How much do color copies cost at FedEx?-Know more


Are you interested in finding out How much do color copies cost at FedEx? If so, you’ve come to the correct site to learn more about what you’re looking for. FedEx charges different prices for printing on different types of paper and in different colors.

For instance, the price for printing a page on 20lb White Bond paper in Letter size starts at $0.14 for monochrome copies and $0.60 for color copies. There are additional costs for the paper and other items.

Comparison With Home Printing

How much do color copies cost at FedEx?-Know more

Compared to printing a page or pages on your own printer, this printing is incredibly affordable. It’s because, if you do the math, printing a page at home requires you to set up a lot of equipment, from a printer to ink. Let’s learn more about the problem, then.

How much do color copies cost at FedEx

You might consider printing with FedEx Office to be inconvenient. It’s because you have to drive your automobile there. Regardless matter how much it costs to print in color at FedEx, you must pay to print or duplicate your papers.

However, we personally thought it was incredibly practical because a FedEx Office is probably nearby. So, if you need to print any document, you can use their service. Let’s look at how it functions when you want to email or print your file.

You must first drive to the FedEx Office, which will cost you money for gas. It might only be a small sum, but if we count it, a round journey might cost $1, for instance.

Additionally, depending on the store and location, your time could cost up to $2 and another $0.75 or even less. Therefore, the total cost to print a document or send an email using FedEx Office is $4.

The Costs When You Print At Home

The most popular home printing printers right now are still those that use inkjet technology. The reason is that a color laser printer costs substantially more than an inkjet printer. If you want to get an inkjet printer, you must spend between $100 and $200.

Additionally, there is a $9 to $25 problem with having to replace the ink cartridge. Additionally, your color printer requires two distinct color cartridges, such as black and color.

In addition, you need to purchase paper, which costs $10 for 100 sheets. So, if you want your copy printed at home, the total price will be more than $200.

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Final Notes

In response to the inquiry of how much printing at FedEx costs, we discovered that printing at home is far more expensive.

As a result, How much do color copies cost at FedEx?-Know more, printing your documents at FedEx Office rather than at home will be more affordable for someone who is “fair weather.”

It will also be evident if you compare the annual printing volume and its price.


How much time does it take FedEx to print?

The document is immediately printable and will be available for 10 days at any FedEx Office location in case you need to print it again.

Does FedEx sell ink for printers?

Pick up your print job and any necessary office supplies at the same time. FedEx Office on campus sells office necessities like paper, ink cartridges, and mailing supplies.

Which printers does FedEx employ?

A special FedEx printer created specifically for parcel/post labeling is the Zebra ZP505.