5 Tips How to reset Dyson air purifier after changing filter


How to reset Dyson air purifier after changing filter

If you own a Dyson Air Purifier and have just changed the filter after being prompted to do so by the flashing “F” display, you may be surprised to see that the “F” is still yelling at you even though you have already changed the filter. If the “F” warning on your Dyson air filter persists even after you’ve swapped out the old filter for a new one, don’t beat your head against the wall (or the wall, for that matter) before asking us how to reset the alert.

Now, here’s the deal: The equipment here is not cheap. There is also the high cost of buying replacement filters (although we have found an after-market replacement Dyson filter that does an excellent job at a reasonable price). Air purifiers can cost hundreds of dollars, with subsequent filters costing tens of dollars apiece. You change the filter as soon as you see the flashing F, and you should expect the F to disappear after you do so. After changing the dumb (expensive) filter in the stupid (expensive) air purifier, the blaring F no longer means “filter,” it means “fail,” and you are immediately transported back to your days of high school or elementary school frustration.

And you ask yourself, “How in the (another F word) could I have made this up?” There’s only one method that a new filter can go in. Therefore, the question concerns whether or not the old filter is broken. Is there a problem with the air cleaner? Do I have a problem?

Then you wonder if it’s because your Dyson needs to be connected to your wifi network (it doesn’t), or if opening it to swap out filters caused the connection to be reset (it didn’t), or if you need to disconnect and rejoin your air purifier to the network (you don’t).

Sometimes it seems impossible to get everything to cooperate correctly. Wondering where to begin when it comes to resetting your Dyson air purifier? We did extensive research and compiled the results here. Okay, let’s jump right in.

Is Your Dyson Air Purifier Cleaning the Air?

Checking the airflow can tell you if your Dyson air purifier is on and functioning. You should be able to feel the air being sucked into your Dyson air cleaner and then blown out the front panel fans.

If you want to ensure your Dyson is operating, you’ll have to get up and personal with it because it doesn’t have the usual blades you can observe while running. Dyson air purifiers produce a faint humming sound while they are on and circulating air, so you may use it as an additional indicator that it is working.

When does a Dyson air purifier begin to clean the air?

Dyson claims that your air purifier will be able to release 77 liters of filtered air per second, so you can expect this to move along really quickly. As soon as you switch on your device, it should begin purifying the air, however, if your room is huge, you may not notice a difference for a time.

Additionally, you can view real-time air quality readings on the display of your Dyson air purifier to track its performance as it works to improve the air quality in your home.

How Long Do Dyson Filters Last?

A Dyson filter will typically last for four thousand hours, or around a year. This estimate is based on the assumption that you operate your Dyson air purifier continuously for 12 hours daily.

Nonetheless, regardless of how often you use your Dyson gadget, the filter should be replaced after a year.

How to Reset Your Dyson Air Purifier After Changing the Air Filter?

To begin, locate your Dyson vacuum’s remote control. And there you were, thinking that its only functions were powering the device on and off, causing it to oscillate, and modifying its output. Don’t lose the remote because it’s the only way to reset the device and stop the damned F from flashing.

Turn on the air purifier.

Now, for the next six seconds, push and hold the remote’s standby ON/OFF button (from here on out, the “EffBegone” button).

Doing so informs the machine that a replacement filter has been installed, allowing it to perform a factory reset and eliminate the old one.

We hope this was of some use, though we still maintain that anyone who spends that much on an air purifier should not have to go to a web search to learn how to silence the “replace filter” nuisance after doing so.

Dyson Air Purifier Filters: How Do You Clean Them?

It may be time to clean your Dyson’s filter if you’ve noticed a noticeable increase in the amount of time it takes to filter the air in your home. To accomplish this:

  1. You should turn off the air purifier and unplug it from the wall.

  2. Typically located at the bottom of your Dyson, remove the filter.

  3. Use cold water to clean your watertight filter.

  4. After washing the filter, let it air dry for a full day.

  5. After cleaning the filter, replace it in the air purifier, reconnect the power, and enjoy the clean air!

If your Dyson filter isn’t watertight, you may either shake it into the trash or use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or particles.

How frequently must a Dyson filter be cleaned?

It would be best if you cleaned the filters in your Dyson fan/air purifier every few months, at the very least. A Dyson’s ability to filter the air may be diminished if dust, filth, and debris are allowed to accumulate inside it, which can happen with regular use.

It would help if you didn’t have to immerse your filter more than once or twice a year; often, it needs good shaking or vacuuming instead.

Why Does My Dyson Air Purifier Blink “F”?

An ‘F’ that flashes on and off on your Dyson air purifier is nothing to worry about. Once you’ve swapped out the filter in your Dyson fan or air purifier, the F indicator light will blink until you reset it.

The indicator light on your Dyson can be reset by pressing and holding the “Standby ON/OFF” button on the remote for six seconds. When you’ve finished resetting your Dyson air purifier, the flashing F should stop until you replace the filter again.

