Top 3 methods How to add a drop-down menu in Shopify


How to add a drop-down menu in Shopify? Suppose you sell items through an online store and offer your clients various product types. In that case, you will want to organize those things into distinct categories to make the shopping experience more convenient for you and your customers. For instance, if you’re going to split your products into two categories, say, for men and ladies, you can use a drop-down menu, which is the subject of this writing. In particular, I will demonstrate the steps required to create a drop-down menu that can be accessed from the primary menu in Shopify.

You can structure pages in an organized manner if you create a drop-down menu in Shopify. This menu type is helpful for category and collection pages, resource pages, and blog sites.

If you have a properly organized menu, it will be easier for your clients to navigate to the pages on your website that are most important to you and your company. Nothing is more agonizing than navigating through a poorly designed website. 

How to add a drop-down menu in Shopify?

To begin, it is necessary to become familiar with adding drop-down menus on Shopify. The navigation link in the main menu can have a top-level item added to it, thanks to the capabilities of this platform. Users can travel to the required level of a submenu by hovering over the main link and selecting the option for a drop-down menu to display the lower-level links for the submenu.

This navigation method is referred to as “nesting,” and the tutorial for the Shopify mega menu explains that it can have up to two levels of sub-navigation after the primary one. In the Shopify admin, navigate to the Navigation area to create multiple link lists. This will allow you to create a drop-down menu with many levels of submenus.

If you are familiar with the appropriate method for putting this type of content arrangement into place, you will find that it is highly effective. Let’s start constructing a giant menu in Shopify by going through the most critical steps.

1. Select the appropriate topic, to begin with

Your search will always be associated with the theme you use if you want to know how to add a drop-down menu to Shopify, and Shopify will always connect your search with the theme. While several pieces are not built with this embedded functionality, others allow you to implement multi-layered navigation.

Selecting the appropriate theme from the Shopify theme store is essential because doing so can lessen the friction experienced while developing your design of a drop-down menu. Every piece has a unique look for the submenus, complete with settings for how the columns should be arranged and how much visibility they should have. There are some restrictions when using the navigation on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is recommended to perform a test installation of a theme to become familiar with the functioning of all of its elements.

2. Decide on the appropriate naming

Any customer who visits your online shop to browse the available products will be able to see the name of the highest-level element in the navigation bar. The name of this component, which serves as the beginning point of the maritime canvas, also functions as the title of the entire subset of products. It is difficult to understate its significance; thus, make it reasonably general and refrain from using detailed information specific to the sector.

Some of the items in your business could be classified under more than one heading. Check that each category contains up-to-date information that leaves little room for interpretation. It’s easy for regular users to get confused when there are duplicate options, so feel free to delete them.

3. Keep the drop-down menu to a minimum of options

Because the page requires scrolling, it will be difficult for browsers to skim the entire page. It is in your best interest to design a drop-down menu in Shopify with as few items as humanly possible. Your items’ usability and presentation will only improve if you include an excessive number of sub-categories. Putting interchangeable objects into more extensive collections can be helpful in this regard. Because mobile shopping is becoming increasingly widespread and famous, it is a good idea to customize the Shopify mobile menu for various screen widths. Specific Shopify themes enable two-row columns, which can be a solution for desktop and mobile customers.

What Shopify mega menu app should you use?

Your Shopify store might be supplied with extensions that will make the creation of gigantic drop-down menus a breeze for any of the numerous Shopify developers standing by to fulfill your order. The extensions may be used with virtually every Shopify theme and do not call for any prior coding experience on your part.In this article, we will talk about setting up Local Pickup and Delivery in Shopify. How To Add A Pickup Option On Shopify?

Instructions for Developing a Drop-Down Menu in Shopify


Proceed to your admin login page and enter your credentials there.

Online Store

Find and then click the “Online Store” button in the navigation

Find the word “navigation” and then click it after clicking “online store.”

Add Menu

On the navigation page, in addition to the currently available menus, you will also have the opportunity to create new menus. Click “Add Menu”

Add Menu Item

You’ll want to give your new menu a name right here. In completing this example, we will ultimately switch out the primary menu on the UI for a new menu with a drop-down option. After you’ve given your menu a name, select “Add menu item” from the drop-down menu.

Name Your Menu Item

After selecting the “add menu item” option, you will be presented with a window in which you can give the new menu item a name and specify where it will lead. That is a connection to the page. For the sake of this illustration, let’s call it “Home” and then direct it to the website’s homepage.

The item on the Drop-down Base Menu in Shopify

After successfully adding the initial menu item, we will go on to the next step of creating the drop-down menu item.

Although we will add products to a drop-down menu in this example, this can also be done with collections, custom pages, and blog posts. A menu item can be created out of anything that can be accessed by the user and is considered to be a viewable resource.

This can be any collection, including possibly a custom collection that comprises popular items; the decision is yours. The image below labels the menu item “Popular Products,” which will point to “All collections.” However, this can be any collection; the choice is yours.

The item on the Product Menu in shopify

Now add a new menu item, but this time pick a product to go along with it.

