How much is a Samsung galaxy s8 plus worth?


How much is a Samsung galaxy s8 plus worth? First, Samsung had to put out the flames of the Note 7 disaster, but now they’re back with an updated flagship phone. Since its last flagship was a disaster, Samsung has no room for error. So far, at least, it appears to have played it safe and provided the world with a phone that could not possibly go awry.

How much is a Samsung galaxy s8 plus worth?

Galaxy S8 aspires to be your one-stop-shop for all your smartphone needs. It’s designed to go above and beyond your expectations in terms of dependability. That’s how Samsung avoids risk altogether.

Before we get to the meat of the matter, there are a few things you should be aware of with regard to the gadget.

How much is a Samsung galaxy s8 plus worth?

I think the Samsung Galaxy S8curved +’s edges and endless display make it a perilous device to own. Without a screen protector, this phone’s screen could be completely ruined by a single fall without proper protection. In addition, the phone’s glass edges make it difficult to hold, thus Samsung made the smartphone slimmer from edge to edge as a solution to this problem. As a result, this is a device that you must protect with your very life.

Second, there’s this: When tucked away in a purse or even a pocket of a pair of trousers, my phone has a tendency to auto-dial an emergency number. Even stranger, this occurs on the lock screen.

In the end, none of these faults are severe enough to keep you away from the gadget, not even the little pink edge on top of the screen.

When it comes to Android devices, the Google Pixel and this one are neck and neck in terms of quality. Despite the fact that it lacks a standout feature like a dual camera, this phone is as close to perfect as any other on the market right now. One word of caution: don’t buy this phone too early. Instead, wait for user evaluations, especially those from people who have used it for a few weeks.

Day 4: No issues with performance

After using the Samsung Galaxy S8+ for well over a week, I can confirm that its performance has been flawless throughout my whole time with the device. It is not an exaggeration to say that this phone is capable of doing anything and everything imaginable. It had no problems with anything, including shooting 4K video or browsing with multiple tabs at the same time.

Try out this phone to discover how a benchmark test should really be carried out, and keep in mind that it also performs very well for gaming. When it comes to the Antutu rankings, however, people who take these scores seriously will see that it is still lower than that of the iPhone. However, this is of no consequence so long as your experience as a user is unaffected in any way.

The phone’s battery can easily last through a whole workday without needing to be charged. I tested the phone on Jio 4G with a significant amount of web browsing and only a few phone calls. With such a routine, the phone had no problems lasting from nine in the morning until nine in the evening.

In addition, thankfully, the phone does not get hot at all and remains as cool as a cucumber despite the fact that it is performing some really taxing duties. This is a significant accomplishment for any top Android device.

Day 3: Now, that is one camera

It is obvious that Samsung has taken precautions regarding the camera. I say this because it has chosen to move forward with a camera that is simple and straightforward at a time when the majority of its competitors, and especially Apple, have at least one camera with a dual-lens located at the back of the device. However, the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is not to be underestimated. In point of fact, I think it’s safe to claim that this is the best Android camera available right now.

Take a look at the picture that is displayed above; I took it in a restaurant in Noida that had low lighting on the day that I obtained this phone. Even though the minute details and vibrant colors of this one blew my mind, the events that have transpired in the past week have just served to reaffirm my conviction that this is an excellent camera. As long as there is some light in the frame, it can take a decent picture and is there for you when you need it to.

Additionally, the camera is quite snappy, and there is no lag whatsoever between shots. Because of this, you need to be cautious about the times at which you click. Even when recording content in 4K resolution, this camera has a very high level of durability. Even while taking high-definition videos, the adaptive focus and light sensitivity functions of the camera operate exceptionally well. The best part is that the phone is able to maintain a very low temperature throughout the whole process.

There are some pretty entertaining add-ons available for the camera, such as live animations that are similar to MSQRD, which can be used for both the front and rear cameras. There are a variety of camera settings available, one of which is fully manual, and there are also preset modes for those who want their photos to have an Instagram-like feel to them.

When you open the camera app on your phone and use the Bixby camera, a peculiar icon appears in the top left corner of the screen. This is the app for the Bixby camera. Simply press this button, and then take a picture of any building, structure, or item for the intelligent Bixby assistant to analyze and determine what it is. However, you shouldn’t expect it to tell you exactly what the thing is in question. The majority of the things I attempted produced results that were approximations rather than exacts.

Day 2: Things you have to get used to

To be honest, this phone does have some quirks. As a starting point, the device does not have a home button. The search for a button under the screen every time you want to exit an app or return to the homepage has a lot of muscle memory, whether that’s good or bad. A virtual home button isn’t a death knell for the physical home button.

To activate the home button, all you have to do is press the bottom end of the phone’s display. Virtual buttons have haptic feedback and jiggle as you press them, so you know exactly what you’re doing. In this way, the virtual button closely resembles the physical one, and it takes some getting used to.

As a result, Samsung has had to rethink where the fingerprint scanner should go because there is no real home button. The obvious answer was to place it towards the back. However, if you ask me, Samsung has messed up here.

As LG has demonstrated with various phones over the years, the back panel is the ideal location for a fingerprint scanner. The S8+, on the other hand, shows that every other location is a little out of place. You place your finger on the scanner, which is to the right of the camera, and send it on a search mission to discover the correct location.

How much is a Samsung galaxy s8 plus worth?

It’s a good thing the S8+ has a variety of ways to unlock it. The face detection mode was more appealing to me than the Iris scanner and the occasional close-up of my own eyes it displays. However, there are niggling difficulties with the iris scanner and facial detection.

When the light is poor and the phone is unable to accurately identify the features of your face or the uniqueness of your iris, they are both rather hopeless. This time, it’s the old PIN that comes to the rescue.

Day 1: What’s with the display

The Galaxy S8+ from Samsung checks all the right boxes. However, as I watched the late-night Livestream of the phone’s introduction in New York, I felt that there was one big bang feature missing. As far as we can tell, Samsung wasn’t relying on just one feature to make this phone a success, but on the combined power of many good ones.

You’ll notice right away that the Infinity Screen is the most prominent feature. Samsung appears to have decided to push this new shape, which makes the display appear to flow out of the phone. Samsung is now able to squeeze a larger screen into a more compact body. Indeed, the S86.2-inch +’s display is hard to believe given that the phone isn’t even larger than the iPhone 7 plus’s, which only has a 5.5-inch display. Samsung has demonstrated some great inventiveness in this area, in my opinion.

This phone’s screen is excellent, but that’s to be expected from Samsung, the industry leader in this field. You’ll get the best out of the concept if you’re in a darkly lit area and are watching a high-quality video file. You’ll soon be able to focus just on the screen, giving the impression that you’re in a small room with a giant screen. The ‘Infinity display’ on the iPhone XS Max is hands down the greatest phone screen available right now.

In light of where some of Samsung’s competitors are pushing technology, there is a slight flaw in the experience described above: the audio quality. This isn’t a huge deal, but these days, all flagships come equipped with excellent audio capabilities as standard equipment.

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