Secure Your Chat : A top 6 Steps Guide to Locking WhatsApp Messages


How secure your Chat on WhatsApp?

You likely use WhatsApp for both your personal life and your professional life. You might not want someone with prying eyes to look at some of these communications since they might include information too personal for public consumption. You can add a degree of verification to these discussions using Chat Lock, making them more secure overall.

Finding innovative solutions to maintain the confidentiality and safety of your messages is one of our primary goals. Chat Lock is a new feature available on WhatsApp starting today. With Chat Lock, you can add protection to your most private discussions. 

When you lock a chat, the conversation is removed from your inbox and moved to a separate folder hidden from view and can only be accessed by entering the device’s password or a biometric, such as a fingerprint. Additionally, the contents of that Chat will be automatically concealed within notifications as well. 

This functionality will be helpful for people who occasionally lend their phones to a family member or for situations in which someone other than you is holding your phone when an essential message arrives.

To lock a chat, tap the name of the one-to-one or group chat and then select the lock option from the menu that appears. To access these conversations, gradually drag the top of your inbox down while entering your password or biometric.

We will add more Chat Lock options over the next few months. These will include locks for companion devices and the ability to create a bespoke password for your chats, allowing you to use a password distinct from the one used for your phone.

Here’s how to utilize the Chat Lock function in WhatsApp to keep your conversations private.

How to use WhatsApp Chat Lock?

– Get the latest version of WhatsApp, or download it. Check that the performance of WhatsApp you have installed on your Android or iOS device is the most recent available. The application can be obtained by downloading it from the relevant app store.

– Navigate to the conversation you would like to lock: Launch WhatsApp and go to the conversation you wish to lock down to do so.

– Tap on the picture of the contact or the group’s profile: When you are already within the Chat, you can access additional choices by clicking on the communication or group profile image.

– Click the “Chat Lock” button: You need to go down the menu until you find a new option named “Chat Lock,” which may be found directly below the message menu that is about to disappear. To move forward, tap on it.

– You will be prompted to enable Chat Lock after tapping “Chat Lock,” and then you must authenticate yourself. After allowing it, you will be forced to show yourself using the password to your phone or, if accessible, your biometrics.

How Can You Lock WhatsApp Chats?

Following the completion of the beta testing, WhatsApp is currently gradually introducing the ability to lock chats within the mobile app. To keep your conversations private, whether using the WhatsApp app or WhatsApp Web, we have provided several different locking options below.

Lock WhatsApp Chats with Chat Lock.

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called Chat Lock, allowing users to encrypt individual discussions they want to keep private. Until you finish the authentication process, it won’t be visible to anybody else. This is the proper way to apply it.

  1. launch WhatsApp (Android or iOS) on your mobile device and navigate to the Chat you wish to lock.
  2. To view the contact’s profile page, tap the contact’s name or phone number.
  3. At this point, go to the bottom and select the Chat Lock option.
  4. After that, ensure the “Lock this Chat with Fingerprint” switch is turned on.

The conversation in question will no longer appear in your list of ongoing chats. Currently, it is only available for use on Android, but an iOS version is planned for the future.

How Can I Unlock the Chats That Are Locked on WhatsApp?

If you have changed your mind and decided that you no longer wish to keep the conversation locked, you can unlock it by following the steps outlined below:

  1. To access the Locked Chats prompt on the WhatsApp conversation page, swipe down from the top.
  2. you’ll need to identify yourself by tapping the Locked Chats and providing your password or a biometric.
  3. After that, select the Chat that you wish to access by tapping it.
  4. To view the contact’s profile, navigate to their page by tapping their name or phone number.
  5. At this point, go to the bottom and select the Chat Lock option.
  6. After that, turn off the switch that says “Lock this Chat with Fingerprint,” then authenticate yourself with a password or a biometric.

lock your Chat on WhatsApp

How can I lock chats using the Chat Lock feature in WhatsApp?

Both Android and iPhone versions of WhatsApp include Chat Lock, which allows you to secure individual or group discussions. This particular security measure is not an option for community settings. When it comes to chats that have been archived, you have first to restore them before you may lock them.

