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How to return clove shoes

Many pairs of shoes require careful consideration because of the time spent on foot. Nothing is worse than staying awake all day in a team that doesn’t feel right, doesn’t provide enough support, and causes aches.

One solution to this problem is a product called clove shoes. Clove is designed to provide reasonable support and comfort for long periods of standing and is targeted primarily at those working in the healthcare field. But do they merit the acclaim they receive?

My shoes immediately stood out from the crowd thanks to their textured outsoles, which improved my footing, and their many internal layers, which added to my comfort. This is a good step in the right direction, but obviously, only some of what makes these shoes great.

Here at the Clove Shoes Review, we’ll look at the qualities that may cause these shoes worth it over others. No matter what you do for a living, I want to tell you whether or not these shoes are a good investment in comfort and durability.

Method of Returning

When you buy from Clove Technology, we guarantee you will be happy with the product. However, please get in touch with us via phone or electronic mail if you believe you have received a defective or erroneous good or have determined that a product is unsuitable. We can usually handle issues with faulty products via phone or email.

how can we return our booking?

First, you need to get a return authorization form to return an item. If items are returned to us without a proper RMA form, we reserve the right to reject them.

Please let us know if you need to return a product so we can issue you a return permission form. In it, you’ll find a return reference number that you’ll need to quote whenever you communicate with us about your return; we’ll send it to you through email.

Alternatively, you may schedule a Return of items using your Clove Technology account:

Enter your username and password in the “My Account” area of the site.

Go to your account and click on “Orders.”

To revert to the previous order, tap the “Return” button.

Mark the products that need to be returned by clicking the corresponding checkboxes (s).

Fill out the comments section and hit “Submit Return Form” to send your paperwork.

Please be patient if you don’t get a reply within that time. This time frame could increase on weekends and holidays to three full days.

After processing your request, we will email you a return authorization form.

General return policy

Before a resolution is made on a return, it must first be inspected.

Please provide a copy of the return authorization form to facilitate swift handling and avoid unnecessary delays.

Suppose the returned product has been altered in any manner (a phone that has been rooted, hacked, or had any unauthorized software installed, for example). In that case, the return permission will be revoked, and the products will be returned to the client at their expense.

Once the software has been downloaded, installed, or activated, we cannot accept it back. Unfortunately, neither a refund nor a replacement will be provided under those conditions.

Unless a courier collection has been previously arranged with a member of staff, you, the customer, are responsible for ensuring the safe delivery of returned items. We advise sending items back to us using a monitored service that requires a signature upon receipt.

Return shipping costs in the UK are on the house if we have to send the goods back to you. However, we must include the carriage cost if the shipment is to be made outside of the United Kingdom (a reduced rate may be applied rather than the standard delivery cost).

Where Are Clove Shoes Used?

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes for nursing, I’d recommend these. Even though my direct experience with Clove is limited, I have made it a point to read over the testimonials of other professionals in the area who have used the product.

To begin, clogs are a common footwear choice among healthcare professionals. Clogs are slip-on shoes characterized by a low rear heel and an open space around the heel.

One of the issues with clogs is that they are just as simple to slip out of inadvertently. Although plastic or foam nursing shoes may feel good initially, they often wear out quickly and become uncomfortable. Eventually, the natural wear and tear on the shoes could cause them to fall apart.

Therefore, most choices either break or don’t stay put for very long. Can you compare it to Clove?

So far as I can tell, the main distinction between Clove shoes and other footwear is that they are more akin to sneakers. Wearing running or sporting shoes is a familiar experience.

Put on some socks and tie the shoes properly before you head out to the office. The laces of a pair of Clove shoes are held in place by a tiny device, eliminating the need to tie and untie them constantly.

The laces are tightened or loosened by depressing the top and are released when the proper fit is achieved. Removing your shoes is a breeze thanks to this similar technology.

In my opinion, Clove shoes have the right balance of longevity, functionality, and comfort to be considered a good pair of shoes right off the bat.

How to return clove shoes?

Male Clove Shoes

The men’s version is the one I’ve had the most practice with. This being the case, allow me to provide additional information on this product.

They are $129 for sizes 7–13. For me, this is the main problem. If the high cost is a dealbreaker, these aren’t the ideal choice.

The men’s pair is the one I’m most familiar with in terms of actual use. As such, allow me to provide some further information about this item.

They retail for $129 apiece and come in sizes 7–13. For me, this is the main stumbling block. The price tag is extremely high for what is essentially just a standard pair of shoes, so if that is a central sticking point for you, you may want to look elsewhere.

Still, I’ve been able to walk around all day in them without discomfort due to a good fit. Although I wouldn’t call them inexpensive, you might want to keep an eye on them if the price isn’t a deal breaker.

One of the most well-liked combinations among guys is the all-black option. The laces and uppers of these shoes are black, while the Clove emblem is blue on the soles. These shoes will complement your uniform and adhere to most workplace dress standards.

