Top 3 facts of Unlocking the Secrets: How to Make Money on TikTok


How to make money on TikTok?

Want to know ways to make money on TikTok? You have company. Making money on TikTok, while mysterious, is also rewarding.

Those who know about ins and outs of the industry know that the best way to get forward is to network with others who have already achieved success. You read that right: some influencers get anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000 for a single post when collaborating with significant businesses.

How do TikTok users earn money? Well, we’ll be discussing 14 different approaches.

Can you make money on TikTok?

To put it briefly, yes.

Direct monetization on TikTok requires being 18 or older, amassing at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days, and having a following of at least 10,000 people. Then, you can apply to TikTok Creator Fund within the app.

Making money on TikTok involves some imagination, just like creating a picture or figuring out the relationship status of your ex’s ex. Even if you don’t have a considerable following, several ways exist to monetize your Instagram account outside the app’s official means.

Many TikTok users, like social media entrepreneurs working on other platforms, have already found financial success. Although TikTok is a relatively new platform, many money-making methods are similar to those used on different platforms (for example, read our articles on monetizing Instagram and YouTube).

Your revenue on TikTok will depend on your strategies to monetize your account (detailed below).

money on TikTok

TikTok can be monetized in four different ways.

  1. Align yourself with a reputable company.

TikTok uses the term “sponsored content” to refer to videos in exchange for financial compensation. That’s the point. TikTok videos raving about how wonderful a company’s soy candles smell can earn you money or free skydiving lessons, respectively. However, we do not advise you to accept any free skydiving offers.

  1. Collaborate with an influencer.

This tactic does the exact opposite of the first. Reach out to an influencer whose content is consistent with your brand’s aesthetic if you’re an established firm trying to expand your visibility (and revenue) on TikTok.

Tomoson found that businesses made $6.50 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing, with top 13% seeing returns of $20 or more. Half of all marketers also report that the quality of clients acquired by influencer marketing is higher than that of customers acquired by email marketing or organic search.

Finally, influencers are influential. Effectively. (Even marginal ones!)

TikTok Creator Marketplace is an area to look for an appropriate influencer in the US. This marketplace platform brings together brands. While any company is welcome to join, influencers must be invited to participate.

If you’re looking for content related to your business outside of the United States and TikTok’s official marketplace, try searching for hashtags like “dentist,” “fainting goats,” and “thrifting.” You may also play around with the app, liking the videos. Please provide more context or information about the appeal to you and skip ones that don’t by tapping the “Not interested” button. As soon as you tell the app what to show you, it will start doing so. Such intelligence is terrifying.

We’ve all heard the tired tale of the sobbing influencer’s non-racism and non-apology, so take your time and carefully review each creator’s profile. Keep your distance from troublesome TikTokers.

  1. Advertise on Tiktok.

Creating TikToks presenting your products in all their glory is the simplest way to make money if you already have a well-known product. Include a shop link in your profile.

  1. Get paid by TikTok’s Creator Fund.

This is the sanctioned method of monetization for this app. Launching on July 22, 2020, TikTok’s Creator Fund will allocate US$200 million to “encourage those who aim to use their voices and ideas to spark inspirational careers.”

The globe and the internet went crazy over it, and a week later, they announced that the fund would double in size to $1 billion by 2023. How, then, can one acquire such coveted author funds?

How can one earn money on TikTok?

  1. Promote your business.

Let’s assume you already engage in profitable pastimes. You may have an online store, offer consulting services, or monetize your YouTube channel. You never know who you might snag with your TikTok videos.

Phoenix-based TikToker, brand manager, and advisor Keira Jones (@thekeirajones) say, “It’s an incredible way to drive traffic to other channels—your website, email list, or YouTube channel.”

Connie Rietdyk (@conniegooglequeen), a TikToker in Orlando, Florida, earns most of her money this way.

For several years, she supplemented her income by working as a website design and search engine optimization consultant. However, her earnings were “nothing to write home about,” she adds, and were “just enough to cover an extra bill.”

Before May 2021, she made the most of her income working in a call center. After losing her job and having her unemployment benefits held up, Rietdyk began using TikTok professionally.

Rietdyk has started guiding small businesses on web development and search engine optimization through her TikTok videos. In May 2021, she had about 200 followers. However, by the end of year, she had more than 21,000 followers. Moreover, some of her followers have become clients and are even paying for her services. In September 2021, Rietdyk stated that she had made about $11,000 since May and over $4,600 in July alone from TikTok recommendations. She could pay all her payments and put some money away in savings. If you’ve ever wondered how much money TikTokers make, this gives you a good idea. 

