How To Add Acorn TV To Amazon Prime?


How To Add Acorn TV To Amazon Prime? Acorn TV is a paid subscription streaming video service that focuses on providing users with television programs from the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Canada, Australia, and a few other countries. When most people think of purchasing subscriptions to premium TV channels, it’s unlikely that Amazon comes to mind. Amazon Prime Video is a wonderful choice if you want to watch all of your favorite premium channels in one convenient location as more and more people are ditching their cable subscriptions in favor of streaming options. You may add premium networks like HBO and Showtime to Amazon’s already extensive selection if you have an existing account for the company’s Prime service.

The addition of premium channels to your Amazon Prime subscription can be accomplished by following these instructions.

How To Add Acorn TV To Amazon Prime?

Move your mouse pointer to the top right corner of the screen, where you’ll find Account & Lists, and then select Sign in.

How To Add Acorn TV To Amazon Prime?

When you go to the page where you can sign in to your Amazon account, enter the username and password for that account. In the event that numerous accounts exist in your home, double-check that you are logged into the one that you intend to stream from.

What Acorn TV offers

The programming that is available on Acorn TV comes from a variety of countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Spain. Additionally, the service provides a significant amount of original mysteries, comedies, dramas, and documentaries. Acorn is constantly increasing the variety of programming it provides; nonetheless, it now licenses shows produced by BBC Studios, ITV, All3Media, and other companies.

People who have traveled to Acorn’s many focus nations will recognize many of the shows that are available on the service, such as “Doc Martin,” “Murdoch Mysteries,” and “A Place to Call Home,” but the company also produces its own original material. “Queens of Mystery,” “Agatha Raisin,” “Loch Ness,” “Striking Out,” and “Detectorists” are some examples of the exclusive shows that have made their debut on the service.

How to subscribe to and watch Acorn TV

By going to the Acorn TV website, you will have the opportunity to directly subscribe to Acorn TV. If you have a subscription to Acorn TV, you can view it on streaming media players like Roku and Fire TV, as well as in a web browser, on a mobile app on your phone or tablet, and on those devices themselves. After you have subscribed to Acorn TV, you will be able to login into the service via its app on whatever streaming device you want. These are the Acorn TV apps that are used the most frequently.

  • Acorn TV on Roku
  • Acorn TV on Fire TV
  • Acorn TV on iOS
  • Acorn TV on Android

There is now the option to subscribe to Acorn through Amazon Prime if you do not own a device that is compatible with the Acorn TV app. The cost of an Acorn subscription is the same regardless of whether you subscribe to Amazon Prime or Amazon Video; however, if you subscribe to Amazon Video, Acorn TV will be included in the channel list that you access through Amazon Video.

You will be taken back to the home page of Select Account & Lists once more to bring up the menu, and after that, pick Your Prime Video from the list.

  • Choose one of the Channels.
  • You will see highlighted content from a selection of the various channels that are accessible on Amazon. There is a more comprehensive list available to look through, even though it’s possible that you’ll locate the channel you’re looking for right away. Simply select the See More option to see the entire list.
  • The channel listing is comprised of several rows of channels that have been arranged into several groups. You may examine additional options and navigate through the categories by using the arrows that are located at the end of each row. Choose the channel that you want to subscribe to.
  • After selecting a channel, Amazon will send you to the page for that channel. A big banner graphic representing your channel is displayed over the top of the page. When you are ready to sign up, choose this option.
  • After selecting a distribution channel, Amazon will bring up a splash page with information pertaining to that channel, including price information. The most significant thing about this page is that it includes a link that allows you to join up for the channel and start your free trial if one is offered. Select Get started with your free trial of seven days.
  • To verify your identity, you will probably be asked to enter your password for the account one more time. You will then be taken to a website that provides information regarding your new subscription. This page will advise you of the cost of the subscription after your trial period has expired, provide additional details regarding the channel, and ask for your billing information.
  • When you are ready, pick the button near the bottom of the page that says Start your free trial.
  • You will now be able to access any of the content on your new channel using any of the devices in your collection that is capable of accessing Amazon Prime Video. Through the Amazon account management page, you will always have access to the option to terminate the channel.

