control of the situation once Owen discussed their breakup on the show. On March 7th, she submitted the petition for divorce.

After being silent for several days, she eventually began to criticize Gary for revealing their personal business to the public via television. After listening to his interview, Kenya Duke posted a series of new charges about her separated spouse on her Instagram account.

According to what Duke wrote, “I was startled that you spent the majority of your time talking about me, the divorce, son, and daughter.” She counseled him that he should have shut down Williams when he was asked about the divorce and that he should have talked more about his projects and club appearances.

She also suggested that he should have talked more about his projects and club appearances. “Why didn’t you? … because you want me to pay attention to you, and you were aware that someone would forward it to me.

After Duke posted the information on her various social media accounts, it quickly gained widespread attention. She vented her frustrations about him opening up on her Instagram account, mentioning his official account and saying something to the effect of “@garyowencomedy you wanted more of my attention, so here I am.”

I made an effort not to answer, but due to a large number of lies you and your friend have told, it was imperative for me to do so.

According to Gary Owen, the couple got a divorce despite the fact that there was no significant reason for their decision to do so; rather, they split up because their marriage had simply run its course. However, the comedian Gary did not wish to make the situation any more public after a string of outbursts in response to Kenya’s screaming on various social media platforms.

During the time that they were apart, Kenya stated that her outbursts were the only way that she could communicate with Gary because he did not return any of her phone calls or texts and did not interact with their children.

Why Has Kenya Duke Filed a Request for Support (RFO)?

After Owen uploaded a photo of himself wearing a shirt that had the words “breadwinner” and the definition of the term printed on it, Duke reprimanded Owen on June 6 for failing to provide financial support for the family. Owen was wearing a shirt that had the words “breadwinner” and the definition of the term printed on it.

The current demand that Kenya has made of Gary Own is for a sizeable monthly remuneration. Kenya feels that she has a right to spousal support, which would be a monthly payment of $3 million, given that the comedian is worth $3 million and has been responsible for the family’s finances for the previous 17 years.

Kenya believes that she is entitled to this payment. Keyna is baffled as to the reason behind his decision to quit doing that.

Kenya has stated publicly during the divorce that whatever decisions she makes, she is doing them for the sake of her children. She stated that the reason she needs assistance is that she has a lot of bills that need to be paid. She described taking out a loan of $20,000 from a friend of the family in order to pay off the American Express credit card account of the family, in addition to some other expenses.

We’ve been married for more than seventeen years, and Gary is my husband. Kenya shared, “Twenty-three years ago, I gave up a promising profession as an account manager so that I could devote my full attention to supporting Gary and his career.”

A one-time payment of $88,000 is being requested from Kenya in addition to the refund for the expenses she incurred in the past. According to Kenya, “he has failed to provide me with monies for the last two months.”

She responded, “Until a permanent arrangement can be made between us, I will continue to pay our monthly costs.” Kanye West continued, “I find it embarrassing and unpleasant to have to text Gary twice a month to ask for money. 

I find it embarrassing and awful.” “The fact that I won’t get a response to those texts makes me extremely uncomfortable and scared. I’m also going to be asking Gary to make a donation of fifty thousand dollars to my attorney’s fees because I don’t have a source of income or a budget to pay my lawyer any additional money on top of what I’ve already paid with the credit card that I haven’t paid off yet.

Why Was Kenya Duke Not Pleased With Gary Owen Divorce and Wendy Williams’ Conversation On The Show?

Kenya seems to be bringing his alleged lover into the equation because she feels Gary has been hooking up with several mistresses. It appears that Kenya is doing this because she believes Gary has been hooking up with numerous mistresses. She dropped a clue that Gary is willing to spend a lot of money on these ladies, despite the fact that he was rumored to be stingy in his own marriage.

Kenya stated this sentiment in one of her posts on social media, saying, “I don’t care about any of these compensated partnerships. Despite this, I believe that $600 for thirty minutes is too much money, and you would have been insane if I tried to purchase a side dish that cost $12.00 when we were eating out… Wow, and to continue, “What I do care about is you doing the right thing financially when it comes to me,” Wow, and to continue.

Did Claudia Jordan play a role in their divorce as per Kenya Duke?

Kenya published a perplexing article in which she accused her estranged hubby of having an affair. Nevertheless, the public’s surprise and confusion were caused by her decision to include Claudia Jordan, who hosts Fox Soul and is an actress. It’s possible that she’s trying to insinuate that one of Claudia’s pals has some kind of involvement in the upcoming divorce.

Claudia Jordan, who calls Gary Owen her “friend,” has chosen to confront her claimed involvement in the divorce of Gary Owen and Kenya Duke through an Instagram live session, despite the fact that she denies having any part in the divorce of Gary Owen and Kenya Duke.

Claudia Jordan and Gary Owen are said to have known one another for close to twenty years, according to Jordan. Gary Owen was also quoted as saying, “the idea that I’m being pulled into this is foolish and it’s just not true,” Claudia Jordan explained. To which he added, “I understand that getting a divorce is difficult, but you don’t have to pull everyone into it.”

What’s coming?

Their attempt to conceal the fact that they were getting a divorce was tolerable at first, but now things between the two of them are becoming hostile and combative. Gary has been accused of infidelity by Kenya, as well as being a cheapskate and a negligent dad by Kenya. This battle on social media isn’t going to finish anytime soon, and there will almost certainly be more developments.

On the other hand, Gary Owen has not yet provided a response to the claims that have been made against him. He reported that he was cautioned against providing any information pertaining to the divorce. He did, however, give the impression that a significant revelation was on its way.