Google uses Tim Cook’s comments to advertise Team Pixel.


Google uses Tim Cook’s comments to advertise Team Pixel. We see one of Apple’s competitors throw some shade at the company on Twitter every once in a while, and sometimes they do it while tweeting from the same iPhone that they are making fun of. It would appear that the crew working on the Google Pixel has not yet internalized the lesson, as they sent out a tweet making fun of Apple while utilizing “Twitter for iPhone” last night. It was swiftly removed from the internet… but the internet never forgets.

Yesterday evening, in reaction to Tim Cook’s “TakeNote” teaser, the official Google Pixel Twitter account sent out a tweet, which was discovered by a friend of the site named Ian Zelbo. The slogan “Take Note” is also being used by the Utah Jazz NBA team, which has led to some criticism of Apple’s use of the slogan. In point of fact, Apple abandoned the animated hash flag precisely because of this issue.

Google made the decision to take advantage of this situation and sent out a tweet claiming that joining “Team Pixel” would bring NBA fans “closer to your favorite team” than purchasing an iPhone would do.

Hmmm ok, I See You. NBA fans… #TeamPixel is here to bring you closer to the team you support, so tell us which one it is, and we just might be able to make your NBA Tip-Off experience that much more enjoyable.

As soon as it was brought to their attention, the Google Pixel team moved rapidly to delete the tweet and then resent it. Twitter’s “Twitter for Web” platform was used to send the tweet the second time around.

It’s possible that these businesses may get smart someday, but it doesn’t look like that day will be today, and we have a feeling that this isn’t going to be the last time something like this happens.