To my knowledge, the most compelling arguments in favor of these are:

  • Fluid-proof, adjustable laces.
  • Outsoles have a high friction surface to improve grip.
  • Pain-relieving Ortholite insoles.
  • Antimicrobial insoles are used to keep feet fresh and free of odor.

The men’s shoes seem small, so I recommend ordering a half size higher. These sneakers come with a neoprene sock, so you may skip wearing socks when you’re in a rush without sacrificing comfort. When you buy two, you save money and get free extras like extra pens and badge reels.

The cancellation of orders

Any Clove order can be canceled before it is shipped, in whole or in part.

If your entire order is canceled, you will be refunded in full. Customers outside the UK should be informed that the total amount of their refund will be issued in British Pounds (Pounds Sterling). We cannot make adjustments for changes in the value of currencies between the time of purchase and the time of cancellation.

If you cancel your order in part, we’ll refund you the price of the items that aren’t being shipped. Orders with some products sent but others still pending cancellation are eligible for partial order cancellation.

Received incorrect items

If you have received the incorrect products, please contact us as soon as possible so that we may arrange for the correct item(s) to be shipped out to you (subject to stock availability).

On request, we will reimburse you for shipping the wrong items back to us.

If a consumer in the UK receives the wrong product after purchasing a cheap item, we will send them a replacement together with a self-addressed stamped envelope (SAE). Suppose a customer in the United Kingdom receives a significantly more expensive shipment than what was ordered. In that case, we will organize a free courier collection at a mutually convenient time.

Do You Need to Join Clove Insiders?

You don’t have to join Clove Insiders to buy shoes from Clove today. A valid email address is required for membership, but additional benefits for signing up may exist.

First, members can purchase exclusive drops and launches before the general public. Every few months, Clove debuts brand-new limited-edition patterns. Several of those styles are already sold out on the day they are released.

If you come to appreciate their wares, the heads-up could be helpful. Normally, I wouldn’t continue with this, but you never know when they might have a sale on this item.

As a bonus, insiders enjoy special treatment that other clients do not want. If you repeatedly look at the same pair of shoes without putting them in your cart, Clove may give you a discount on that pair of shoes because it has tracked your viewing and shopping habits.

It can feel obtrusive if you’re unaware, but knowing about it lifts the mystery. The fact that it is upfront about it makes it seem less suspicious than it should in this day and age of the internet.

As you make purchases on the site, you can unlock exclusive deals that will save you even more money on shoes. Additional benefits will be communicated to Insiders as they become available, and Clove will do so before the brand announces them publicly. Who knows, maybe the company may introduce a loyalty program for people who buy these shoes once a year or more often.

This is something to consider if you foresee yourself being a regular purchaser of Clove items in the future. Saving money on things you were going to buy is not bad.

Color Choices for Clove Shoes

Clove shoes are, after all, a form of apparel. Although their practicality is paramount, I was also interested in how they seemed.

Grey Matter is only one of many available colorways of footwear from Clove. The Core Collection is the primary line of footwear beginning in 2021, of which these shoes are a part. Clove employed a variety of whites and greys to create this shoe.

Night Shift could be right up your alley if you prefer darker tones, as I do. You can show off this pair’s vivid blue soles and white midsole every time you take a step.

  • Pink Up, 
  • Brilliant White, etc.
  • Violet with royal maroon.

Overall, I think there are more than enough possibilities for anyone to select a pair of Clove shoes that complements their wardrobe. If none of those above hues strikes your fancy, I urge you to explore the rest of the extensive catalog, as there are many more to choose from.

Bad goods

Products that are returned because they are defective are handled by when they are received.

Buyers in the UK have 30 days from the date of delivery to reject damaged or defective items and ask for a refund or replacement. Items purchased by clients outside of the United Kingdom must be returned to us within 30 days after shipment to be eligible for the exact resolution.

If a consumer returns an item and requests a refund, we will process their request as soon as possible (within 14 days). However, in most instances, you may expect to receive your refund far more quickly.

Please return your phone within the first 30 days with the original packaging, including the box inners, manuals, and accessories. If you don’t send back your phone in excellent condition, your order may be delayed.

Return shipping fees will be refunded within 30 days

Within the United Kingdom, we will reimburse any shipping costs that are fair and reasonable. It makes sense to employ a shipping service like Royal Mail Special Delivery that offers insurance for the value of your items in case they are lost or damaged in transit. If you’d like, Clove can arrange for a courier to pick up your items at a specified location. You may expect free shipping on replacements.

Global Outside – Any defective items received after shipment will be at your expense. Shipping fees for a replacement unit will also be at your cost.

After the first 30 days, defective devices are sent directly to the manufacturer’s service center. Accessories are an exception to this norm and are typically replaceable within a year of purchase.

Refunding return shipping after 30 days

Within the United Kingdom, we will reimburse any shipping costs that are fair and reasonable. It makes sense to employ a shipping service like Royal Mail Special Delivery that offers insurance for the value of your items in case they are lost or damaged in transit. If you’d like, Clove can arrange for a courier to pick up your items at a specified location. You may expect free shipping on replacements.