Putting together the drop-down menu

Therefore, at this point, you have added a foundation menu item titled “Popular Products” and a menu item titled “product.” Move the new product menu item such that it is slightly below the item that is currently the most popular. if you want to get more information about How To Add Menu Items In Shopify you must click on this link.

Add More

You should keep performing the steps until you are satisfied with the outcomes, at which point you should click the save button.

That wraps it up! You’ve made a menu with a drop-down selection, but hold on a second! You will, of course, need to include it in the user interface.

It is important to note that the main menu component in a theme can be replaced with the new drop-down menu that was just constructed, but in an ideal situation, we want to add the new drop-down to the existing main menu, or we want to replace it.

Add a main menu drop-down in Shopify  


Go to Online Store > Navigation in the Admin section of your Shopify account.

To access your primary menu, select its label.

You can select from the available menu items to serve as the header for your drop-down menu or add a new menu item specifically for that purpose. When you add the menu item, you can enter the number # in the Link field if you do not want the header to link to any other page.

Include the following items on the menu in the new drop-down menu that you created. To create a new menu item, select the Add menu item option, type in the name of the new menu item, and type in or select a destination for the link.

To move the menu items below the header item, click and drag them in that direction.

Click the Save menu.

How to add, remove, or change menu links in shopify?

You will need to navigate to the Shopify Admin Panel to make any modifications to the menu or the links. On the navigation page, you’ll find all of the menus, as well as the links that are contained within each menu. On your Shopify website, the links are shown in the order in which they are placed within the menu.

The following are the actions that can be taken from the navigation page:

  • You have the option of adding a link to the menu.
  • You can take away a link from the menu.
  • You can change the name of the link that appears in the menu.
  • It is possible to rearrange the links in the menu at your discretion.

How to add a menu link in shopify?

  • Log in to your Shopify account, navigate to the “Online Store” tab, and select “Navigation” from the drop-down menu.
  • To make changes to a menu, go to the “Navigation Page” and click the menu name you wish to change.
  • After that, select the Add menu item option.
  • A new menu item will appear after clicking the add menu item button. There will be two fields, the first of which is the name field; enter the name you want to add to this form, and it will be displayed in your menu. Once you click on the add menu item button, a new menu item will appear.
  • Please select the type of link you want to use from the option that drops down.
  • There will be a pull-down menu that appears in front of the link box for each Collection, Product, Page, and Blog. Please make your selection from the appropriate dropdown menu to select the precise location.
  • If you want to open any web address, a text field will show up that requires you to input the destination URL of the webpage you want to open.
  • When you are finished, make sure to save the menu.

How to delete a link from the menu in shopify?

  • Go to the “Online Store” section of your Shopify admin panel, click on “Navigation,” and then click “Online Store” again.
  • Choose the name of the menu containing the link you wish to remove, then click the Delete button.
  • A trash can icon, which allows you to delete links, can be found in the section for menu items on your computer.
  • Please click the save button once you have removed the link.

How to change the link name

  • Sign in to the Shopify admin interface, navigate to your “Online Store,” and select “Navigation” from the drop-down menu.
  • Please select the menu from the drop-down list to change the link’s name.
  • You can alter the link in the menu item section that you want to edit by selecting the text field and entering the new name you want to keep for the link. You can save your changes by clicking the Save button.
  • Please remember to click the save button once you have finished the steps above.

How to reorder menu links

  • Sign in to the Shopify admin interface, navigate to your “Online Store,” and select “Navigation” from the drop-down menu.
  • Please click on the menu in the upper left-hand corner to rearrange the links.
  • After you have entered the section containing the menu items, the order of the links will remain the same as when they are presented. To alter the order of the link, you have to click and hold the handle symbol next to it, then drag it to the new location. This may be done in either the upward or downward direction.
  • After you have finished the instructions in the previous paragraph, kindly click the save button.


In conclusion, this piece of writing provides instructions on how to add a drop-down menu to Shopify’s main menu. You may alter the menu that appears by default for most themes, which means you can regularly practice what you’ve learned in this section. I hope that you like reading this post and that you find it to be helpful.  Weirdnewsera that you might not find any other platform which gives you all content about health sports business technology and entertainment. 


How do you make a dropdown menu?

A drop-down menu can be generated with the select> element. The select> part is typically used in a form to capture user information. After submitting a form, you can refer to its contents using the name attribute (if you omit the name attribute, no data from the drop-down list will be submitted).

Where can I find the dropdown menu?

The keyboard shortcuts for utilizing a drop-down menu. You can select an item from a drop-down menu using the Tab key. The up and down arrow keys will allow you to browse the available choices once you have chosen them.

What is a button with a drop-down menu?

Drop-down menus are a simple way to present multiple selections. One option, such as “File,” “Edit,” or “View,” is shown at first. If the user selects it, additional options will appear under that heading.

How come we utilize a drop-down menu?

Users will appreciate drop-down menus’ availability, allowing them to easily navigate your site’s information without having to scroll continuously. Drop-down menus allow visitors to large websites to bypass multiple layers of navigation and quickly access the data they’re looking for.