How do I activate google gravity?


How do I activate google gravity? Today I’m going to show the top 10 most spectacular Google tricks, which are the most incredible tricks you’ve ever seen. You might argue that these tricks are games or Google features. You can take pleasure in it whenever you are in a gloomy mood, when you are feeling bored, or at any other time, so let’s get started with the Google techniques lists.

How do I activate google gravity?

Google gravity is a site or page where the text, icons, and images of all web pages fall to the ground because there is no weight in the things, meaning there is zero gravity. Being pulled by force means that gravitational force is acting on the objects. It is one of my favorite con techniques, and I mainly utilize it for amusement.

How do I activate google gravity?

To put it to use, please follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to and enter the address in its entirety.
  2. Now Type Google gravity
  3. Type in “I’m Feeling Lucky” 

The following link should work if the previous one does not. GoogleGravity

Google Under Water Gravity

It is somewhat similar to Google gravity, but it also has a new feature called gravity underwater, which looks incredible.

To make use of this zero-gravity environment

  1. To begin, navigate to
  2. Search for “gravity underwater there” on Google.
  3. Select the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option at this time.
  4. You can go straight to this link by clicking here>>. Google “Gravity Under Water” to find out more.

Google Timer or stopwatch

It’s possible to utilize Google instead of a standard stopwatch or timer. You only need to type “Set timer for 30 minutes” or also can write “30 minutes timer” into Google. You can choose any time according to you instead of 30 minutes, and the most fantastic thing is that you do not need to download any other apps. Everyone needs a timer to schedule timing, especially when running or practicing something.

  1. Go too Google
  2. Type “set a timer for 30 minutes” and select the appropriate number of minutes or hours based on your needs.
  3. Press the Enter key. 
  4. You should see a timer and a stopwatch there.

Google guitar

Have you ever played the guitar? If not, don’t worry; Google Guitar will help you feel and enjoy playing one. It is straightforward to use; to learn how to use it, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the website at
  2. Enter your text here. Google guitar
  3. Select the “I’m feeling lucky” option from the menu.
  4. Alternatively, go on this direct link>> GoogleGuitar 
  5. That’s it. Enjoy!

Google Sunrise and sunset

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to know exactly when sunrise and sunset occur in a particular location? Well, thanks to Google, that dream can now become a reality. You can search any location’s light or sunset timing by simply going to Google and typing “sunset in placeName” or “rise in placeName” into the search bar. Some examples include sunrise in India, sunrise in Canada, and sunset in New York.

Google 1980

To see what Google looked like in its previous iterations would be great if such a feature existed. This would be possible through time travel. Indeed, the second one is my most impressive sleight of hand. the following instructions should be followed to learn or use the 1980 Google search engine:

  1. Visit the website at
  2. Search for “1980” on Google there
  3. Select “I’m Feeling Lucky.” 
  4. Alternatively, you may access Google1980 directly by following this link.
  5. That’s all there is to it; in the meantime, feel free to appreciate the way our old Google used to appear.

Atari breakout, tik to toe

If you have ever played an ancient game, you have been a part of something truly fantastic. When only two-dimensional games were available on the internet, how did people pass the time? In comparison to games available now, those older games were pretty great. If you’re looking to kill some time or have a connection that’s a little sluggish, you probably won’t be able to play higher-level games in today’s world. However, you can play Atari Breakout without downloading the game first.

  1. Go to Google and type in Atari Breakout 
  2. Hit enter 
  3. That’s all there is to it; enjoy it!

Google Calculation trick

When we have to calculate something, such as 98 percent of 32478, 2+2-48/7-5, etc., or anything else, we typically use a calculator or the calculator on our mobile phones. However, did you know that you can directly get the answer or solution to these calculations by using Google? All you have to do is type in what you want to calculate, and Google will provide you with the answer.

For example: 

one dollar into one inner, 

89 percent of 2525, 

22*5, 2+6+44+25, 20 miters into centimeter, one inch into one foot, etc.

Google image

Google Image is one of the most remarkable ways to learn about someone or something; all you have to do is upload the image of the person or thing you want to know about, and Google Image will give you the results. This feature works on window/desktop browsers, but you can also use it on your phone; you must check the box next to the chrome desktop mode option. Google Image is one of the most remarkable ways to learn about someone or something.


Help you identify persons who are pretending to be someone else; provide information regarding many subjects

  1. Go to Google and select the image from the menu. 
  2.  Upload the picture.
  3. It will provide you with specifics regarding that image!

Google Search

  1. If you wish to download something, use the extension at the end of the URL. For example, Google’s input tools include book.pdf, biodata.docx, end game drive, and alan walker.mp3.
  2. If you are searching for anything on Google or YouTube but forget the complete word, write ** after the talk. For example, googlable***, wealthy dad p****, etc.
  3. After inputting the word or line you want to search, use a double quotation if you wish to search for an exact term.

How do I activate google gravity?

“I Can Win,” “Avengers,” and similar phrases are some examples.

How do I turn on Google gravity on my laptop?

  1. Launch the web browser on your computer, iPad, or another device.
  2. Then, in the text field that appears, put “com gravity or elgooG gravity.”
  3. That sums it up nicely. The straightforward method will completely defy gravity within you.

How can I get Google Gravity into my mobile device?

If you want to search for “google gravity,” you should do it when the Google homepage is open on any of your smart devices. Try to refrain from clicking the search button too quickly. If you want to activate the gravity Google trick, instead of pressing the search button, you should click the button that says “I’m feeling lucky.” You will see that the scheme has been enabled as soon as you do so.

How should one go about performing Google gravity step by step?

Steps Launch a web browser on your desktop that supports JavaScript. To access the site, you can make use of any standard web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari; however, your browser needs to be able to run JavaScript for you to access the site. Open Google. In the blank space left in your web browser, type in To search, click the search bar. It can be found at the center of the page.

Does using Google gravity require you to have JavaScript installed?

You will learn how to access the Google Gravity trick, often known as an “Easter Egg,” by reading this wikiHow. Open a JavaScript-enabled desktop web browser. To access the site, you can make use of any standard web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari; however, your browser needs to be able to run JavaScript for you to access the site.

How do you perform the Google gravity trick “I’m Feeling Lucky”?

Enter “Google Gravity” into the search box, then click the “I’m feeling lucky” button, and you can see the search engine struggle against its weight. Have fun with the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ Google zero gravity trick. Watch as Google disintegrates before your very eyes. You may find me on Facebook at and on XeeMe at

What was Mr. Doob’s motivation for developing Google gravity?

You may find Mr. Doob’s Gravity on Google. Google is not merely a joke programmed into being to provide some amusement; instead, it is significantly more than that. The soothing quality stems from how we are required to search for and examine our search results. This was accomplished with the assistance of a Java script.

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