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In your opinion, who doesn’t like Vimeo? This video hosting service is among the best in terms of the quality of content. In addition to the latest and greatest content, it has the same utilities and customization options as a traditional desktop environment. Vimeo Create allows you to start with a premade template or create a new video from scratch with the ability to make changes as you go.

How to post Vimeo video on Instagram? Using the “publish to social” option on Vimeo, you may easily share your film on YouTube and Facebook. Those who tried uploading videos from Vimeo to Instagram may have trouble. Vimeo to Instagram iPhone Converter Not to worry, though; this is normal. Let us show you.

Can you post a Vimeo on Instagram?

If you’re looking for a way to spread your movie throughout the web, you might have wondered how to upload a Vimeo video to Instagram. Although videos cannot be simultaneously broadcast on Instagram, they can be shared on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Your Vimeo video can be transmitted through email or embedded on other websites. The process of transferring a video from Vimeo to Instagram is outlined below. To start watching the video, save it to your computer as an a.mov file. The next step is to share the photo using the Instagram program.

A Vimeo video can be shared on Instagram by first downloading it to your computer. When you’re done, send the file to your mobile device. You can then upload the video to Instagram. Follow the on-screen prompts to share a video from Vimeo to Instagram. Don’t fret if you don’t own an Apple product or an Android phone. Vimeo videos are still available for download on iOS and Android smartphones. Using your device’s browser, navigate to Vimeo and click the Share icon.

Can a video be a post on Instagram?

Can You Put a Vimeo Video as an Instagram Post? is a question many Instagram users have asked themselves. But what is the procedure for doing this? First, get the video file from Vimeo. This is because Instagram currently does not support embedding films from Vimeo. Putting the original video on Instagram would be your best bet.

After you submit a video to Instagram, you’ll need to edit it to the correct aspect ratio. While all video formats are acceptable, Instagram only allows for a specific aspect ratio. Your movie will have one of three possible orientations—square, portrait, or landscape. A higher resolution is recommended for the best experience with this aspect ratio. You can then post it as an Instagram story or a quick advertisement. Once you’ve uploaded your video on Instagram, you may promote your page by sending people to the video.

Using Keevi, a browser-based robust video converter, you may also transfer a video from Vimeo to Instagram. You can use this app to embed a Vimeo movie into an Instagram post and set the privacy settings accordingly. Before publishing to Instagram, you can make adjustments to your video using Keevi. It also has a simple UI that anyone can learn to utilize. The video can be exported to a different format and shared on other social media sites if you do not upload it to Instagram.

How do you post a Vimeo video on Instagram?

Vimeo videos can be shared straight to Facebook and Twitter without additional third-party sites. As your movie travels through various social media sites, you can monitor its success with this. After a video has been uploaded to a social media platform, its performance can be monitored using analytics. These sites also allow you to adjust your video’s anonymity and security settings. You may also disable that feature if you don’t want posts to go out on Facebook or Twitter automatically.

Users can access Vimeo at no cost to them. It’s free to create an account so you can upload your videos. Keep in mind that copyright laws exist to safeguard your work. Posting your video to Instagram could get you in trouble with copyright holders. You can avoid this by first saving your video to your mobile device from Vimeo and then uploading it to Instagram. Just like that, it’s easy! With a YouTube channel, you can reach a wider audience with this strategy.

How to convert Vimeo to Instagram on iPhone?

There’s a simple way to save videos for offline viewing when you’re not utilizing Wi-Fi or your data plan. To watch the video when you have no network access, are flying, or have run out of data, save it to your device and watch it later. Simply put, it’s a breeze. Here’s the procedure:

  • Vimeo to Instagram on iPhone is available as an app for the iPhone and iPad.
  • Locate the clip you want to save from within the app.
  • When you find the video you want to download, click the “offline sync” button.
  • You can disconnect from the internet or your mobile service when the video has finished downloading.
  • Select “offline videos” from the main menu to see your downloaded content.

How to post Vimeo video on Instagram?

Can You Put Vimeo on Instagram Story?

To publish a video to Instagram, you must first convert it to MP4 format. After conversion, you can use filters, stickers, and other features to make your video look more polished. Instagram now supports desktop uploads, too. The program supports both Mac and Windows computers. How to complete the task is detailed below. Follow these easy instructions to show off your favorite Vimeo clips on Instagram.