What features are available on Acorn TV?

No Parental Controls.

Acorn TV does not come with any sort of parental restrictions.

There are parental control options available on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount Plus, Peacock, SHOWTIME, and STARZ, among other streaming services.

Up to four separate devices.

You are able to stream on as many as four different devices at once with Acorn TV.

Access to the International Market

When traveling outside of the country, you can continue to watch select programming thanks to Acorn TV.


It is true that original content created specifically for Acorn TV is available through the service. The programs Manhunt (2019), Detectorists (2014), The Nest (2020), and Keeping Faith (2019) are among the approximately 15 that are exclusive to Netflix and cannot be viewed elsewhere (2017).

TV Programs

Acorn TV is best recognized for its documentaries, mysteries, and notably their crime/investigation dramas such as Midsomer Murders (1997), Queens of Mystery (2019), or Line of Duty. In addition to their own original content, Acorn TV is most well-known for these types of programming (2012). Other critically acclaimed dramatic works include George Gently (2005) and The Hour (2011). (2007).


Even though there aren’t nearly as many feature films available on Acorn TV as there are TV shows, you can rest assured that the quality of their films will outweigh the quantity. Michael Caine, David Tennant, and Rebecca Hall are among the notable actors featured in the casts. The films United (2011), The Black Velvet Gown (1993), and Last Love are among the most renowned of her works (2013).


How do I terminate my membership with Acorn TV when I have Amazon Prime?

Regrettably, if you have Amazon Prime, you won’t be able to cancel your Acorn TV subscription. In order for you to cease being charged for Acorn TV, you would first need to terminate your membership with Amazon Prime.

Is it simple to unsubscribe from Acorn TV?

Canceling your subscription to Acorn TV is not an easy task. You can phone them, and they will assist you, but it could take some time before they do so.

How can I terminate my subscription to Acorn TV on my iPhone?

To terminate your subscription to Acorn TV on your iPhone, launch the Settings app first, and then navigate to the App Store. After that, scroll all the way down until you reach the bottom of the website, where you will discover Acorn TV, and then click on it. You will then be sent to a website that provides information about the application, including an option labeled “Cancel Subscription.” If you tap this button, you will immediately stop being charged for using Acorn TV.

What are the steps I need to take to cancel Acorn TV on Amazon Prime UK?

You can manage your subscription by going to the “Your Account” page, clicking on “Subscriptions,” and then clicking on the link that says “Manage Your Subscription.” After then, a list of all of your subscriptions will appear before you. Simply select “Cancel Subscription” after clicking on the Acorn TV subscription you want to cancel.

What are the steps to deleting my Acorn account?

Visit the “Settings” tab located at the upper left of the webpage in order to remove your Acorn account. After selecting “Account Settings,” the next step is to click the “Delete Account” button. You’ll then be taken to a screen where you can confirm that you want to remove your account by clicking the button that says “Yes, delete my Acorn account.”

Is Acorn a part of Amazon Prime’s membership offerings?

Acorn is, in fact, a part of Amazon Prime membership.

I’d like to withdraw some money from my Acorn account.

At this time, Acorn does not provide any means through which you can withdraw money from your account. You have the option of withdrawing your funds in the form of a gift card, such as one for Amazon or Target.

Where can I find my account on an acorn?

You probably want to utilize the Acorn app, which is why you’re looking for your Acorn account information in the first place. In that case, you may get the Acorn app for your phone, log in using your email address and password, and start investing right away.

How much time is required to terminate the Acorns account?

Your Acorns account can be terminated in a little over a minute at most. You can close your account by logging into it and selecting the “Close Account” button from the menu.

How can I terminate my subscription to Acorn TV with Comcast?

If you are a customer of Comcast, you will need to make direct contact with the company.


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