How to make Google Forms in mobile Step-by-Step Guide


How to make Google Forms in mobile?

One of the numerous things you may do in the short bursts of time you can access your laptop is create forms. The issue is whether or not you are capable of doing so.

When creating a form, a keyboard is usually helpful so that questions and answers may be easily identified. Is it even possible to use a tool like Google Forms on a mobile device, even though its smaller size may make working on a long or complex structure more difficult?

Mobile versions of Google Forms?

The short response is “Yes.” Google has shown a lot of love for responsive web design.

In case you haven’t heard of it, “responsive web design” describes a flexible website creation approach. It allows a website’s layout, structure, and other design elements to change depending on the device used to view it.

If you are using a computer with a windowed browser like Chrome or Safari, you should be able to see it in action right now. Images and text on the website will resize and move to better fit the new dimensions of the screen if you reduce the browser window size.

How to make Google Forms in mobile

Does Google Forms have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, Google Forms does not currently have an iOS or Android app.

Although a few third-party apps can “wrap” a website so that it works on a mobile device, Google does not provide or maintain an official solution in this area.

Do Google Forms work on mobile browsers?

Google’s search engine algorithm was updated not too long ago. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly have dropped in rankings due to the update. The answer to this issue is responsive web design. It eliminates creating a separate mobile-only website by making the original site mobile-friendly.

It’s, therefore, no wonder that everything Google releases work on mobile devices. Google Forms is no different in this way.

How can I create a phone-based Google Form?

This article will discuss the full process of form creation and modification via a mobile browser.

Create forms.

To start with Google Forms, fire up a mobile web browser and head to their site.

If you do that on a computer’s browser, you’ll be sent to a screen where you can choose whether to create a form from scratch or use an already template. You can start from scratch or use existing form as a basis for your new form. Additionally, you can access a previously created form.

On the other hand, if you access Google Forms from your mobile device, a brand new form will be created for you to fill out. (You may be required to sign-in to Google if you continue to use the service.)

Changing the header text.

If you have ever used the desktop version of Google Forms, you should feel at home here.

A header section will be present in all new forms you make. In this section, you can specify the state’s name and set a mandatory question. Your form will be renamed “Untitled Form” if you don’t title it. Providing a form description is completely optional.

Options for setting and layout are presented in a more compact style than on a desktop computer but are otherwise identical.

Creating brand-new inquiries while updating the old ones.

Google Forms presents a drop-down menu of possible answers as its default question type. It may be disorienting that the options to add fields and questions to the form are located at the page footer rather than on the side. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to use every feature normally.

How to make Google Forms in mobile

A less cumbersome way to create mobile forms.

No matter how polished the browser-based app is, there is no way to completely replicate the desktop experience on a mobile device. Unlike other apps, there won’t be a shortcut on your home screen. And an app optimized for your phone’s hardware feels better, like slipping into a suit created for you rather than one you picked up at a thrift shop.

If you need a form tool with more robust capabilities designed to work natively on mobile devices, Jotform Mobile Forms is the way to go. Jotform is a free alternative to Google Forms; you only need to switch to a premium plan if you need more space for your forms or submissions than the free plan allows. It’s also one of the most feature-packed form makers out there.

Jotform’s Mobile Forms app gives your users a form-filling experience unlike a native app and allows you to design forms.

How to make Google Forms in mobile

How Do I Rename a Google Form?

To enter a title, select the word “Untitled” from the drop-down menu and tap it. Before you share a form with anyone, you can give it whatever name you like. The menu’s heading text can be tapped on.

You may also describe the form to elaborate on its purpose. The Form description box must be clicked, and the required details entered.

Create Some New Section Titles.

The title box will automatically appear after you create a new form. You can divide your form into multiple sections by tapping icon that looks like two Ts. If you’d like, in addition to naming the section, you can also describe it in detail.

If you hit the vertical ellipsis (the icon with three dots), then deselect the Description box, you can make a copy of the section title or get rid of it entirely. As an alternative, you might do away with the heading altogether.

How to get started with Google Forms.

Google Forms makes it easy to create and distribute online surveys, quizzes, and exams for collecting user data.

Using an Android device 

Create a new survey or test as the first step.

Launch a web browser optimized for mobile devices, such as Google Chrome, on your iPad.

The Google Forms page is where you need to go.

In the meantime, a fresh form will begin downloading.

Form or quiz editing and formatting come next.

There are numerous options for modifying a form’s text, images, and videos.

Please update the current form.

Create a quiz using Google Forms to test your understanding.

Your form submissions can be saved wherever you like.

Third, have your participants fill out a questionnaire and submit it.

Once you’re satisfied with your questionnaire, you can send it to others for feedback.

How can I make a Google form appear on my mobile device?

Follow these steps to access a Google Form: If you need to fill out a Google Form on the move, open Chrome on your mobile device and navigate to the form. Choose “Menu” from the “…” menu bar at the top of your screen. The “Add Home Screen” option will appear. You only have to give the shortcut a name and hit “Add.”

You can launch the Google Form directly from your app menu. If you follow these steps, you can access the Google Form without using a browser on your mobile device. Keep a Google Form open on your phone’s screen if you use it frequently; this will save you time and make it quicker to access.

Can I use my own Google form?

You can make your own Google Form without paying more if you have a Google account. Create your forms, surveys, and quizzes with Google Forms, a web-based software. It’s an effective method of gathering information and responses from your target audience. Here are the simple steps you need to do to make your own Google Form: Launch Google Forms from within your Google account.

To start with a blank slate, select the “Blank” template. Make the form by including questions, text areas, and checkboxes. Change the form’s color scheme or add photos to give it a unique vibe. Make sure your form is error-free by previewing it first. When you’re happy with your form’s appearance and functionality, you can distribute it to others via email or your website. Regardless of your level of technological savvy, you should be able to create your own Google Form in a matter of minutes. 


It does not take long to make a Google Form on your mobile device. The steps are as follows: Open Google Forms on your Android or iOS gadget. Tap the plus sign to start a new form. You can add a question to your survey in various formats, including multiple-choice and short answers.

Please complete the following question and answer. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as you need to add more questions to your form. Prepare advanced settings, such as allowing respondents to upload files or creating validation steps. Customize your form with a logo, some images, and a theme.

Previewing the form will allow you to test its functionality. Once you have completed the form, the link can be shared with anybody. With the Google Forms app for mobile devices, making surveys, questionnaires, polls, and other forms is a breeze. Weirdnewsera that you might not find any other platform which gives you all content about health sports business technology and entertainment.


Is a Google form possible to make?

The Forms app may be downloaded on both Apple and Google Play stores. Click the appropriate download icon up above to get what you want. If the inability to make changes to or create new Google Forms when away from your desk gets old, you can always go back to using forms.

How well does MCQS integrate with Google Forms?

Select New from the pull-down menu above the existing ones to make a brand-new one. Pick the “Multiple choice grid” format.

Does it cost anything to use Google Forms?

Google Forms is part of Google Workspace, a suite of productivity apps also offered for free by Google. The data can then be easily imported into a spreadsheet or database.

Can a Google Form be seen as a PDF?

A blank PDF version of your Google Form can be generated with a simple right-click and the “print” option. A PDF version of your form can be downloaded here.