How Can I Tell If My Dyson Air Purifier Is Working?

If your hair purifier starts flashing an odd light, you should try it. It takes experience to realize many good reasons to ensure your air filter is functioning correctly.

A quality monitor is typically the most accurate and reliable tool when testing an air purifier. After turning on your air purifier, you may immediately use this tool to gauge its performance. Then, put it in the area around the air filter to see if the Dyson purifier is producing any results.

But it’s unlikely that the typical Dyson Air Purifier user will also have an air quality sensor on hand. You must resort to more conventional methods to verify the device’s effectiveness. You can tell if your air purifier is operating correctly, for instance, by observing whether or not it is releasing any air.

You can assume the air purifier is broken if it is not producing any airflow. Try some of the solutions below to get your air filter working again.

Dyson Air Purifier Orange Light What Does It Mean?

There are several possible causes for the orange light on a Dyson air purifier. First, an amber blinking light indicates that the temperature in your home is too high or too cold for the system to function correctly.

In addition, when charging, the Dyson air purifier’s orange light may turn on; this is typical. Additionally, if your system’s orange light is flashing, it may be time to replace the filter, so it’s wise to check the Dyson Link app to find out why.

How Effective Is The Dyson Air Purifier?

Yes! If you have a Dyson air purifier, the air around you will be clean and pure. Air purifiers from Dyson, which have a specific HEPA filter, can help make your home’s air healthier.

However, despite Dyson’s claims on its website, Live Science found that the air purifier they tested wasn’t able to eliminate 99.95% of airborne particles. This is not to suggest that your air purifier won’t surprise you with some great results, but we doubt it will be able to remove particles at such a high rate.

How can I reset my Dyson air purifier?

If you have the remote for your Dyson air purifier, you have several options for resetting it. If you have the remote, resetting is easy; otherwise, you may have a tough time.

A missing remote is probably why you’re reading instructions on resetting a Dyson air purifier. That’s why I’ll start by telling you how to reset the air purifier without the remote.

If you need to reset your Dyson air cleaner and don’t have the remote, here’s what you should do:

Locate the Standby ON/OFF button

The recognizable standby button on all Dyson air filters can be used to toggle the device between its on and off states. The air purifier’s on/off switch is its most common application, although it also has other functions. Unlike most devices, this one doesn’t have text next to the ON/OFF button; instead, it has the universal symbol for a power button.

If you need help finding this switch, check out the user guide that came with your gadget. Your air purifier’s manual should list every knob, control, and button and explain what each one does. Then, using the instructions here, you can quickly and easily find the power switch.

Hold the standby button

When you find this button, press and hold it for a few seconds to perform a factory reset on your Dyson Air Purifier, it should go without saying that you can switch the device on or off by pushing the button once. However, pressing and holding it for several seconds will force a factory reset of the air purifier, wiping out any customizations you may have made.

In most cases, you should keep holding the button until the Wi-Fi icon begins flashing white and green. This means you have entirely reset the cleaner, including all its Wi-Fi settings. As soon as this occurs, you know you’ve successfully reset your Dyson air cleaner without the remote.

This is the quickest way to reset your device when an obscure problem arises. If, for any reason, you are unable to use the Dyson app on your smartphone, this procedure will still work to reset the unit.

A Dyson air purifier’s remote control won’t help you reset the unit, even if you have it. Resetting the filter life is not the same as resetting the device itself. Filter replacement reminders require that you frequently reset your filter life.


A basic understanding of operating a Dyson air purifier is helpful whether you already own one or are considering purchasing one. Based on our research, restarting a Dyson air purifier doesn’t require a remote and shouldn’t take more than ten seconds.

The free Dyson Link app may track air purifier performance and filter replacement notifications. The indicator light on your Dyson air purifier may begin flashing orange if it has to be reset following a filter change or while charging. However, you should always check your air purifier’s real-time air quality data and clean the filters regularly. Weirdnewserathat you might not find any other platform which gives you all content about health sports business technology and entertainment.


How to reset the Dyson Air Purifier sensor?

Hold down the machine’s power button and the remote for 10 seconds. Numbers will count down from 10 on the LED display. When this countdown reaches zero, the device will restart.

How can I reset my Dyson air purifier without a remote?

Hold the cleaner’s “Standby ON/OFF” switch for over 20 seconds. After your network settings are deleted, the WiFi icon will flash white and green rapidly.

How to reset the air purifier filter light?

To clear the indication lights for filters that need replacing, press and hold the button corresponding to the type of filter you just installed (HEPA or Carbon). Whenever additional filter types are required, repeat steps 2 and 3. The HEPA and carbon indication lights must be reset after replacing the hybrid filter.

Why is the filter light on after changing it?

The likelihood of a water filter being defective is extremely low. In most cases, though, it’s just because the “change light” needs to be turned back on. This light is a timer to alert you every three to six months when it’s time to swap out your air filter.