Outside of the United States, after 30 days of ownership, you are responsible for paying to return the defective item. Shipping fees for either repairs or replacements are your responsibility.

Should You Buy Clove shoes?

I plan on researching consumer reviews and comments about Clove shoes to determine if they are worth purchasing. For nurses, the go-to online resource is Nurse.org. This website chose Clove as one of the top 10 nursing shoe brands.

The site praised the high-quality materials and the snug fit. It’s hard for me to disagree with this point. Everything about them, from the design to the materials, exudes quality.

According to reviews, customers also like that the footwear can withstand light rain. They can’t predict when their shoes may become wet on the job, but this safety feature will keep their feet dry and prevent stains. Other buyers praised the shoes’ durability, breathability, and ease with which they could be cleaned.

The other reasons I think Clove shoes are worth the price are:

  • The regular price of a pair of shoes is $129, but there is generally a sale at the beginning of the month that knocks more than $20 off that price.
  • Standard shipping is accessible inside the United States. Shipping to any city or state is free from Clove.
  • After placing a purchase, you’ll be given a tracking number to monitor its progress. It should take no more than four business days for your order to reach you.
  • All purchases from Clove can be returned for no additional cost. You may get started with the Returns procedure by going to the Returns Center.
  • Clove allows you to place a bulk order if you need to buy several pairs. The graphics you buy from here can even be personalized.

Repairs within warranty

Although Clove Technology will accept returns of defective products for a full refund throughout the applicable warranty period, we strongly advise you to first contact the manufacturer. This might get you faster service and free shipping supplies.

If a customer in the United Kingdom sends back a defective product to Clove Technology more than 30 days after delivery, or more than 30 days after shipment to the rest of the world, Clove Technology will send it to the manufacturer’s service center for repair.

Users in the European Union may discover that the manufacturer’s warranty is handled at the country level. In that case, please get in touch with the local distributor for free service, as recommended by Clove Technology. If possible, this would significantly reduce the time and money spent on shipping to and from the UK. Returns from the EU to the UK for service are accepted if the warranty does not apply.

Although we always recommend checking first, it is possible that customers in other parts of the world will not be able to receive warranty service from the manufacturer. While we gladly accept overseas returns for warranty servicing in the United Kingdom, you may find it more cost-effective to arrange an out-of-warranty repair with the manufacturer in your area.

To ensure that the phone is examined correctly, we ask that all repair returns come with at least the battery and back cover. You should return any accessories that may have been used if they caused the problem, such as a charging issue. While the manufacturer fixes your device, they’ll safely store any extra accessories you send back.

Repair without warranty

All out-of-warranty repairs (or goods discovered to be physically damaged) will be sent to the manufacturer’s service center for inspection.

Shipping and repair costs for non-warranty repairs are always the customer’s responsibility.

If a consumer accepts a repair estimate, the service provider must get payment in full before beginning work. Clove reserves the right to include the cost of return shipping in any official repair quotation, with the remainder owed being paid by you.

Most companies will charge you for the privilege of having your phone evaluated. Any time a consumer receives a repair estimate and decides not to go with that option, the manufacturer’s service center will hold the phone until the assessment fee is paid.

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After researching and writing my Clove shoes review, I came across numerous favorable remarks and very few bad ones. Others have voiced their displeasure with the company for sourcing their footwear from China, citing concerns over product quality and delivery times.

Some people thought the price of the shoes (USD 129) was too high. Some people were unhappy with the few color and pattern options, while others appreciated how simple it was to pick a pair that went with their business attire.

That Clove can produce shoes that are both sturdy and comfy is something I appreciate. These shoes are water- and oil-resistant and incredibly cushioned on the inside. You can always swap in more supportive insoles if the existing ones aren’t quite comfortable enough.

Clove allows you to return or exchange shoes for free within 30 days if you ordered the wrong size. Clove shoes are well worth the investment for anyone in the healthcare industry. You should get a pair of Clove shoes if the price isn’t too much of a deterrent. . Weirdnewserathat you might not find any other platform which gives you all content about health sports business technology and entertainment.


Can I get free shipping from Clove?

Yes. As of now (), Clove does provide no-cost shipping options. For further information, check out the related topic.

Does Clove charge for exchanges or returns?

Yes. Clove will not charge you a restocking fee for all returns made on or after February 19, 2022. You can learn more about it by reading the related thread of comments.

Do you ship internationally with Clove?

No. As of Tuesday, February 19th, 2022, Clove did not have any information regarding shipping to countries outside the United States. For the most recent data, please read the thread in its entirety.

Does Clover allow for tracking of orders?

Yes. Clove now has functionality for tracking orders as of 19 February 2022. You can learn more about it by reading the related thread of comments.

Can an order be modified or canceled in Clove?

No. Our most recent investigation into this matter was conducted on February 19th, 2022, and it revealed that Clove does not support flexible cancellation and amendment policies. For the most recent data, please read the thread in its entirety.

Is there a curbside pickup option with Clover?

No. As of today (February 19, 2022), in-store pickup is unavailable from Clove. For the most recent data, please read the thread in its entirety.