Easy Step How to get customers for your cleaning business


It doesn’t matter what kind of cleaning company you run; you can expand your clientele and ensure the satisfaction of those you already have without blowing your financial plan.

A cleaning service can result in enormous profits if you have sufficient customers. But how exactly do you locate these customers? And when you do, what strategies do you use to persuade them that the services you offer are the best solution to their problems? How to get customers for your cleaning business?

Even if it is possible to start a cleaning business with low initial investment, acquiring and retaining customers is one of the most challenging tasks for proprietors of small businesses in any sector. Increasing the size of your consumer base takes time and work, but it typically does not need a significant financial investment on your part.

How to find your first cleaning client?

Starting a cleaning service is a huge undertaking, and one is how you will acquire your first cleaning client. This is the procedure to follow:

  1. Identify your ideal clients. Find out who your most valuable customers are going to be. Be as specific as possible, including age, gender, family status, neighborhood, type of home, and habits when browsing the internet. 
  2. Pick a specialized area for your service. Choose a service specialization that is distinct from those of your competitors. Yours could be the variety of cleaning services you provide, the fact that your company is licensed and bonded, or the cleaning materials you use (especially if they are environmentally friendly cleaning goods).
  3. Find people who need cleaning. Contacting residents who need your cleaning services and spreading the word about your company is an effective way to promote it. Have conversations with your family and friends, post in neighborhood groups on Nextdoor or Facebook, and hand out business cards at the grocery store in your neighborhood.
  4. Send precise estimates. As soon as a potential customer approaches you, you should schedule a tour of their residence. During this visit, you should ask questions to understand better the client’s requirements, expectations, and financial constraints. Following that, compile an estimate including the costs of your house cleaning services, and be sure to provide the forecast no later than 24–48 hours after your walkthrough.
  5. Provide outstanding service. You may maintain their satisfaction and expand your cleaning business by providing excellent customer service to your patrons. Sending “on-my-way” SMS before visits, using house cleaning checklists to help you do thorough job, and using a cleaning CRM to organize client files and allow clients to pay payments online are great ways to differentiate yourself from the competition.

How can a cleaning business attract new customers?

Promoting your cleaning service through other methods is still beneficial, even if you have a specific budget for advertising it. You can get more information abut about cleaning business. You can attempt to obtain extra exposure by:

Online marketing for your business

Establishing a digital presence is essential to expanding your customer base, regardless of whether your cleaning business was established yesterday or has been in operation for decades.

Establishing an essential website with low-cost tools like WordPress or Wix is simple. Some plans include facilities for designing company logos, evaluating the behavior of website visitors, and purchasing online advertisements.

If your finances allow it, you can hire a professional web developer to construct a website for you and optimize it for search engine results.

Because social media platforms are so effective for business promotion, you must, at the very least, create a Facebook page for your company. Facebook’s advertising features allow you to target businesses and consumers based on location, age, occupation, and various other parameters, and creating a Facebook business page does not cost anything.

Find out who your best clients are

To start bringing in new customers for your commercial cleaning business, you must first determine who your ideal customer is. The most excellent way to find work is to avoid wandering around town looking for companies to approach and then ask them if they have any openings.

The vast majority of people make the error of thinking they can market to everyone. When you sell to everyone, you end up marketing to no one in particular, even though this could initially seem like a fantastic plan.

You need to have solid understanding of your potential commercial cleaning customers before you prospect for new business. Where do they experience the most discomfort, the most pressing issues they face, what questions do they have about the services you provide, and what are their objectives?

You need to perform some investigation to find out what those things are if you have yet to become familiar with them. Positioning your business so potential customers can see what’s in it for them rather than what’s in it for you is a significant part of attracting commercial cleaning clients without appearing desperate. People are interested in something other than how unique your company is or how long you’ve been in business; instead, they care about the benefits they will obtain from using your service. These things are essential, but you have to frame them regarding the benefits they provide to your customers.

Social Media

Maintaining a powerful web presence is another way to get new cleaning clients quickly. A website that attracts customers’ attention and describes your services is critical. Still, social media may disperse information about your services all over the internet in entertaining and unique ways.

One of benefits of using social media is the abundance of different communication channels available to you. You can post video blogs on YouTube about your day-to-day work activities or publish photographs on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. You may also communicate directly with your followers, and they can do the same with you thanks to the direct messaging tool available on most social media platforms.

Keep in mind the locations where you believe you will have the most success in reaching your customers. It is possible that it is optional to build a page on a particular social media outlet if the majority of your clientele does not use that specific platform.

Determine how frequently you want to release new content to maintain the vibrancy of your online presence. While some companies make a concerted effort to publish fresh content on their websites daily, others may limit themselves to doing so only twice or three times per week. In any case, uploading new content consistently helps keep your company’s brand in the minds of your fans.

Network at local networking events and groups

As the old saying goes, it’s not what you know, rather who you know that count. You may meet people with the necessary connections to assist you in gaining a commercial cleaning business without appearing desperate by participating in networking events and clubs. These are fantastic places to meet people.

