How to add gifs to the Shopify homepage A Brief note


How to add gifs to the Shopify homepage?A Brief note

This is a joint inquiry from those who want to improve the quality of their product pages by including more details and images.

The short answer is “yes,” and you can utilize GIFs. This post is a concise tutorial that will get you started using GIFs immediately.

Animated GIFs may be added to product pages in most Shopify layouts. It is common to practice to utilize these to present a “360 view” of a product.

When done right, they may be works of art. It’s the next best thing to being able to handle and use your product, and it showcases it in all its glory.

Do you remember the adage, “ownership is 9/10s of the law?” Animated GIFs are the next best thing for e-commerce, and Shopify is taking advantage of this by including them on product pages.

Why use animated Gifs in Shopify?

A GIF is an image file that can continuously play a series of images. It looks and acts like a still picture, but it’s a short video clip.

You can watch it without a media player, and there are no buttons to pause or skip through the content.

These are essential considerations, as a Shopify consumer will be compelled to watch any Gif animations included on a page promoting a product.

The amount of attention that gifs receive is astounding. This is instantaneous, unlike videos, which need the user to click “play” and then “wait” as the content loads.

A single Gif image can convey a complete narrative and show off your product’s features in just a few seconds.

Due to human laziness, most of us only scan what we read. If you only use words and pictures to sell your product, they will likely miss its many advantages.After reading this article, you should now be familiar with Shopify’s six straightforward procedures for adding shopify menu items.

How to add gifs to the Shopify homepage?

With Shopify, you can add motion to your product pages by uploading a gif. When compared to your Shopify rivals, this is a game-changer.

It’s an option if you don’t want to use video on your sales site. With this brief guide, I’ll show you every step of the process.It is vital to add menu items in Shopify to simplify the process of navigating and dramatically improve the quality of the user experience when using the site. You can get more information about How to add a drop-down menu in Shopify?

If you still need a GIF image, the first section will show you how to generate and upload one. Last but not least, I explain how to include it in the article’s second half.

Create a Shopify GIF

To begin making your GIF animation on your Shopify product page, head over to the Gifrun website. Use this website to make a GIF animation from any video you find on social media platforms, including YouTube, Tik Tok, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter.

Video captured on your computer can be converted into a GIF by uploading it to one of these sites. Once it’s finished, copy the link and paste it into Gifrun.

When ready, hit “GET VIDEO” after pasting your URL. It’s possible to create a GIF from a video clip by selecting a specific segment (up to 10 seconds in length).

After picking out your frames, hit “CREATE GIF,” then save the file by clicking “DOWNLOAD.”

Once the file has been successfully downloaded to your computer, I will show you how to quickly and effortlessly upload it to your Shopify product page.

Add a GIF to your Shopify product page

You may easily upload a gif from your PC to a Shopify product page.

To upload a GIF to a specific product in your Shopify store, simply navigate to the “product” section of the admin interface and make your selection.

The embedding of the GIF is as simple as pointing and clicking once you have chosen your product and entered the description editor. When you’re ready, select the picture-add button.

Next, choose the GIF you want to upload by clicking the “download a file” button. Once it has been uploaded to your Shopify account, select the image and click “Insert Image.”

Shopify accepts compressed animated GIFs

If you’re still having problems after Shopify added native support for this feature on May 3, 2022, try the instructions below.

While you know speed is vital to your clients, your original animated GIF is too huge of a file. Well, you tried compressing it, but now Shopify claims your file is corrupt.

To add a compressed animated GIF to Shopify, follow these steps:

  1. To fix your zipped GIF, go to and follow the instructions.
  2. Choose Gifsicle unoptimized from the repair technique drop-down.
  3. Just fill out the form and save your new GIF.
  4. Put this new GIF on your Shopify.

You can do these things after you’ve optimized your GIF, and they shouldn’t significantly increase your file size.

Benefits of adding videos to Shopify

There is a growing need for hands-on product demos before making a purchase. The divide between the online and offline worlds can be narrowed with the aid of video marketing.

According to a poll by RetailDive, customers prefer shopping at physical stores over buying online since they can examine the goods up close. However, the ease of online buying is a significant draw.

Using video marketing to keep consumers engaged in online purchasing has enormous potential benefits.

Represents the retail experience

Even the most professionally shot product images, with a compelling backdrop, beautiful natural light, and a high-definition camera, are just snapshots of an object that exists in a dynamic, three-dimensional environment.

Videos can animate their subjects

That’s the closest we can get to being there in the digital realm (outside of the added dimensionality of virtual reality or even augmented reality). if you want to get information about How To Add Menu Items In Shopify Store Step By Step Process? you must click on this link.

Using video to market, your product can increase interest and sales.

Customers will likely skim your product descriptions and photographs, but a movie will give them a more in-depth look at your offer.

Improve conversion rates

Including videos on your Shopify product pages increases visitors’ likelihood of buying. Increase your average order value (AOV) by showcasing your product’s advantages.

A recent poll by Animoto found that 96 percent of internet shoppers use product videos to assist them in making a buying decision.

According to the same survey, three-quarters of American consumers are more likely to buy after watching a product video.

Avoid ecommerce returns

Better yet, if you display product information clearly, you’ll have a lower rate of returns.

Twenty-two percent of respondents in one poll listed “product appearance” as why they sent an item back.

Furthermore, the return rate for internet purchases is 30% or higher when it is less than 10% for traditional businesses.

When customers have access to an exhaustive visual explanation of your goods, they are less likely to request a refund.

