How To Change Source On Samsung TV Without Remote


How To Change Source On Samsung TV Without Remote: Modern televisions are capable of displaying video from a wide variety of signal sources. For instance, cable TV, satellite TV, the HDMI signal, and the numerous protocols used for video transmission via computer networks. Obviously, each and every one of these outputs can also be found on a current Samsung TV.

How To Change Source On Samsung TV Without Remote

If you have a TV that was manufactured after the year 2020, it may have ALLM technology and automatic HDMI signal detection. When you turn on ALLM mode, the TV will automatically detect the signal and switch to play video from HDMI. Switching between other signal sources, on the other hand, must be done manually. Using the controls on your TV, I will now explain how you can accomplish this task, either with or without the use of the remote control.

How To Change Source On Samsung TV Without Remote

The settings for switching between signal sources are essentially the same across all brands and models of televisions; however, the user interface may look slightly different depending on the particular software version used.

What do I need to change the input source in Samsung TV

It is already very challenging to conceive a contemporary home that does not have at least one high-quality television in the living room. It has, for a very long time, been a standard component of any house. A spot where you may go to unwind after a hard day at work, watch your go-to program, hang out with your loved ones, or do something like play video games on your home console, for instance.

It should come as no surprise that there is a significant increase in demand for television. Many businesses are exploring the possibility of entering this market in an effort to maximize their profits. This is the reason why there are thousands of distinct models available for purchase today, each of which was produced by a separate company. There are a greater number of successful enterprises than there were previously. The name Samsung is prominently displayed on their background. They are a major player in the TV manufacturing industry.

Their products stand out from the competition due to the high quality of their construction and the premium components they use, in addition to their robust hardware and extensive feature sets. The Samsung QN85B, QN90B, and QN95B televisions, for instance, are among the most cutting-edge models in the company’s collection.

However, any TV must have a minimum amount of features in order to function properly. These features include popular ports like as HDMI and USB connections, as well as TV ports and other types of connectors. A significant number of customers are confused about how to navigate between them on various kinds of TV. Due to the fact that both the functioning and the design of TVs and remote controls have undergone substantial changes over the course of time.

How to change the source on Samsung TV with remote

The ability to switch the source with the remote control is a handy and convenient feature. The primary method for controlling your TV is through the use of the remote control. Since the manufacturer probably thought of that, the button to choose the source should be on the remote control.

The fact of the matter is that over the course of time, technological advances have occurred, and in conjunction with these advancements, Samsung TV remote controls have also evolved. Some of the modifications were brought about by a redesign, while others were the result of an expansion in the capabilities of the television, which necessitated the addition of new buttons to the remote control in order to properly operate the device.

In addition to that, a variety of nifty features started to become available on newer types of remote controls. For instance, solar panels have been integrated into the most recent Samsung remote controls.

How to change the source on older Samsung TVs using a standard remote

Older televisions, as well as televisions that can only be operated through the use of a conventional remote, make use of a more basic operating system. As a result, the amount of visual interface that is displayed on the TV screen has been reduced. Take the remote control and look at the top right corner; there is a button labeled Source; push this button to select the source of the signal. This button can be found on Smart remote controllers as well as traditional remote controls. This is the logo for switching the input source on the television, and it may just look like a square with an arrow going inward at times.

When you press the button, the menu that allows you to change the TV source will appear. You can access this menu by scrolling to the very top of the screen. You have around six seconds to begin using the menu after it has been displayed; if you do not, the menu will disappear. However, you can always bring up the menu again by hitting the Source button once more. On some remotes, there is additionally a button labeled HDMI that, when pressed, brings up a menu of all the active HDMI sources.

You can choose the source you want to watch by pressing the left and right buttons on the remote, and then pressing the center input button. The signal will begin to be received on the TV from the chosen source after the switch is made.

Utilizing the source button on your Samsung TV is the simplest and most straightforward method for changing the source of the input signal.

All Samsung TV remotes have this button positioned in the upper right corner of the device (just beside the power button).

When you press the source button, the screen will show you all of the different input options that are currently accessible.

You can scroll to the choice you desire using the D-pad that is located on your remote control. When you have decided whatever option you wish to go with, press the OK button.

In most cases, inactive sources are highlighted in gray for the purpose of making selection easier, whereas active sources are highlighted in a hue that is more vibrant.

How to change the source in older models of Samsung Smart TVs using the remote control

Since the commencement of manufacture of Samsung Smart TVs, there have been various different types of remote controls; nonetheless, the Source button can be found on each and every Smart TV. As a general rule, the button may be found at the very top of the screen; also, because it is clearly labeled, it is not difficult to discover. After hitting the button on the remote control, you will be taken to a menu that allows you to select the source of the signal. Depending on the version of the program that you are using, the appearance of the menu may vary slightly, but the basic functionality will remain the same.

The Samsung Smart TV came with a lot of new functions, which resulted in the remote controls being designed differently. Although it was not to everyone’s preference, one of these advances in the new TVs can be dubbed Forced Ads. However, for the firm, it was a good method to monetize the product, thus it was included.

How to change the signal source on any of the new Samsung TV models released in 2016 using either the regular or the Smart remote control.

Because the processors in the most recent iterations of Smart TVs are more capable, the menu now features more animated elements. The order in which you select sources is also a little bit different, and the One remote that came with the 2016 TVs (K, M, N, R, T, A, and QLED series) does not have a button labeled Source. If you are using a standard remote, you can access the menu for choosing the source by pressing the button labeled “Source.”

How to switch the input on a Samsung TV when you don’t have the remote.

Now, let’s talk about how to change the source of the signal if you don’t have the remote control. The controls for the TV are located on the body of the television itself. It’s possible that these are joysticks or buttons, depending on the model. You can change the signal source by pushing the button labeled “source” or “menu” if your television has buttons; these buttons are often found on the side of the television.

Most modern televisions come equipped with a control known as a joystick. This control may typically be found on the base of the television, and quite frequently it is positioned next to the manufacturer’s logo. Follow these steps if you want to change where the signal is coming from.

  • Press the button to open the TV menu, just like pressing the menu button on the remote control.
  • Next, move the joystick to the left to select the source change mode in the menu.
  • After that press the joystick to open the list of external sources.
  • Select the desired source.
  • At the end press the joystick button.


The TV switches to the selected source.

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