The Chamber of Commerce is an excellent organization that you should consider joining. The activities hosted by the Chamber of Commerce are typically well attended by community leaders as well as proprietors of local businesses. The individuals in charge of the cleaning contracts or who can point you in the direction of those individuals may be present at these events.

The majority of chambers of commerce also offers ambassador programs. This organization acts as a sort of greeting committee for new members. As such, its members can call new members and welcome them while also introducing their own companies.

In most cases, ambassadors will be highly engaged within the community, making them excellent networking candidates.

Make a list of your ideal clients

You should begin by compiling a list of potential customers to get started. It would be nice if you could think of specific companies and businesses, but you could also choose some basic categories instead.

Places such as schools, medical and dental offices, office buildings, government buildings, and even churches are some of the best solutions available. These are just few of the many possibilities.

Using Google as a tool, you can identify local businesses in your area to add to your prospect list while developing your list overall. If you go to Google Maps and type in something like “doctor’s office near me,” you will get a list of locations close to you that would be good possibilities for those looking to become clients. 

Set up a tour and ask insightful questions

After you have positioned the benefits that your cleaning company provides and set up a call with the decision-makers, you will want to schedule a walkthrough of their facilities. You can further design a tailored plan for your new potential client using this information.

People quickly criticize the present cleaning company responsible for that business, which is a common mistake. You need to steer clear of this one thing and instead concentrate on uncovering other sore spots or problems that the company is coping with through inquiring about them and asking questions.

  • A question like “what are the pricing points you are hoping to hit for your cleaning budget?” might be an excellent one to pose.
  • “with the cleaning firm that you currently work with, what are the top three things you wish you could change?”

During this process stage, the best response you could get from a potential customer would be, “Nobody’s ever asked me that before,” he said. When you receive that reaction, it demonstrates that you are interested in their business and their demands, and it is an excellent method to convince them to hire your company for their cleaning contract.

Your cleaning company should be covered by insurance

The presence of insurance in your cleaning firm not only satisfies the requirements of specific large commercial clients who must see proof of coverage before signing a contract with you, but it also demonstrates to other clients that you run a reliable and professional business.

Accidents, unsatisfied customers, and legal action are all potential threats to the viability of your cleaning firm. Companies that clean homes and offices generally acquire some combination of the following insurance policies:

Insurance against general liability: General liability insurance is essential for cleaning companies because it covers medical expenses and property damage claims if a customer sustains an injury due to the company’s negligence.

If one of your workers steals money or property from a customer, janitorial bonds protect you financially.

Workers’ compensation insurance: As soon as your cleaning company hires its first employee, most states require you to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. This type of insurance reimburses injured workers for lost wages and pays their medical bills if injured on the job.

Insurance for commercial vehicles: If you are driving for business and are involved in an accident, your vehicle insurance policy may not cover the damages. Commercial auto insurance protects automobiles titled to enterprises. In contrast, hired and non-owned auto insurance (HNOA) protects employees if they are involved in an accident while driving their vehicles for work-related purposes.

How to get customers for your cleaning business? 

The following is the formula for successful marketing:

  1. Take a strategic approach to managing your brand.
  2. Gain an understanding of the three pillars that support successful marketing.
  3. Have a firm grasp of your ideal cleaning client.
  4. Acquaint yourself with the benefits that your cleaning service offers.
  5. Keep marketing! If you want better understanding of how to be strategic in your marketing, follow the how-to recommendations provided above.
  6. Put some fantastic marketing ideas presented here to work for you to boost the number of customers who hire your cleaning services, raise the money you make, and expand your company.

How do you get your cleaning business off the ground?

Type up a one-page introductory letter to introduce your house cleaning business. Discuss the services you provide and how they benefit customers.

Then, sign it to add a personal touch; a message that comes directly from the owner of a company is much more welcoming to the recipient. This letter may be deposited in any of the available mailboxes in the area (if neighborhoods allow it)


If you don’t have enough customers, it won’t matter how well-trained your employees are or how impressive the quality of the cleaning services you provide is if you can’t maintain your business afloat for an extended period. If you follow the methods explained above, you will significantly impact your cleaning firm’s expansion. Weirdnewsera recommends you to read all content about sport, entertainment, science and many more.


Are people looking for cleaners?

How prevalent are your cleaning services? The need for cleaning services continues to rise, and the business continues to prosper. By 2024, it is projected that 80% of homes will have used a professional house cleaning service at least once.

What do people expect from a cleaning service?

Customers value personnel who are reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable. Your cleaning staff and front desk employees also play a significant role in satisfying clients’ expectations. Even if you’re the boss, your employees represent your cleaning service to the public.

Is it worthwhile to run a cleaning service?

Small cleaning companies often earn between $35,000 and $50,000 yearly. As your company grows, your annual income increases to $100,000. Whether or whether you maintain a steady flow of clients and efficiently allocate your resources will determine your success.

Is being a cleaner a good job?

Professional cleaning services are in high demand in a wide variety of sectors, including the hospitality business, the mining sector, the defense sector, the tourism sector, and many more. They frequently necessitate superb attention to detail and excellent communication, customer service, and time management abilities.