Google my business listing disappeared


Google my business listing disappeared: I’ve been getting emails and phone calls from consumers recently who are upset that their businesses have dropped in the Google Maps search results.

There were a number of calls and emails in the last week. Because I was on vacation, I brushed it off as a technical issue, and I’ve had similar experiences in the past. It was only a week later that a client’s listing reappeared on the map after what appeared to be an indefinite absence.

Google my business listing disappeared

Nevertheless, when I got back to work a few days ago, I found that their listings were still not appearing on the internet. As a result, I did some digging around in the local SEO circles. I came across this debate in the Local Search Forum and thought it was interesting. When you click on the “other places” link, Borland’s first post describes a friend of his whose location does not appear in the search results. Zooming in and out a few times revealed his friend’s listing, so he decided to find out for sure.

Google my business listing disappeared

Owners of businesses can use Google My Business, a search feature given by Google, to publish up to ten photos and other details about their facilities (such as their street address or company name) (landscape or portrait).

After registering for a business account on, you’ll need to log in with that account.

Google Maps and the Google Search Map Pack will display a company’s information once it has been analyzed.

Google Maps has a section dedicated to local business directories, which includes information about your firm in search results relevant to your industry. The user interface of this function is amazing because it is really simple to navigate and saves a lot of time.

It is possible to show up in the local search results (map pack) of Google, which includes your phone number, location, and the total number of reviews.

Google Search and the benefit of Google My Business.

With Google My Business, you can make it easier for people to find your business by using Google’s local search and map results to find your location.

Using this tool, you can simply change your business information in Google’s search engine, including your location, business hours of operation, website address, and more.

You’ll see an increase in the number of people visiting and phoning your company’s website and phone number if people in the area can find your firm online.

Claim (or set up) your business account on Google My Business.

Before creating a new Google My Business page for your firm, you should first search for your company’s name on Google to discover if it has already been established. It is possible to skip this step if it has already been done.

If you already have an account, log in and claim it, or if you don’t, start the process of making one.

An account is necessary since people may infer that you are unreliable or untrustworthy if they can’t discover your business on Google Maps while searching for it. A user account is essential in this situation.

This information is required for the creation of a Google My Business Page for any business:

  • A Google ID that is connected to the website where the company is registered, as well as the name of the company.
  • In the event that your company operates out of more than one location, the map view for your company will require you to specify which of those locations you want to be displayed.
  • A website for the company that is hosted on Google’s servers and belongs to the Google My Business domain.

Consider including a business description that describes what your organization can achieve for consumers and why they should choose your services over your competitors.

When discussing your products or services, always bear in mind that your audience is looking for specifics. For example, you could state, “We provide personalized service at a reasonable cost.”

Your free company profile needs to have all of the relevant information while it is being created.

With Google My Business (GMB), business owners may add their locations on Google Maps and in local search engine optimization results, and it’s completely free! For business owners, this is a tremendous advantage.

People looking for local service or product suppliers will have a tough time locating a firm if they don’t appear in local search results.

Using Google My Business (GMB) to post information about your products and services, as well as images of your storefront, staff, and other important parts of your business can help your firm gain more visibility online.

Other people considering doing business with your firm can benefit from reading what past customers have to say about their experiences with your company. If you don’t already have one, sign up right away. There is no charge for this service!

It is imperative that you accurately fill out your free company profile when you are doing so. Due to the possibility of your profile not appearing in search results if you leave out any essential information, this can cost you precious search traffic.

For this reason, I’ve produced this piece to guide you through the steps of creating your Google My Business profile, as well as the fields you’ll need to complete.

Google my business listing disappeared

Other Issues If Your Business Is Not Showing Up on Google Maps

Even if your business is verified on Google My Business, it is conceivable that it will not appear on Google Maps due to extra considerations. Some of the most common ones are as follows:

  1. Relevance. In order for Google to show your GMB listing in search results, it must contain information relevant to the user’s inquiry. As a result, it’s critical that your GMB profile includes details about all of your products and services, as well as relevant keywords that have been carefully researched.
  2. Distance. Your business won’t show up on Google Maps if your actual location doesn’t fall inside the area that Google considers to be part of the local market, therefore you’ll need to choose a different location. With respect to Google Maps, closeness plays an important role in the ranking process. The greater the distance between your establishment and the location of the person making the search, the less likely you are to appear in Google Maps.
  3. Prominence. If you search for “art galleries” or “sports venues” in the Chicago area, you’re likely to find The Art Institute and Soldier Field at the top of the list. It’s not far from each other in the city of Chicago. Most local businesses don’t have that kind of notoriety, so they have to work hard to improve their position in Google’s local search results. As a result, it is important to make sure that all of the company’s contact information, including its address and phone number, is correct and up-to-date across the whole website. As a result of all of the other local ranking considerations, a successful GMB and Google Maps SEO campaign can help you gain more visibility. Several other local ranking elements must be taken into account for this to be the case.
  4. Your business has relocated. The verification process will have to be repeated if you have moved and Google has de-verified your account as a result of your move. If the NAP information on your website is inconsistent or out-of-date, proceed with caution.
  5. Your company’s access to GMB has been temporarily terminated. If you violate the GMB requirements for portraying your company, whether on purpose or by accident, your Google My Business account could be suspended.


Google My Business: Is it on its way out the door?

Google has stated that the new name is to “keep things simple” and that the Google My Business app would be totally retired sometime in 2022.

Why has my Google company page been removed from the search engine’s search results?

However, there are a few common reasons why a listing is suspended by Google: Your listing’s information has been updated. Even the category you’re listed in could be included in this section. Google won’t accept your address because it’s against their rules.

My business listing on Google has been removed.

Use one of the following methods to discover the Business Profile you want to request ownership of:

  • Go to to add your company to the directory. Enter the business’s name and location, then select it from the search results.
  • Search for your business on Google or Google Maps. The Claim This Business button can be found on the Business Profile.

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