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How much does it cost to buy peacock? Does it cost more to be attractive? How much does a peacock cost in the UK? Peacocks are highly regarded for their long, multicolored tails. Despite their avian nature, they prefer to remain on the ground.

After seeing them on a friend’s lawn, you may have been mesmerized by their beauty. You’ll want to keep them as pets because they are cute. Once you’ve decided to stay with the Peacocks, their price can make or break the deal.

Both the female and male of the Peafowl species (Pheasant family) are known as Peahens, while the entire species is collectively known as Peacocks. A distinct yellow undertone to females’ brown and grey skin sets them apart from males. Its easily recognized tail takes up more than 60% of the bird’s total length.

The tails of males are more colorful and visually appealing than those of females. Size, color, and quality of feathers were all essential factors for peahens to weigh when choosing a mate. Peafowl is well-known for their unique tail feather plumage and ocelli, or eye-like markings on their feathers, and are considered among the giant flying birds.

Put an end to this small talk; we can tell you’re getting antsy to find out how much it will cost to buy a Peacock and how much it will cost to maintain it.



How Much Do Peachicks Cost?

Many people buy Peachick to share the experience of watching it develop. As a bonus, most people select peachicks because they are much cheaper than full-grown peacocks.

The price of a peachick ranges from $10 to $30. Additionally, the initial months of caring for Peachicks are less expensive. Moreover, breeders sell bundles of four or more hatching eggs. Because eggs are usually offered in bundles, breeders often make large bulk purchases. A dozen fertilized eggs will earn you between $45 and $85.

Purchase Prices for Peacock Breeds

Many peacock breeds have astonished people with their stunning looks, vibrant colors, and graceful movements. Those who are most familiar with this species of the bird should make the final decision as to which one is the most handsome. Instead of going elsewhere to get the costs, we will have them all listed here for your convenience.

The Black Shoulder Peacock’s black wings have a stunning greenish-blue iridescence. You should expect to pay anything from $50 to $100 for a beautiful Black Shoulder Peacock.

The Cameo Peacock’s coloring is much lighter than other peacock breeds. Following the more delicate brown neck feathers are the darker chocolate ones. Cameo’s unique hue gives it a competitive edge, driving its value. It’s common for a cameo peacock to cost $200-$250.

Other peacock names for this bird include the Common Peafowl, Indian Peafowl, and Blue Peafowl. Its extensive availability means it may be acquired anywhere from $50 to $75.

With its beautiful white patches on its wings, the Pied peacock is one of the most expensive and rarer varieties, fetching upwards of $250.

In honor of Mrs. Spalding of California, we present Spalding, a hybrid of Blue India and Green Java. Prices range from $80 to $125. (Source)

Pure white is the only color of the white Peacock. Due to this color breed’s rarity, a price rise is warranted. You should budget at least $250, preferably more.

How much does it cost to buy peacock?

The cost of peacock as a pet is significantly lower than that of other exotic birds. You can acquire a decent, healthy one for under $500. The going rate for a fully-grown peacock is between $35 and $275. Peacocks with no deformities or crooked toes command a higher price than their less perfect counterparts. If it has flaws, such as dark spots on its feathers or nasty toes, you can get it for $35 to $55.

How Much Does Keeping a Peacock Cost?

People care only about the total outlay of money when making a purchase. Instead, they need to worry about rising costs. While some vast pets can be high-maintenance, the Peacock would be relatively easy.

Feeding: Forage-based feeding is out of the question, so you’ll need to buy commercial animal feed to provide your animals with the nutrition they need. Their diet consists mainly of grain, fruit, nuts, worms, reptiles, ants, crickets, and wheat. To keep a peacock as a pet, you’ll need to set up $10-$20 monthly for its food and upkeep. If you want them to be happy, you should also provide them with the nutrition and snacks they enjoy.

Housing: Considering they are birds, most owners feel cages are the best option for their protection and well-being. If the bird is kept in a cage or behind a fence all the time, its owner must provide adequate space for the bird to exercise and expand its wings. A bird in captivity needs at least a 16-foot-tall cage. Potentially needed are several hundred dollars.

Free-roaming: Peafowl is nocturnal and spends most of their time foraging. Therefore, a small cage would be plenty for their needs. Considering that the buy peacock birds will only pay for the night in the plaza, making it as luxurious as possible for them is okay.

As a result of the prevalence of predators digging holes beneath fences to get at birds, a concrete floor is a must.

 Where Can I Buy Peacock Birds?

When looking for a peacock, support your local economy by going to a breeder. Due to their large size and associated health risks, few farms export them. If the breeder is willing to ship the animal, you will also have to pay roughly $100 for boarding.

Many websites with diverse listings may up if you search for “Peacock For Sale.” You should consider buying online if you can’t find your desired breed at a local farm.

What factors affect how much peacocks cost?