These are the procedures you need to take to lock a WhatsApp chat.

Launch WhatsApp, then after it has finished loading, launch the Chat you want to lock. After that, you can open the chat info screen by tapping the conversation’s name.

Scroll down until you find the Chat lock option, then pick it.

Set the toggle for the “Lock this chat with fingerprint” option to “on.” Verify your identity by checking your fingerprint and face or providing your phone’s unlock PIN or password.

A notification that the chat room has been closed will appear in the prompt bar.

Your secured chats will now be located in an inbox labeled Locked Talks. You can access this by slowly sliding down from the primary chat display on your WhatsApp app. To access the inbox, you must verify your identity by providing a biometric identifier or entering your mobile device’s unlock PIN or password. After doing so, you can view and access all the WhatsApp chats you had previously protected.

The contents of chat messages that have been locked are likewise concealed within notifications. Before accessing the message’s contents, you must touch on the information and verify your identity.

You must re-verify your identity at the beginning of any conversation in which Chat Lock has been disabled.

Limitations on chat lock.

The Chat Lock feature added to WhatsApp is a helpful improvement. However, it would be good if you remembered that it has a few restrictions. First, you won’t be able to lock chats on companion devices if you use WhatsApp on multiple phones at a time.

Second, to access the protected chats folder, you must use your phone’s unlock PIN and password or a biometric identification method. Because of this, there is a potential breach of security because unlocked chats can be accessed by anyone who knows the unlock code for your phone.

However, calls made from locked chats will not be disguised or secured. You will still be provided with the appropriate notification regarding them.

Knowing that WhatsApp is working on solving these flaws is a relief. One of the features that will be added is the option to configure a specific password or PIN for encrypted chats, which will be separate from the password you use to access your phone.

WhatsApp locked talks.

– Launch WhatsApp, and then navigate to the home page: When you first launch WhatsApp, you will be taken to the main page, which lists your current conversations.

– Swipe down to unlock all currently locked chats: Swipe down on the screen to unlock all of the now hidden discussions. You can view all of the conversations within WhatsApp that you have set to private.

– To access the locked Chat, tap on the discussion you want to access: Tap on the conversation you wish to join after selecting.

– identity to unlock the Chat: To open the conversation, you will be asked to identify yourself by entering the password to your phone or using biometrics (if available).

Once you enable Chat Lock, all the messages discussed in the Chat will be concealed until you decide to unlock it. You may also use Chat Lock for many WhatsApp chats by following the instructions for each discussion. This allows you to protect multiple conversations at the same time. In addition, WhatsApp has announced that it will add additional features to its Chat Lock feature shortly. These features will include locking chats for companion devices and generating a unique password for each conversation.

Wrapping Up

This is how you can lock chats on WhatsApp, whether using the mobile app or the service’s web version. The official method for locking individual chats in WhatsApp is now unavailable on iOS and web versions. You must either close your entire WhatsApp account or use one of the extensions discussed earlier to obfuscate the contents.

We will revise and update this article once the new feature has been implemented. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for additional reading material of this kind. Weirdnewsera that you might not find any other platform which gives you all content about health sports business technology and entertainment.


What exactly is a chat lock?

According to WhatsApp, this function allows users to password-protect their most sensitive conversations and store them in a different folder; when a user receives a message in a locked chat, the sender’s name and contents remain concealed.

When a WhatsApp discussion is locked, what happens?

According to rumors, the Lock Chat feature will archive encrypted conversations in a different folder, making them easier to find while remaining out of sight. A beta version of WhatsApp 8.2 for Android 2.23 is now available on the Google Play Store.

Can I put a lock on the conversation?

Chat locks provide an added level of security for conversations on Android and iOS devices. Unlocking your chats with device authentication, like a passcode, Face ID, or fingerprint, is required before you can read or send messages.

Which Is Safer SMS or WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Business API reduces the expense of sending messages by a large margin. Creating groups, sharing files, or receiving client files is a breeze. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption makes it significantly more secure than competing messaging apps.