  1. Secure sponsorships.

61% of TikTok users, according to a 2022 study by TikTok Marketing Science’s Global Shopping Ad Products Study, had performed e-commerce activities on the social media site. Furthermore, 48% of TikTok users are considering purchasing on or through TikTok within the next three months. To sum up, TikTok has an audience willing to spend money, and businesses are eager to compensate content creators who can introduce them to that audience. 

Let’s pretend that most of your TikTok videos have the same theme—dog care. There could be dog food and leash companies interested in reaching your dog-loving audience. Those businesses might ask for your assistance.

Multiple approaches are possible for this process. A company may have sent you a free dog toy in exchange for mentioning it in one of your TikTok videos. Or you could be willing to promote the product if the business paid you.

Alternatively, you could get down to brass tacks. You enter into legally binding agreement with the firm in which you commit to writing several reviews about the toy in exchange for payment. If you already use and promote a company’s products, you could reach out to them directly and propose a partnership of this sort.

Jones shares marketing advice on her TikTok channel and earns most of her income from sponsorships. She is often approached by brands that want to collaborate because she either naturally talks about their products or her audience is interested in them. When Jones reached about 15,000 followers, brands began contacting her. Sponsorship options often require a unique approach, like dog care or web marketing, and many followers. (More on developing an expertise in the future.)

Jones says it best: “The niched down you are, the more likely you’ll be reached out to.” 

She argues that the chances of a general lifestyle influencer securing sponsorships are lower. The sponsors may be less interested in working with these influencers because their audiences have vague or nebulous interests.

Remember that branded material must be labeled as such, usually with a hashtag like #ad or #sponsored in the post’s description.

  1. Access TikTok’s Creator Fund.

This is “basically pool of money that TikTok distributes between everyone in the Creator Fund,” as explained by Jones.

You need 10,000 followers and 100,000 video views in last 30 days to qualify for this fund, among other requirements like 18 or older.

How much do you anticipate making? To answer your question, in words, no. A lot of criteria determine how funds are computed for movies under the program,” it says on the Creator Fund page of TikTok. Video views, engagement, and content compliance with the Community Guidelines and Terms and Conditions of Service are all part of this equation.

Jones warns that you should only count on this fund as your primary source of income if you’re working extremely hard and producing high-quality content. She calls the small amount of money she makes through the Creator Fund “coffee money.” Her profits may not be substantial, but she finds it “fun to see that your effort is being rewarded in a way.”


Make content that people want to watch. If you’re going to make money on TikTok, you need to generate material that people want to watch. This will entice them to follow you and interact with your posts through things like liking, commenting, sharing, etc.

To earn money on TikTok, you need a sizable fan base. Take advantage of hashtags and trending topics to expand your audience. Working with other artists might also help you gain a more extensive fan base. When you have a sizable following, you can negotiate paid collaborations with sponsors through promoted content or product placement. Advertisers will pay you to use their items in your videos and captions.

During live broadcasts on TikTok, viewers can send you virtual presents that can later be redeemed for real money. You need 1,000 followers, over 16, and a payment account to make money from your live streams. Weirdnewsera that you might not find any other platform which gives you all content about health sports business technology and entertainment.


How many views need on TikTok to make money?

100,000 video. How to Get Paid on TikTok? There is the minimum age requirement of 18 years old. A United States, United Kingdom, French, German, Spanish, or Italian address is required. At least 10,000 people need to be following you. To qualify, your videos need at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days.

TikTok: How much do you get for a thousand of your followers?

What is the financial value of one thousand TikTok followers? According to Statista, a macro influencer’s typical payment for branded content is $197. Once you reach 1,000 followers, you can exchange the virtual presents you receive during TikTok lives for Diamonds, which may be redeemed for about 5 cents each.

What are the salaries at TikTok?

2–4 cents are earned for every 1,000 views for Tik tokers. If your video gets one million views, you can expect to make $20 to $40. The average creator spends between $200 and $400 for a viral video with 10 million views. The amount of money a TikToker makes is different for everyone and is affected by many factors.

What is TikTok’s average monthly salary?

Top influencers claim to make between $0.02 and $0.04 for every 1,000 views on TikTok. Payment summaries from the TikTok Creator Fund are detailed here. In 2021, TikTok implemented this scheme to reward its producers financially.