We’ve listed some of the most essential aspects to help you understand what goes into the peacock’s price. Weirdnewsera that you might not find any other platform which gives you all content about health sports business technology and entertainment. 

Types of Peacocks

The sort of peacock you intend to purchase is the primary consideration. The most common peacocks are

 Indian Peacocks

Indian Peacocks

White Peacocks

white Peacocks

Congo Peacocks

Congo Peacocks

The value of a peacock depends on its specific traits and general features.

The most affordable peacocks are listed first, followed by the more expensive ones.

The Peacock’s Condition

The peacock’s condition is the second most crucial aspect in determining its value. This includes the peacock’s genetic purity and the care it has received.

Inevitably, the value of a given peacock will be impacted by its share of flaws and minor blemishes.

Peacocks are highly visual animals that place a premium on their outward presentation. An individual peacock’s unique coloring is likely the most significant factor in determining its market value.

Although genetics and peacock breed play a role, there is still considerable individual variation.

Some of the most common flaws in peacocks that cause their value to drop are as follows:

  • Uneven coloring
  • Painful feet
  • Variables in the occurrence of birth malformations
  • Lack of color spots
  • Inadequate color balance

The value of a peacock can be affected by a variety of seemingly little factors. The more flaws there are, the cheaper it will be. An imperfect Spalding peacock like this one may sell for $75, but a fault-free or nearly fault-free version might go for closer to $125.00.

Size and Age

The size and age of the peacock are further considerations when determining its value.

Large adult peacocks will typically cost more than their younger and smaller counterparts. In contrast, the price of a peachick will range from $10 to $30 (again, depending on the type of peacock).

Peacock eggs, which require special care, have been considered for purchase by some. This is the way to go if you want to save money by raising your peacock.

Peacock eggs range in price from around $25 to $100, depending on the peacock’s parentage.

As peacocks only produce around 20 eggs each year, their demand might outstrip supply, driving up their price. However, if you already know what you’re doing when raising a healthy peacock, this is an excellent way to acquire your peacock.


A peacock’s price may also be affected by the seller’s location. The cost of a peacock may go up or down based on the market conditions in certain regions.

However, this is an essential consideration from a logistical one as well.

Transportation costs can add up to $100 if you buy peacocks from another state, so be prepared to plan if you want to acquire peacocks. You should support your local economy by purchasing a peacock from a vendor within driving distance, but you should also be aware that this is only sometimes practical.

What extra costs come with having peacocks?

You should consider the additional expenses of owning a peacock before purchasing. These are some of the primary considerations in terms of added expenditures.

  • Building a fence and a coop to house your peacocks is the first order of business. They will need protection from the elements. Therefore the cost of constructing cells for them can escalate significantly if you choose to use higher-quality materials.
  • Naturally, you’ll also need to supply your peacocks with food. Put aside around $20 for peacock treats like crickets, grain, grapes, worms, and other treats.
  • Expenses associated with peacocks’ health, such as visits to the veterinarian and any drugs they may require, must be accounted for in addition to the charges already mentioned.


Although coming up with a name for our bird will take a little time, picking the best one will. The terms that may play a role in your decision-making process are included below. After deciding on a name, the next stage is to train the peacocks to recognize it. Conversation with the owner is a great way to bond with them. Call their name and entice them with sweets or food while you feed them.

How much it cost to buy a peacock? So ends our rundown of possible peacock names; feel free to add your space provided below.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Can a peacock be bought as a pet?

Peacocks are famous as pets and attractive birds; thus, they are often kept in cages or on display. The demand for these unusual green and white species has led to higher costs. They can be bought as pets, but they won’t do much to protect you or be a good friend.

Are peacocks easy to take care of?

Peacocks are generally challenging pets to care for because of their temperament and independent spirit. The human species was not meant to congregate in such crowded metropolises. It’s recommended to keep them in a large enclosure or aviary; thus, they’re best suited for rural or suburban settings.

Can you tell me the function of the peacock?

Peacocks eat a wide range of insects, amphibians, and small mammals. Most people have them to lower bug populations. They also alert the owners whenever a predator is detected on the premises.

How Much Does a Peacock Egg Cost?

The price of an egg of any size or hue is around $40. Postage, insurance, and handling might bring the total to $50.

To round things out, peacocks are gorgeous birds that may be kept as pets for a reasonable price. As a bonus, their low-maintenance way of life allows them to save money despite the rising cost of living.

Do you know why peacocks scream?

During the breeding season, peacocks may be highly disruptive with their frequent, high-pitched screams. Besides screaming, the male produces a distinct call right before he copulates with a female. There’s a ringing whoop as he sprints at her.

What does a white peacock cost?

Some breeders can make as much as $1,000 per bird by raising a mythological mutation of the peacock that is now very much alive thanks to careful breeding. These days, white peacocks, a variation of the more familiar Indian blue, are the most popular novelty bird among hobby flocks.