How To Add Spectrum App To Vizio TV?


How To Add Spectrum App To Vizio TV? The Spectrum streaming service was a part of the package deal that includes my internet and TV connection from Spectrum that I had signed up for.

I was able to view stuff from it on my primary Google TV, and I was curious about whether or not I could get it on my Vizio TV in the basement.

In this way, if I needed to get something to eat while still keeping up with everything else going on, I would have quick and simple access to the kitchen.

I did some research on the capabilities of SmartCastOS, which is Vizio’s TV operating system, as well as the applications that are compatible with it.

My experience with Vizio support was really beneficial in obtaining additional information, and I invested a significant amount of time reading through a large number of forum posts in an effort to acquire additional details.

How To Add Spectrum App To Vizio TV?

After conducting some research for a couple of hours, I was able to locate quite a deal of information regarding the Spectrum app and Vizio’s SmartCast OS.

Because I consistently came across material that was either lacking or ambiguous regarding this topic, I decided to write this post in order to compile all of the relevant data.

When you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll be fully informed about the SmartCastOS compatibility of Vizio TVs and any other relevant information.

How To Add Spectrum App To Vizio TV?

To receive the Spectrum TV app on your Vizio TV, you will need to mirror the Spectrum TV app from your phone or computer to your TV. This may be done by following the instructions found here.

Continue reading to learn how to get around the issue that Vizio TVs are not compatible with the Spectrum app in its native state and how to do so.

Which Vizio TV Model Do I Have?

You will need to know the model of your Vizio TV in order to determine whether or not it is compatible with the Spectrum TV app.

Once you have that information, you will need to determine whether or not the TV was manufactured in 2018 or later, as only those TVs are compatible with the Spectrum TV app.

To determine the model number of your Vizio television, please:


  1. Start up the television.
  2. To access the menu, press the button labeled Menu on the remote.
  3. Go to either the Help or System menu.
  4. Choose the System Information option.
  5. The model number is clearly displayed next to the label that bears the model number. Before you switch off the television, jot this down for your records.

If you still have the packing for the television, you can look for the model number on the back of the box.

Which Vizio TV Models Support the Spectrum App

It is important to know the model of Vizio TV you have in order to establish whether or not your TV is compatible with the Spectrum app because not all Vizio TVs support the app.

In order for the Spectrum app to function properly on your Vizio TV, your Vizio TV must-have Chromecast built-in, which is the case for Vizio TVs that are more recent.

Because you’ll need to cast the Spectrum app from your phone or computer to your TV, you’ll need support for Chromecast. You can cast the app from either device.

SmartCast is compatible with all of the newest Vizio TVs, including the V-, M-, and P-series models, as well as the OLED TV.

Your television is compatible with SmartCast if its remote control has a button labeled “V” on it.

If you bought your TV brand new after the year 2016, there is a very good probability that it is compatible with Vizio’s SmartCast platform. This is because SmartCast TVs were first introduced by Vizio in 2016.

Using SmartCast, you can turn your Vizio TV into a Chromecast and stream virtually anything from your mobile device to your home television.

Prerequisites to Installing the Spectrum App

You will first need to ensure that you satisfy some of the conditions for the Spectrum app on your television before you can use SmartCast to download the app onto your television.

First things first, check that you have a reliable internet connection and that your Wi-Fi signal is reliable.

Since you will be casting the Spectrum app over your Wi-Fi network, it is important that the phone or other device that you will be casting from is located in close proximity to the Wi-Fi router in order to get the greatest signal possible.

Because the Spectrum app requires streaming content, you will also need to ensure that you have a reliable internet connection.

If your connection is unstable, you may experience frequent buffering, and the broadcast may even stop completely at times.

Before you begin casting, you need to be sure that these two prerequisites have been met.

Install the Spectrum App from the Play Store

Before you can begin casting content to your Vizio TV from your phone, the Spectrum app will first need to be downloaded and installed on your mobile device.

To accomplish this:

  1. Launch the Google Play store application on your mobile device.
  2. You can locate the Spectrum app by typing its name into the search field.
  3. After tapping the Install button, you will need to wait for the program to finish installing.
  4. Use the credentials associated with your Spectrum account to sign in to the app.
  5. After you have downloaded the app and logged into your account, you will be able to begin streaming content to your television.


Cast Spectrum TV from an Android Device to Vizio TV

You can now continue on to the next step, which is setting up the Spectrum app so that it streams to your TV.

When you do this, everything is displayed on the screen of your phone, as well as whatever you view when using the Spectrum app on your phone, will be displayed on your TV.

Follow these steps on your Vizio TV to cast the Spectrum TV app:

  1. Check to see that both your television and your mobile phone are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Launch the Google Home app on the mobile device you’re using.
  3. Select your Vizio TV from the list of connected devices and tap it.
  4. By hitting the cast button on your phone, you can cast what’s on your screen to your TV.
  5. You can begin playing content on your phone by opening the Spectrum app and tapping the “Play” button. It will appear on your TV as though it were mirrored.


Cast Spectrum TV from a PC to Vizio TV

If you primarily use the Spectrum app or if you don’t have access to your phone, you can also perform the same action on your computer.

To accomplish this:

  • Ensure that the most recent version of Google Chrome is installed on your computer and that it has been updated.
  • Launch the Google Chrome browser.
  • Launch the Google Home app and sign in with the same account you used there.
  • To proceed, select the “three dots” option located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Cast your vote.
  • Make a selection of the available devices using your Vizio TV.
  • You can play the content you want to watch by going to the Spectrum streaming website and playing it.


Spectrum TV Subscription Plans

With any of the Spectrum plans that you can subscribe to, you will be able to use the Spectrum app to watch videos.

When it comes to their television services, however, higher-tier packages provide access to a greater number of channels than lower-tier packages do.

Spectrum TV Select, the entry-level package, costs $45 per month and provides access to 125 channels; Spectrum TV Silver, the intermediate package, costs $70 per month and provides access to 175 channels.

The most expensive option, Spectrum TV Gold, costs $90 a month and includes more than 200 channels.

All of these packages come standard with Spectrum’s streaming services, which you can access through their mobile app.

Remember that the availability of plans is dependent on where you are located; therefore, you should contact Spectrum in order to find out what plans are available in your area.

Alternatives to the Spectrum App


There is an abundance of alternative streaming services that you can switch to if you do not enjoy Spectrum Originals programming.

Some of these have more content than the streaming service offered by Spectrum, and some of them even feature exclusive shows that are regarded as being of higher quality.

Netflix is the ideal option since it has an ever-expanding repertoire that allows it to provide practically any show you might possibly want to watch, and its original content is superior to that of most other streaming services’ offerings.

There are a couple of alternatives to Spectrum’s streaming service, however, HBO Max and Disney+ put more of an emphasis on HBO and Disney content, respectively.

Amazon Prime Video is another excellent option because it has an extensive collection of both original and licensed titles that can be seen at any time.

Because each of these applications runs natively on your Vizio TV, you won’t need to cast the screen of your phone or computer in order to watch content on your television.

Final Thoughts


The Spectrum app is continually introducing new material, but unfortunately, it is not compatible with every TV on the market.

Support is provided for the vast majority of smart TV operating systems, including Google TV and Samsung’s Tizen, but it does not extend to the less well-known brands.

If your Vizio TV is an older model, you may want to consider replacing it with one that is not manufactured by Vizio. On the other hand, if you are interested in having access to as many smart TV apps as possible, I would not advocate purchasing a Vizio TV.

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