The first step is to save the video from Vimeo to your computer. It’s possible to do this in various ways within Vimeo and other browsers. Instagram users who can’t locate a video using the app should copy the video’s URL and paste it into another browser. Once you’re ready, launch Instagram’s Vimeo converter. Go to the Videos section. Copy and paste the link into the address bar of the video player. Once you enter a URL, the converter evaluates it and obtains the appropriate data. 

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How to post a Vimeo video on Instagram?

Also, social media specs might vary greatly, so tweak the necessary video to fit Instagram’s parameters.

  • Orientation: Horizontal, Square, Vertical
  • 16:9, 1:1, and 9:16 are all correct aspect ratios.
  • The following dimensions are suggested: 600315, 600600, or 600750
  • File types with the MP4 and MOV extensions are supported.

In our comprehensive guide, you can find the technical requirements for sharing your recording on other platforms.

Vimeo does not permit direct sharing. Therefore, you will first need to download the video to your computer. If the video’s owner allows downloads, you won’t have trouble doing so.

Keep reading to learn the four simple steps required to upload a video from Vimeo to Instagram.

  1. Insert a video.

The necessary video on Vimeo may be seen and downloaded right here.

Cleo’s Video Resizer can be accessed in a new tab; select “Choose file” to begin uploading the video.

  1. Size your video for Instagram.

To the player’s right are two editable text boxes, one for the social network and one for the post format. In the former, choose “Instagram,” and in the latter, pick one of 15 different filters.

About a hundred different aspect ratios are set up and ready for use on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Select “Custom,” then choose one of the aspect ratio patterns or “Source video” to maintain the original aspect ratio if you wish to resize the video manually. Then enter a value for either width or height into their respective boxes; the other parameter will be determined automatically.

Choose the “Not set” aspect ratio or “untick” the chain sign between the boxes if you need complete control over the video’s width and height settings.

  1. If you need to, crop the recording.

Choices in cropping are as follows:

  • Completely occupy the available space in the frame. No sideboards will be available, but the footage will probably be trimmed. To determine the ideal viewing distance, you can zoom in and out.
  • Adjust the picture to the confines of the frame. The video will be entirely preserved, but the margins will become visible. Use the arrows to the left of the “Fit” button to reposition the image in any of the four cardinal directions. Alter the background color by picking a new shade from the available palette or entering a custom hex code.
  • With this utility, you can alter the recording’s file type to suit your needs. You can use either MOV or MP4 videos on Instagram.
  • When you’re finished, click “Resize,” and the service will resize the image in a few seconds.

Save Vimeo videos to Instagram.

Upload the adjusted video to your preferred platform after saving it to your computer or one of two cloud storage accounts.

Don’t forget to preview the file one last time before saving it, as you can always go back and fix any mistakes you see by selecting “Back to edit.”

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How to Use Filmora to Change Vimeo to Any Aspect Ratio?

Filmora from Wondershare is an excellent piece of software for editing videos. Vimeo films let you manually reframe them and adjust the aspect ratio to your liking.

When Filmora is loaded, a window containing three tabs—Aspect Ratio, Resolution, and Frame Rate—will appear when clicking the File menu.

Select the Aspect Ratio drop-down menu to select the format from the list.

You can go one of five routes: Optional aspect ratios include 1:1 (Instagram), 4:3, 21:9 (cinema), 9:16 (portrait), and Custom in addition to the standard 16:9 (widescreen) and 9:16 (image) formats. Select “Custom,” then use the keyboard to enter the aspect ratio you need.

How to post from PC to Instagram?

Instagram users may use the service from their desktop computers or laptops, so there’s no need to worry about not being able to share photos or videos that are only available on their computer but not their mobile device.

This response will explain how to access Instagram on a desktop computer.

Let’s not waste any time and get down to business.

  1. To access this URL, open a new window in your browser and enter the following.
  2. Just hit the ellipses in your browser’s upper right corner.
  3. Select “additional tools” from the menu’s submenu.
  4. To access the developer tools, select that option.
  5. When you’re ready to switch devices, hit the “toggle device toolbar” button.
  6. The Instagram app’s interface will load on your chosen device.
  7. Put your cursor over the upload button.
  8. Pick the object you wish to display and where you want to say it.
  9. A successful upload has been completed.

How Do I Save Vimeo Content?

Instagram makes it as simple as submitting a snapshot to save videos from Vimeo. Launch Vimeo’s Video Manager by logging in. Then, select the video you wish to post and hit the button labeled “Publish to Social.” Alternatively, you can select the desired social media channels by using the menu in the top right corner of the video editing page. When you’ve decided on the system, you want to use, click the Connect button.