Brands can benefit from UGC by providing customers with a more in-depth look at their items.

You don’t even have to create the images or movies yourself (yay)!

Boost SEO

Customers tend to spend more time on shopping pages that have videos.

Search engines use metrics like time on page to determine which pages are most relevant to users’ queries.

Search engine rankings can be improved if visitors stay on your product page rather than clicking away to Google.

But there’s more to Google’s search results than just the pages on your site. The best video search engine optimization can help get your brand’s YouTube videos to the top of search results.

On top of that, your devoted clientele can help spread the news by sharing your films.

Be distinct

A quick search will reveal that many online stores don’t use video to highlight the unique qualities of their wares. This is a boon for stores that use video marketing.

Online shoppers’ preferences depend on differentiation

There is always a plethora of different shops out there offering the same goods you do. The most excellent tactic is to raise your profile above the competition. You can accomplish this with a video.

Your videos can provide an edge in a market where language and photos can only communicate part of the story.

How can I add an image to Shopify?

  • Proceed to the Products section of your Shopify admin.
  • Simply select the product whose details you wish to change and then click its name.
  • To assign an image to a particular variant, navigate to the Variants section and click on the image icon.
  • Choose an image for the product you want to post or click the “Add image” button to upload a new idea.
  • Select the Save option.

What is the size of the Shopify collection banner image?

In addition, a collection banner for use on collection pages is included in many Shopify themes. You can use a different image for each, or you can use the same image throughout. These kinds of photos are subject to size restrictions, too. The recommended dimensions for the width of Shopify collection banners are 2800 pixels and at least 1000 pixels for the height.

Reasons to add Shopify store homepage videos

Even though it is one of the most underappreciated methods for increasing E-commerce revenue, videos should be considered. Especially in highly competitive fields, the lack of video on Shopify pages ignores human nature. Let’s find ways to boost your business utilizing this simple yet effective strategy if your company’s consumer base has remained stable for a long time.

Nearly half of all Amazon customers ready to buy go straight to the product pages, where videos are integrated into the design. Animoto also found that 96% of customers are more likely to shop at a business that offers video demonstrations since it helps them make more informed purchases. Also, a RetailDive survey found that customers are more likely to choose an in-store experience over an online one because of the ability to see, touch, and feel the products.

Humans are naturally curious creatures who like to learn as much as they can about a product before committing to buying it. If you want your online shoppers to feel good about the products they buy from you, you need to appeal to their emotions. Adding video to a Shopify store is a great way to improve the convenience and effectiveness of online shopping.

How to create a Shopify product gallery video

Simply navigate to your gallery’s Media section, find where you’d like to add the video and select Add from the URL. Add the source video’s URL here (no embed code needed).

The video can then be moved to any position in the gallery. Moving it to the first position in the gallery would bring it to the forefront.

Once you’ve made the necessary edits, save the page.

Video in Your Shopify Product Description

There are now two options for including a video with your product description. You can follow the same procedures using the rich text editor I described.

You may also use the “split” command in HTML code to achieve the same effect. To accomplish this, select Show HTML by clicking the >.

Following the text detailing the product, type!- split -> and the embed code for the video you want to show.

Before you know it, your video will be a part of your product description on your saved product page!

Adding videos to Shopify via the dashboard isn’t rocket science, but it’s also not a walk in the park (hence this whole blog post).

However, there is a more straightforward approach.


The user experience can be significantly improved by including a video on your homepage created with Shopify. It can assist you in creating a page that is more visually appealing, engaging customers, and in promoting items or services—spending the effort to carefully select the Shopify videos that will appear on your Shopify homepage will, in the long run.

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How Do I Add It Shopify Product Page Video?

Show potential buyers how your products will be used by embedding videos on your Shopify store’s product pages. Depending on the type of video you’re using, you can add it to your product pages in a few different ways. Embedding a video onto a product page is ideal for showcasing a promotional movie or product demo.

How to Add Videos to Shopify’s Homepage?

Including videos on the first page of your Shopify store is a fantastic way to catch the attention of potential customers and give them a more personal shopping experience. Including videos on your homepage may be done in a few different ways, each with its benefits. The default video player is the initial option for embedding video on your homepage.

How Do I Upload a Video to Shopify?

A movie embedded into your Shopify theme can keep your visitors interested and give them a better sense of what they’ll find when they shop with you. You can include videos into your Shopify theme in several methods, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Posting a video to Shopify without any intermediate platforms The first and simplest option is to submit the video file straight to your Shopify theme.

How Can I Include a Video in My Shopify Gallery?

Including a video in your Shopify gallery is a fantastic way to get your customers interested in your products and give them a more comprehensive look at what you offer. 

Can I Add an MP4 Video to My Shopify Homepage?

Introducing an MP4 video to your Shopify storefront can be accomplished in two ways. You can either use the default video player or download a different player from another source. Video playback may be accessed directly from your Shopify backend’s “Media” area.

Can Shopify Product Pages Have Videos?

Videos embedded on Shopify product pages allow you to give customers a firsthand look at your wares in action, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase. Shopify has a built-in video player, or you can embed videos from services like YouTube and Vimeo onto your product pages. Shopify’s built-in video player makes embedding video on product pages easy. 

How Do I Make a Shopify Video?

Making a video for your Shopify store As a robust e-commerce platform, Shopify allows companies of any size to offer products and services online. Including a video in your Shopify store is a breeze. Thanks to Shopify’s in-built video player, uploading and embedding videos on Shopify’s product pages and blog posts is a breeze.