Google Introduces an Innovative Approach to Search


Google on Thursday unveiled two artificial intelligence systems designed to improve online searches, promising to be “more useful.”

Next, phone users on select Android phones will enjoy a new and familiar feature called Circle Search. The device allows users to circle, click, adjust, or scribble on images, videos, or text displayed on the smartphone screen to create additional information about the selected item. The innovation, which uses artificial intelligence technology to enable more interactive and personalized searches, has been kept silent by the company since last year.

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This feature was announced during Samsung’s recent Unpacked event and is planned to be integrated into the Galaxy S24 smartphone series, which will be introduced later this month. Additionally, starting January 3, this device will also be available on other high-end Android smartphones, including Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

The first tool, Research Circles, allows Android users to actively participate in content or share specific interests through circular content. For example, users can circle an area in their social media photos and ask the system to provide more information about that area. This feature enhances users’ ability to dig deeper into the content they encounter.

Another tool Google also offers is the ability to use the mobile camera to ask questions about real products. Users can point their camera at an item or upload a photo or screenshot, then ask questions in the Google app to get relevant information. As an example, Google shows how to use this tool to ask the rules of the game on the seller’s unknown board.

Google has been updating its search capabilities over the years to include new search technologies like voice and Lens tools, which use image recognition tools to explore your surroundings through your smartphone’s camera.

Google’s move reflects an expansion in the tech industry, where major players such as Microsoft, Amazon, Meta and others are competing to use similar technology. In a press release, Google expressed optimism about the potential of this AI tool: “We’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible.”