Additionally, you can share videos from Vimeo to Instagram by following the website’s instructions. This link can be shared with others or added to a website. After transferring the video to your mobile device, you can modify it with a video editor before uploading it to Instagram. However, remember that once the video is stored, it can only be saved to your phone. This will allow you to distribute it to as many people as you desire.

Select a video, then choose “Download” from the Vimeo menu. It will take you only few seconds to download. A Vimeo app is available for Android users as well. The offline sync option is as simple as pressing a button once the video has been downloaded. Before downloading, make sure your wireless and mobile data connections are turned off. To download videos, you will need to join up for a free trial or log into a basic account if you still need to get one.

How long is Instagram’s time limit for a video?

The video-sharing website Vimeo has a lot going for it. There are many other options, but this is the most excellent platform. However, there are occasions when you uncover a great video but need help finding a way to save it or share it. Fortunately, methods can help you acquire and upload videos to Instagram.

First, you can determine a Vimeo video’s length by researching the format’s codec and the level of motion in the frames. Vimeo’s recommended video specifications include the H.264 codec, a consistent frame rate of 24 or 25, and a 640px comprehensive video resolution (among other things). You can now post your video without any hassles by following these instructions.

After posting your movie, you may either share it with other accounts or send the link via email. You can divide it into smaller pieces if its size is a concern. Sending the video to a fan or subscriber via email is another option. Get it to someone who will value it before sending it. Forget Instagram if it needs to be shorter. It can be shortened and made more engaging for your audience in various ways.

Why Can not I Post a Video on Instagram?

It’s sometimes apparent how to post a video from Vimeo to Instagram. The good news is that there are few approaches to take. As a first step, you can share the video with a friend by copying the link and sending it to them. You can tell the receiver what to expect by clicking the “Share” button and entering a personalized message. You can also upload the video to Instagram without downloading it beforehand.

A shaky internet connection could be to blame for your Vimeo video upload woes. Users have complained that their uploads get stuck midway. If you’re experiencing this, updating your browser’s newest version may help. In case this doesn’t work, you may switch to a wired connection, which is more reliable. Additionally, you can disable adblockers, virus protection services, and power-saving options by updating your browser. Those could slow down your upload.

Top 5 Video-Sharing Sites for Instagram

Numerous video editing programs are available for Windows and Mac. This article will look at five of the most reliable Instagram video uploaders.

  1. One of FILMORA9’s many useful functions is the capability to edit and export 4K video. The program also allows for precise speed regulation, importation to social media platforms, eliminating background noise, support for GIFs, and more.
  2. WAVE’s ability to make Instagram-friendly square posts is a significant selling point for this software. In addition, there are millions of fonts to pick, and the entire process of creating and posting your Instagram video will only take a few minutes.
  3. ANIMOTO is an Instagram-specific online video editor with simple creation and editing tools.
  4. Due to its user-friendly design, this website has gained widespread attention. Aside from that, however, no fees are required.
  5. With KAPWING, you can make Instagram videos that are both high-quality and engaging. There is no need for a password when using lapwing.


After reading this, we have faith in your ability to transfer a video from Vimeo to Instagram successfully. How to post a Vimeo video on Instagram? Vimeo videos can be edited with Wondershare Filmora and then uploaded to Instagram. The program lets you change the aspect ratio of your Vimeo films before uploading them to Instagram or anywhere else. Feel free to show your loved ones, friends, and fans any riveting clips you come across.


Can you add Vimeo to Instagram?

Vimeo videos can be edited with Wondershare Filmora and then uploaded to Instagram. The program lets you change the aspect ratio of your Vimeo films before uploading them to Instagram or anywhere else.

How do I share a Vimeo video on a social network?

After logging into your Vimeo account, head over to the Video Manager. When you arrive, hover over a video and select the Publish to Social option to share that specific clip across your social network accounts.

How big should Instagram make Vimeo?

You should have at least 600 pixels wide and 1067 high. The maximum file size for videos under 10 minutes is 650MB.

Can I post Vimeo videos on social media?

Once you’ve logged into Vimeo, head to the Library tab. Once you get there, hover over the video you want to share and click the Publish to Social icon that appears.

How can I save a Vimeo video?

Get the Vimeo app from Google Play and install it on your Android smartphone first. Next, instead of going to the desktop site, use the app to search for the video you want to save to your device. When you find the video you want to keep, you must choose it and tap the “offline sync” button.